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My Mother's Stacked Curves

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This Story is completely Fictional.

Hi I am a 24 year old male who since 18 years old has wanted to pound the sweet pussy of his mother. What it really comes down to is she is the mature/BBW's/foot fetishest's/ walking living dream. These fetishes pretty much outline a good amount of my sexual fantasy also. Over the years I can remember seeing her dressed in different ways while noticing different aspects of her mature chubbed up features that just made me want to force her as my little cum tool. I mean just to start with she's got some great BBW-mature lover basics, The petite and use to be skinny size scale, which means short, like 5' 2", with small hands, and small feet (with even a maximized high arch -em the best-but more on the feet later, all capped off with trully beatifully stacked up BBW curves from having children, which gives her perfectly stacked legs and ass cheeks that round off in plump mounds, in the perfect big booty applebottom-hourglass-shape from her hips, with fairly big titties to match, probably like a smaller D-cup, but ample.

This is also just the begining, she is a white lady, pretty much pasty to regular white and she just looks like the chubby overly childrened moms next door, with a few extra fetishist's delights, which makes me want to pound her all the more. The best part is, is she is trully the Mrs. Goody -to-shoe type to match it, but I still finally got her nasty little pussy one evening when she pushed me to the limit, and I just took her, my own sexy chubby ass sheltered mother, laid by me (but more erotic detail here later). So back to finishing the description of her features that just make me horny as hell, well she's going on sixty years old which really turns me on, and has semi-short brunette hair with natural silver highlights, and has totally tight dense chunky curves and muscles that make you want to just squeeze her perfectly shaped thick calves, pound the shit of her brickhouse butt, and rub your hands all over the semi-cold dense thickness of her curves and beatiful back. Her face is a typical use to be cute white chick face, has a pretty streamlined nose, with pretty and full-yet somewhat small lips-that you just want to rip your dick through and force her inosent plump little horrer ass to gag on your dick over and over until she really starts tearing up and getting out of breath, along with that hot flash red tint that older women get as a circle around their lower neck and inner shoulders-yum.

Her last and most erotic feature though, which any hardcore foot fetishist would drule over, are her perfect overly erogneously zoned feet. I mean these babys are perfect, size five mini feet, a little chubbed up but tiny, with a foot arch to end all arches, plus the painted little toe nails, usually red. This isn't what really sends them over the foot lovers top though, that right belongs to the smell of her feet, I mean they flat reak it up, not with stentch, but with that swetty eroginous foot smell that makes you want to just lay a woman down, pork her smelly pussy, and lick and suck all over her reaky ass feet, atleast with this woman, my mom.

So After countless years of watching her rome around in either her ass tight work slacks and fitting tops with her curves just hanging from her body like they're wanting me to fuck them, or strolling bye in her little mature woman nighty, that's just an open ended slip dress with perfect access-and keeps her little legs and extremely sexy feet exposed, or ocassional glimpses of something better, I finally snapped.

There I was, beeting off in my room of all things, and my always chubby ass sexy mother swings open the door, doesn't notice me beeting off, but asks me if I can come help stretch her hip out on the living room floor. So I was sitting their on my bed with a boner, only boxers on, and a bbw mother who I had always fantasized about fucking asking me to come help her stretch her hip. This means taking her legs and pulling them back up by her head and all around, as my eyes then draw towards her perfect chubby pussy area that I think "looks like the perfect landing pad for my dick if I could just get those slacks off her". So I'm there in my boxers, stretching out her legs as her tight slacks pull tighter outlining the extreme sexiness of her hips and pussy region, then her already bare feet which are already starting to reharden my cock, seal the deal with their record level pungentness as the smell hits my nostrils and sends my dick rocketing out of my boxer shorts. Here I am the moment of truth, my inocent mother looks at me like their has been a mistake, and then I do it, I cross the line and take my mother.

I at 6' 1" 260lbs easily overpower my mother, so I yank off her slacks while I'm still standing and fall down over her pelvic region, spreading her legs before she can react. Still thinking this may be somethig she's just not getting, her pretty blue eyes widen as I rip off her tight black and red blouse, and begin to moisten up her pussy with my fingers and a little soliva. She reapeats non-stop- "you can't do this, you can't do this, this is wrong. Finally I get my dick in her and she shuts up with the talking, and my mother starts moaning in a semi -no-semi -yes wimper. I have to say i have never fucked before where my dick has been so hard in the beginning, and punishingly bulged all the way through till the end, so i didn't get the porn star position cycle though, but I did whip it on my mother and beat her chubbed puffed pussy to the point that she moves submissively around me in the house and knows to arch her pussy towards my dick any time I grab her hair and jab her with my stiff dick.

So it then all ended with a basic cum blow on mother's face after terrorizing her pussy for a good thirty minuites, and when I was done she said "oh son you beat my pussy too violently," then I lauqhed, licked and smelled her stinky feet before holding her their forcefully for my last little cum drip, then letting her go as she jumped up, headed for her room, locked the door, and the rest is history.

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