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Almost True

(Part 1 from 1)

The evening begins with my best friend and coworker Rick, stopping over after work for drinks. He’s not married and my wife, Kay and I have often fantasized about her fucking him. While I expect that she wants to be with me for the rest of our lives, I do sometimes wonder if she does not think about other men, you know? What they say in bed. How their lips feel. What it's like to, well to fuck them silly! I think its normal for women to look at other men and wonder what it would be like to rest their head on their chests, or to suck their cocks. To spread their legs apart and accept their cocks. 

Our home has the kitchen down stairs, so when Kay goes to get some munches later in the evening, I follow her. We begin to kiss. Drinking in the clean soapy taste of her skin, I run my hands up under her mini skirt. She is dripping wet. I rub her pussy through her slick wet panties until she moans. Putting both hands on her panties, I pull them down below her knees from where they fall to her ankles and she kicks them off . I drop to my knees and start sucking the juice from her pussy. She squirms with pleasure. When she is so hot she can hardly stand it, I get up and give the cum from her pussy back into her mouth. She eagerly accepts my offering. “How would you like to fuck Rick tonight?” I whisper in her ear, stroking her pussy non-stop. Lucky Rick, up stairs without a clue about what’s going on in the kitchen. She says nothing. Giving me a deep hard kiss, She heads back up stairs. As she climbs the circular stairs, I nearly climax watching the cum glisten on her pubic hair between her thighs.

Up stairs, Kay walks over to where Rick is setting on the sofa. Bending down, she kisses him full on the mouth as she reaches for his crouch. At first, Rick’s lips feel cold as ice. Then, as his cock comes to life under her touch, his lips glow red hot. Rick breaks off the kiss and looks questioning at Kay. Unable to get her breath at first, Kay finally says, “Bill knows I’m doing this. It makes him hot!” They kiss again. This time with eyes wide open, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Kay’s small round breasts move evenly up and down as Rick slowly caresses her hard nipples though her blouse. Moving his hand down across her belly, Rick finds Kay’s naked honey pot. She moans, and presses against him, and whispers "oh, oh, oh!" slowly closing her eyes at last, as Rick caresses her sweet wet pussy

Removing her blouse and bra, Rick gently kisses her naked nipples. He lifts her mini skirt, which has become bunched up around her waist, over her tits, from where Kay finishes removing it. As she stretches, her unfettered breasts beckon to Rick. He licks Kay’s nipples until they are slick with his saliva. She moans as Rick takes her tits in his hands and sucks them hungrily. Kay fumbles with Rick’s zipper. Finding it, she unzips his fly and fishes his cock from its hiding place. His cock is big, very big and thick, (much bigger than mine), with prominent veins under the thin outer skin. Kay lowers her head. Lustily, breathing in his sweet musty odor, Kay kisses the head of Rick’s now throbbing member. The tip of her tongue flits around his cum hole. 

Over come with lust, Rick takes Kay’s lovely head gently in his hands. Looking full into her beautiful green eyes, he gently, yet insistently, guides her, on to her knees, straddle legged, over his torso, as he whispers to her of heaven and the secret she almost heard in the back of our Volkswagen Pasat, that March so long ago in Baroda India. She moans under his touch, and I love her helplessly. 

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Taking Rick’s cock in her hand, Kay rubbs the length of it between her legs, over her moist slit. Then she presses it into herself. Rick strains forward, as his cock slowly slides into her; the tightness of Kay’s cunt caresses every throbbing inch of his cock. He becomes rough with her, tender-rough, they roll and tussle until Kay pins him down, deep down, hot inside her. Bending down toward him until her breasts brush against his chest, they do it

Climbing the stairs, I hear my wife’s voice, low and husky, “Fuck me Rick, oh God, please….fuck me hard! “ Kay is completely oblivious to my presence. Eyes tightly closed, her sweet ass rhythmaticly raising and falling in unison with Rick’s pelvic thrusts, as if riding a horse in full gallop. I watch transfixed as my wife and my best friend fuck like there is no tomorrow. Previously, Rick had paid lots of attention to Kay’s breasts, her belly, her thighs, but now that she is on top of him, his cock buried in her, he is showing little reverence and no imagination. He thrusts mechanically, his eyes closed and his face turned away. Kay’s attempts to vary the tempo of their fucking along more interesting lines, with gentle circles of her hips, are ignored. 

I can tell Rick is about to come. With eyes blinking tight, neck thrust forward, veins bulging ready to burst, hips rapidly rocking, Rick shoots his hot copious wad into my wife’s welcoming pussy. Feeling Rick’s white hot liquid squirt deep inside her cum sucking cunt, Kay’s fingers grip Rick’s shoulders tightly, her mouth opens wide, she gasps. Her breasts heave and her head thrashes helplessly as she screams , “Yes….. oh yes… give it all to me you fucking bastard!”. Rick falls backward on to the sofa, his pelvic thrusts slow and then cease altogether as his cock softens between Kay’s legs. Spent, Rick relaxes utterly, yet Kay continues to pump her ass, as if trying to suck the last sweet drops of sperm from Rick’s cock. 

She is still hot to trot. I move over to where she kneels, thighs spread wide, over Rick’s body, her pussy dripping hot cum onto his belly. I bend down to lick my wife’s pussy juices from Rick’s belly and the last drops of cum from his flaccid cock. Lifting my head, I kiss my wife, allowing Rick’s cum to flow into her eager mouth. Bending again, resting my head on Rick’s stomach, I suck his cum from my wife’s pussy. She comes almost immediately. As I finish sucking her cum filled pussy, she reaches another climax, falling spent, still straddle legged on top of Rick. 

I stand there admiring my wife’s lovely ass. Now it’s my turn. From behind, I gently place my hand on the small of her back, sliding my cock along the inside of her thighs, toward her pussy. Moaning, Kay arches her lovely back, lifting her sweet ass to greet my familiar thrusting cock as it slides in and out between her strong young thighs. As we fuck, slow and easy, doggy style, Kay’s pussy makes sweet sucking sounds. My cock rides effortlessly, in and out of her well lubricated pussy. 

Kay moaning again, lowers her head. Lips soft and full and receptive, she kisses Rick’s mouth and licks his lips tenderly as I continue moving slowly in and out of her wet hot pussy. Feeling Rick’s cock begin to harden, Kay moves her mouth down the length of his body, mopping his glistening under belly with her hair. Arriving at her destination, Kay sucks Rick’s fat semi erect cock up into her mouth as if sucking a wet noodle. It is too much. As I come, I feel Kay’s pussy tightening and then relaxing around my cock. Don't want no other lover Baby, it's just you I'm Dreamin' of. 

As Kay climaxes yet again, Rick shoots his wad deep into her throat! She swallows his cum, taking his white hot juice into her belly. We collapse as if a house of cards, my wife sandwiched hot, wet and satisfied between her husband and his best friend.

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