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    My wife and her first women.

    This is a story about my wife getting her pussy eate for the first time by a women. Let me know if you like it. and please give me a vote ethier way like or dont like...

    Seducing my big ass mom

    I seduced the sexiest women of my life...

    One Man, Twelve Women

    A Virgo man's adventures with 12 women of 12 Zodiac signs...

    Offering my nephew a helping hand, cunt, ass and mouth

    Incest, gang-bang...

    Louise!! Was she bisexual or did she really only like women

    I knew the vibibrator would do her in! It was huge, at lest 14 inches long and thick as my beer bottle! She was going to get fucked and I mean fucked~! My son was about to have his first real ... session with Louise!

    Solomon's Women

    The cousins came for their first job interview and discovered that having a job was much more than just work...

    Two Fat Women

    Joy has found a new love and Ann has found Joy...

    My Aunts Tight Ass

    The things that my uncle wouldn't do for my aunt made her turn to me on a family reunion...

    Indiscreet Innocence: Party Women Need Love ,Too

    'Who all did you invite?''Earnie and his sister, Nellie, and her boyfriend, Sal.''OW WOW! Nellie's some hot number! Do you think she's fucking her brother?''I wouldn't doubt it. Nellie gets it on with everybody. I don't think she makes any exceptions with relatives...

    Party Women Need Love Too (Continued)

    'Harder! Do it harder!' Nellie turned from her brother towards her lover, 'Kiss me Sal! Kiss me hard!' The sloshing sounds of Earnie's hand plunging in and out of his sisters semen-flooded cunt filled the room, turning everybody on...

    Party Women Need Love Too (Part 6)

    Kathleen is finally ready to join in and do it with everybody while Nellie and her brother get it on...

    Party Women Need Love Too: Part 3

    Everyone downstairs now sounded drunk, and she heard Laura shout, 'DO YA LIKE MY HUSHBAN'S COCK, YA LIL SLUT? Uuuuhhh! Uuuhhhh! Uuuuggghhh! DO YA LIKE THE MUTHERFUCKER? DO YA LIKE IT, YA FILTHY CUNT?'

    Party Women Need Love Too (Part 4)

    You can't sit up here on your birthday an miss out on the fucking while you're like this! Oh you've simply got to meet my brother and my boyfriend. They'll take care of us, Hon...

    Party Women Need Love Too (Part 5)

    'Your brother? You're gonna fuck your brother?' Kathleen gasped, and after having downed her drink, involuntarily grabbed herself between the legs. 'YOUR OWN BROTHER? YOU'RE GONNA FUCK YOUR OWN BROTHER?'

    Party Women Need Love Too (Part 7)

    Just then, Ernie shoved his cock into his sister from behind. Her muffled voice came back, 'GODDAMMIT, YES! GIVE IT TO ME HARD, BABY! GIVE IT TO ME HARD! Aaaahh! Aaahhh! OOOHHH SHIT, I'm suckin a lot outa this gal.'...

    Party Women Need Love too VIII

    While they fucked, they both caught glimpses of the brother and sister lunging against each other. The lovely, lithe Nellie with her breasts pointed up at her brother's chest and one hand slid down between herself and her brother to rub her clit...

    The super ass mom

    Again with a super anal Incest story read and write to me...

    First Time with a women part II

    The next morning...

    Gangbang - Women In Heat - A Cameraman's Perspective

    Filming a gangbang movie as seen through a cameraman that gets hooked on one of its leading ladies...

    My Grandma's Huge Ass

    My Grandma comes and pick me up from Prison after 5 years of sexless nights...

    My new family of 3 women

    A story how a guy get's lucky when he finds he has a new family wtih his neice and her bestfriend and his sister...

    Sandy's smothering ordeal with two black women.

    Sandy tries to exclude two black cleaning ladies from the gym, she gets smothered out unconscious while strapped to a clit vibrator. Then she suffers some more...

    Fucking and sucking a married women

    She told me she needed a nice big thick cock in her cunt si i gave her my eight very thick cock...

    Behind bars

    Barbara Harris looked over her shoulder as the steel barred door clanked shut 'behind her. For the next three years this would be her home, the Sexton Correctional 'Facility For Women. How could have she been so stupid?!? ...

    Black cock school for girls

    Being the only male in a room full of hot pussied women was finally more than poor 'Jamal could take, and even though he was trained in the art of restraint his pecker finally 'betrayed him as it pulsated out of control inside of Meredith's cute little blonde haired 'pussy!...

    Amy and joanne: part three

    In a matter of seconds all four women were in the midst of cunt crushing orgasms!...

    A spike and a pussy

    After taking a sip of her drink, Pam casually glanced down the bar and watched as at least fifteen other women were in the process of having their pussies reamed by the monster dildos that were connected to their stools...

