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A day in an Isolated Island

(Part 1 from 1)

I was the chosen one for the show. I was part of a secret show where in i had to spend a whole day in an isolated island. The objective was i will be spending a day with three women, all of them well known for a prize of $1 million. Each women will have time span of maximum 3 hours. The women i choose at the end of the day would win the money.

The eventful day finally came in. I was taken to destined island. It was 9am. I began seeing the island. I started going further in the bushes. Suddenly a girl called me by my name. I turned and saw it was none other than Anushka from south. She was wearing red saree. She was looking stunning in it. We introduced ourselves. I asked her that how did she plan to win the prize money. She replied, " by winning you".

I said, "impressive". But winning me is not an easy task. frankly speaking i plan to make it out with all of whom i meet today. The one who gives me the best experience wins. I put my hand around her waist and pulled her closer as we walked. She said she liked it. I began caressing her waist. I bend over my knees and started kissing and licking her naval. She was pleased with it. I removed her saree. Now she was only in her blouse and bottom gown. I pulled her closer and we began walking further. We shared some fruits together. She was looking absolutely stunning without saree. I laid her down on a grass.

She was ready as she ultimately wanted to win the main prize. I kissed he lips and around her neck. I unhooked her blouse. i started pressing her boobs and licking and sucking her nipple. She began to enjoy all of it. She said, "all is yours". Now i again began kissing her naval. I undressed her completely and got myself undressed too. We took position 69 and began licking and sucking her pussy and she took my cock. It continued for some 10 minutes. In the meantime she unloaded her cum several times. Now i was about to come so told her to give me blowjob so that i come in her mouth. She said passionately 'i love your cock. its hard and nice. She began licking my balls too. She was doing it nicely.

I - oh baby i wanna come in your mouth. Anushka - oh yes come in me and let me drink your cum. Soon i released in her mouth. She swallowed it. We both laid on the grass and took deep breath. I - hmm baby u are real bomb. Anushka - Thanks. I liked it too. After almost half an hour laying naked with each other an embracing each other i told her that i want to have my next step.

She replied, "What are you waiting my pussy is all yours. I exclaimed oh smart girl, u are right on money. Now i started finger fucking her to make her wet. She started moaning heavily. She came within few minutes. I said, 'oh you sexy bitch you are just awesome sex queen.' Now i made her sit on my dick and started fucking her.

She - 'oh ya..mmmhh mmmh ah ah ...fuck me more you hard dick.'

I increased the speed of my strokes. Now we changed the position and i started fucking in a doggy style. After few minutes i was about to come. I - where do u want me to come on you baby? She - all over but mostly come on boobs. after a couple of minutes i came on her boobs and her face. I moved my hand over her boobs and made her swallow my cum. She - ' i like ur juicy cum'. we again laid down there.

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After resting for few minutes i said its time for me to go. I enjoyed your company. You were awesome. She - I hope i satisfied you and hope that you make me win. I will share half the money prize. I - really. Lets see then. I reported the same to show in case if she wins and the deal was official but only known to us and the show organizers.

It was 11.30 and then i moved further up in island. It had a pool and small kind of waterfall in it. I decided to have rest there and also a good bath. I went naked there in pool under a light waterfall. I took support of adjacent rock and slept there. Suddenly after couple of hours(1.30pm) i realized some was playing with my cock which made it hard and erect. I opened my eyes only to see it was priyanka- piggy chops.

She too was naked. She - So want to have some fun. I was excited to see the sexiness in her eyes and her body. I said yes to her. She began dancing in waterfall and doing naughty dance playing with her pussy and shaking her boobs. As son as i came close to her she pulled me down and took my dick in her hand. She - hey baby let me make your tool an erotic toy to play with. I got turned on the way she ruled and commanded. She began fondling my cock, rubbing and massaging it. She sucked my balls too and was constantly licking that portion. She began wiggling her tongue to my upper tip of dick. She began kissing all over my chest and waist. She again came back on my dick.

She - i just cant take my hands from your cock. I like it. hope you like my way of blowjob. She took my cock in her mouth and oh ya what a blowjob it was. Perfect. She was giving me deep throat. Now she began rubbing my penis in between her boobs. She - Hmm they love it. oh ya..your dick i am not gonna leave it. I began pressing her boobs roughly and she was stroking my dick with her hand. She - oh ya squeeze them they are yours master. I got excited and began biting and licking her nipples. Soon i dropped my cum all over face.She - Ur juicy cum make me more hot as i feel it warmness.

We washed ourselves in the waterfall and moved out. It was almost 3pm. We both were walking naked. I had kept my one hand on one side of her round ass. She said - would like to give me anal. I hope it makes me win. I said you are a fast girl. Your moves are just winning. Smart ha anything to win. I like your passion. I grabbed her from back and directed my penis in her ass. She - oh ah...screamed u too are fast and make such hot moves. Fuck me and tear me apart. I grabbed her boobs with both the hands and squeezed it hard. I - say baby u like it. She - oh ya...moaning oh yes i like it. I fucked her ass hard deep inside. I loved the way she enjoyed all this. After few minutes i came in her ass.

We took a rest and it was almost 4pm. Then she said, look we have little time, How about you drill my pussy quickly. I just cant believe the energy she had and the excitement and passion. I said - u r one hell of a bitch. right now u r the winner for me. She - ya thanx but let my pussy have u dick now and come in it. It need badly. I pulled her hair and took her closer and gave a long smooch. she - i like the wildness baby. Now i laid her down and inserted my dick in her wet pussy. She put her legs around my back. I thumped her up and down. Fucking it hard and fast. She was almost feeling it like being in heaven and same was me. After almost 10 minutes i came in her pussy and she began playing with her clit. She - So how was it ha...I - yes babes as of now u r winner. We departed. I got my clothes on.

It was almost 6pm and was nearing the shores. Till then i was thinking of how to decide a winner as i enjoyed sex with both the women and third women was still to come. I was thinking and getting no idea. Then i saw a women coming towards me. It was Samantha from south. She looked gorgeous in nave blue top and black skirt. A naughty idea stuck me. We talked to each other and i said - look Samantha you are good looking and sexy but i have already spend my day with two women enjoying sex. So we may have nothing new to offer. I guess we should make a deal.

Samantha realizing her slim chance now said yes i would love to and i have to win the prize so anything for it. I said here is the deal. " I announce you as a winner right now directly but in return u promise me that we both spend 3 days together in this island from tomorrow. Wat do u say? Winner and accept the deal or Priyanka wins. She said i am even ready to spend a week here with me and shook hands.

Hence by the end of the day at 9 pm i announced her as a winner. She won the prize money. Hey folks don't i tell how awesome those three days were. We were madly making love and having full three days.

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