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Maria, Nicole, and the Twenty-year-old

(Part 1 from 1)

 Maria waited anxiously for the doorbell to her 2-story apartment to ring, as she checked her watch for the third time in the last ten minutes. "Where was she," Maria thought to herself, "I wish for once she'd be on time." Ten seconds later the apartment air was split by the loud resonance of the bell and Maria quickly buzzed her friend in. She opened the door listened for the footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, but oddly, she swore there was more than just Nicole's steps she was hearing! A second or two later she was proven right, as her Nicole and a young lady of perhaps twenty or so turned up the last flight to Maria's apartment.

Maria looked at the young visitor and asked Nicole, "Who's your friend, or is it a secret?" Before she answered, Nikki gave Maria a kiss on the cheek and replied, "I found her in an Internet chat room, and she'll do us both! " Both Nikki and Anna, the young girls name, entered the apartment and sat down on the sofa while Maria went to the kitchen for some refreshments. After everyone had their fill Maria asked Anna, "Do you know why you're hear?" Anna took a sip of her drink and answered softly, "To play with you and Miss Nikki, ma'am!" Maria, by now, had had a chance to give the young blonde a going over, and her pussy had begun to dampen at the prospect of having such a young girl nursing at her breasts and sucking her shaved pussy.

Maria and Nikki were both married bi women in their early forties who had met several years earlier and now got together once a week for some recreational sex. Once in a great while one of them would find someone else to bring to the party, and today Nikki had scored but big!!! In this game of eat the pussy, younger was always better. Maria continued with her questioning of Anna with, "Are you bi or les?" "Bi," Anna quickly replied, "but I prefer females more!" Maria stood up, walked over to Anna, lifted up her skirt, and asked, "Could you please suck me?!?" As usual, Maria had not put on a thong, and now her shaved muff throbbed inches from Anna's young face! Anna merely had to lean forward, and her mouth took to Maria's cunt like a suction cup.

Maria groaned as the talented little cuntlapper did her erect clit, and she moaned to Nikki, "God, Nik, she's sucking me just the way I like it, mostly my clit, but she does my crack too," while Nikki looked on with glassy eyes as the little blonde cunt sucked her les friend to ecstasy. Maria's pussy was reaching a crescendo, and she rolled her eyes towards Nikki and ordered, "Take off your things and let me see your big tits and cunt!" Nikki didn't need another invitation, and as Maria was a little on the butch side, she immediately obeyed her command as she usually did!

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While Maria had a small compact build, Nikki was full and voluptuous, with a nice fat butt, large 32 dd tits, and a soft round tummy that Maria just loved to lay her head on while sucking the big nipples of her friend! The incessant sucking on her clit, along with the sight of Nicole's huge tits threw Maria over the edge, and her pussy was wrenched by a climax that seemed to twist her cunt into a knot over an over again! When she was totally calm, Maria fell back in her chair panting like a dog, while trying to regain her breath. Nikki played idly with her pussy while she waited to see what Maria wanted to do next while Anna sat quietly watching the two older women, also waiting for further instructions.

Finally Maria got up out of her chair, walked over to the desk, and removed a large black strap on dildo and harness. Nikki moaned out loud at the mere sight of the thick latex dick, the only question now was whether Maria or Anna would mount her! Her answer came quick enough when Maria tossed the dildo to Anna and said, "Put it on and give her the fucking of her life!!!" When she turned to face Nikki with the brutal looking cock sticking obscenely from the little blonde's crotch, the older woman dug her fingers deep into her own pussy and worked them around, trying to get ready for the assault she knew was coming.

Anna slid between her heavy thighs until the head of her play cock was resting against Nikki's opening, reaching down she worked the big head up and down the hairy cunt until she was sure everything was properly lubricated. When she was sure everything was ready, Anna pushed her little tight ass forward, slowly impaling Nikki's cunt with the black rubber dick! Before Anna had even bottomed out, Nikki wailed out loud and had a massive orgasm in her over stretched pussy. Anna laid her small firm breasts on Nikki's pillows. Nikki was in seventh heaven as her cunt was exploding with climaxes as the little blonde used her as her personal fuck toy.

Over in her chair, Maria was using a small thin vibrator on her clit, cumming in unison with Nikki on several of her harder cums, while offering verbal encouragement to Anna to fuck Nikki even harder. When both women were totally satisfied, Maria proclaimed to Anna, "Now it's your turn baby, Nikki and Mama are going to make you cum!" Nikki sat up, which allowed her big chest to hang down to her waist, and then Maria had Anna lay back into Nikki's lap so she could nurse on her big hard nipples. While Anna sucked like a little baby, Maria positioned herself between the twenty year old's legs and began tonguing her wet little pussy.

"My, god, Nik," Maria gushed between licks, "she has the sweetest little cunt I've ever tasted!" Nikki, cradling Anna's head to her chest, purred like a satisfied kitten while Anna did a number on her rubbery nips, and it wasn't long before the little blonde began to shake all over as her orgasm took complete control of her sopping wet vagina, and even Maria had to groan as the little bitch unloaded her juice into her waiting mouth. When it was all over, three women lay in a heap with three very contented cunts.

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