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True anal story

(Part 1 from 1)

Visiting your girl at college doesnít leave much time for sex when she lives in a double. Part of the inconvenience is the rooms are so tiny they barley fit two beds and getting the roommate to give you some free time is always tough. It doesnít make it easy on me when my girl is always teasing me. Every time her roommate would look away she would pull the edge of her shorts away showing her beautiful shaved pussy. The sight of it would make me want to go down on her and lick it right their. 

She was a super hot girl. Nice muscular legs that went into a perfect ass. It stuck out enough to give it a perfect roundness. As I mentioned her pussy was always so nice and smooth and was the tastiest thing I had ever had. She had an amazing body with perfect perky tits that I loved to watch bounce around as I fucked hard, thatís the way she liked it. The best part was her face, I never got tired of starting at how beautiful it was and how she would get this longing look in her eyes as her lips wrapped around my cock. Pretty much their was nothing else I could ask for except more time to have sex.
This one day her roommate left the room and she immediately bent over the bed and moaned for me to spank her. I was hard after the first time my hand slapped her ass. She loved it when I would give her ass some nice smacks and thatís what I did. I then ran my hand over her clit and gave it a little rub. All I could think of was burying my cock deep in her warm pussy. Thatís when the door opened and her roommate cam back. We quickly acted as if we where just fooling around and I had to hide my rock hard dick until it finally eased off a bit.

This process of her roommate leaving and then us quickly teasing each other happened a few more time before night and I was extremely horny. Her roommate went to bed and we deiced it was time for us to turn in. Being that her roommate was only four feet away I tried to settle in for some sleep. However as we where laying in the spoon position my girl kept slowly rotating her ass across my dick over and over and was making me hard. I figure two could play this game and slid my hand under her t-shirt and started to massage her tits. She loves it when I kiss her neck so I leaned in and kissed it as I slid my hand slowly down her stomach and under her waistband. I felt the tips of my finger reach her clit and started to rub. This did the trick and got her excited. I could feel her clit getting aroused and kept rubbing.

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I had no idea where this was going but slid my other hand down leg and slowly back up caressing her pussy and going backwards over her ass. As my finger drifted over her asshole she wiggled a little harder. I could hear her roommate breathing and looked over to see if she was awake but it was impossible to tell. Slowly I eased off my girls boxer shorts and pulled her bare ass against my dick. I didnít expect se I just wanted to rub my dick between her cheeks a few times.

While I was doing this I licked a finger and then slowly put it against her asshole. I started to slowly push it in and see what would happen. She let out a small whimper that I am sure the roommate heard but at this point I could careless. I added a little spit to my finger and kept working her hole, the whole time never making a sound. Once I could comfortable fit two finger in I lubed up my dick and put the head against her ass. Very slowly I eased in. I could feel her ass tighten around my head and could barely hold off an orgasm. She was so tight but kept taking more. Then I started to pull out a little to give her a little break. As I put my dick against her hole again she reached back and grabbed my hips and pulled me close. She pulled me as close as she could then shimmied her as back as far as it could go. I was in her ass as deep as my dick could go. I could feel her ass tighten and loosen around my cock. 

Reaching under her with my right hand I cupped a breast and squeezed her nipple. Then I reached my left hand around and caressed her clit as I began to fuck her ass. Sliding my cock in and out I kept pumping her as she let out the smallest moans so her roommate couldnít hear. Moving quietly I moved both hands to her hips and started doing long slow strokes into her ass. I felt her hand reach under and brush against my balls. She stroked them as I stuck my dick in all the way and paused to savor the sensation. She then realized that two could play this game as well. She licked her finger and reached around back and started to rub my ass as well. I whispered that I was getting close and was going to pull out so I could cum. Shed pulled me close slid the tip of her finger in my ass and said ďyou better cum in me.Ē

That was about all I could take and I felt myself let loose a load of cum in her ass as deep as my dick would go. After a few more slow strokes I pulled out and she rolled over. She asked me if I enjoyed cumming in her ass, when I said yes she said we would have to do it more often. As we drifted off to sleep we both where wondering if her roommate knew.

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