    Over developed

    The rest of the class stared slack jawed while Mary's cute ass bounced up and down while she raked her clit over and over again across Roni's bulger!!!...

    A shave and a suck

    Both women stuffed their panties and panty hose into their purses and headed back to the 'office, their bare cunts feeling free and wild after the shave and oral worship from Jane 'and Erica...

    Barber shop

    Being in a room 'full of women who were climaxing all around her was unbelievably intoxicating, and the 'sexual tension in the salon could be cut with a knife!...

    For the money

    He stood up and paced in front of the women, while 'slowly fisting his hard pecker...

    Desperation !!!

    Clay gave a low whistle and remarked, 'You got a hairy pussy and a fat ass, bitch, look at 'my fuckin' prick, it's hard again already!!!'...

    Wednesday afternoon

    When she was sure everything was ready, Anna pushed her little 'tight ass forward, slowly impaling Evie's cunt with the black rubber dick!...

    Cable girl

    Andie stood towering over her two little fems, as they lay there in shock from the vicious attack perpetrated by the big fat dildo between the doms sturdy legs, and seeing how Shawna was completely out of it, the bull grabbed Erin by the hair and dragged her head over to her crotch and gave the order, 'Eat my fucking muffy, little bitch, and you'd better do a good job of it or I'm gonna use may cock up your fucking ass!!!'...

    Part time job

    The fury growing in her cunt was now all but unstoppable!!! Panting hard now, she grabbed the long shaft and guided it into her bulging lips from the rear until her ass was shoved flat against the opening!!!...

    The photographer

    'You do understand the nature of the photographs we'll be shooting,' Carl asked, 'I just want to get everything out in the open so that later on we don't have a problem!?!' 'I understand,' the matronly female replied, 'most of them will be me by myself, but some will involve other people!!!' 'And just to make it even more clear,' Carl responded, 'those pictures with the other people can involve both men and women and are of the x-rated variety!!!'...

    After school : part two

    It almost seemed odd that Holly and Jenna were best friends, because to look at them you couldn't find two more incogruous looking women!!!...

    Dominant wife

    'Harold, get in here right now, I haven't got all day,' Miranda Davis snapped as she sat in front of her dressing table while preparing to go out for the evening with several of her female friends, 'do you hear me, you insignificant piece of crap, I said get your ass in here!!!'...


    'What a joke,' Dean yelled derisively at the screen, 'if he was tryin' he'd kick her fucking ass!!!' 'Oh really, Mr. Smarty Pants,' Shelby snapped, 'I'll bet she could whip your wimpy ass any day of the week!!!'...

    Screen test

    'We make porno movies here, baby,' he continued on, 'that ad is designed to get young women barely out of high school to come in here to get fucked and sucked by some Neanderthal with a cock the size of the state of Idaho, now I tried to be nice and shoo your cute little butt outta here but you wouldn't go, so if ya don't mind, take off your fucking clothes or get outta my office, I'm a busy man!!!'...

    The prisoner : part one

    Hallie felt all the eyes of every prisoner in cell block C staring at her as she was being led to her cell by one of the guards at the State Prison for Women!!!...

    His and Hers Tits - Temptation and Proposition

    You know if women with cunts can have such great boob jobs, isn't it great that girls with cocks can now have great boob jobs too. She will love them, you will love them - Hell, even her mother and the wedding party will love them. After and during the best adventures of your life, you might even wind up loving them (and her sensual feminine cock) forever.

    Sex with a Fat Girl

    . ' The next morning, there were several replies. One in particular caught my eye, it was from someone 'who's handle was BBW. 'Mark, I read your message and just had to respond. Thank you so much 'for your interest. Since you read my profile, you know a little about me. Let me tell you more, since 'you may not remember right away. I am 22, 5'10', 225lbs, long blonde hair, blue eyes, large breasted, 'and bi. I hope you are not turned off by big women...

    Red Wine

    Two women share a bottle of red wine...

    Night on the Job.

    Working at a Hotel has its advantages to meet women...

    Locker Room

    Her ass was slightly meatier, curving in a full, sensual arc before merging with her smooth, deeply tanned thighs. What amazed me most was that her pussy was shaved absolutely bare!

    The Cum Factory


    The Switch

    Two women face off when they learn that each were having an affair with each other's sons ...which reveals a secret

    Another day with my daughter and her girlfriends

    Hot!! They were all hot and they all wanted their [ussy sucked and fucked. I now had my son involved to help me give these beautiful young women as much ... as they could get. There were multiple climaxes for all of us!

    Teaching the girls about oral sex, it ws now time for a all girl 69!!

    With both cunts lined up one on top of the other, I could move my cock in and out of one and then in and out of the other w/o mising more than one beat! we were all going to cum very soon! It was wonderful!! two young beautiful women fucking me for all I had!


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