Teaching the girls about oral sex, it ws now time for a all girl 69!!

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I got up and went to bar and got each of the ladies a long tall drink. Louise took Kathy's hand and walked into the bathroom with me following. She turned the water in the shower on and both girls stepped in. Louise told Kathy: "The first thing you have to do when you are going to do any oral sex is make sure your body is clean completely. If we wash each other it will be more fun. Since you have never been with another woman before, we can dry each other off and go back to the bed. I'll show you how to do all of it Kathy." Lou took her hands and put some bodywash in it. She started with Kathy's neck and arms. I watched at the water made both of their bodies shine! She soon had Kathy's breasts covered with the soapy liquid and all I could see were Lou's hands rubbing Kathy's nice hard red nipples. Kathy was standing there with her hands around Lou's waist and Lou told her; "Wash my back and ass baby while you have your hands around me." Kathy started to rub Lou's body slowly and to do so she had to pull Lou's body closer to her own. I watched as the breasts on both girls push against each other.

Lou held Kathy tighter now and I could see her moving so the breasts on both girls soaped up each other's front. Kathy was rubbing as far down under Lou's ass as she could get her hands and Lou was doing the same to Kathy. Lou told her:" Now I want you to press your pussy against me hard. Kathy did and Lou pushed her cunt against Kathy! God this was so fucking hot I started to slowly stroke my cock which was getting harder with every second I watched the girls. Lou told Kathy: "Look at Mr. XX he is really enjoying this!" Kathy smiled and yelled: "Mr. XX You like this? Looks like you do." He girls both laughed as they watched me jerking off. Lou told Kathy: "OK! Now we have everything clean except between our legs and here's how you clean that part!" Lou Knelt on the shower floor and told Kathy: "Now spread your legs as far a you can and put one up on the edge of the tub." Kathy did exactly as she was told and I moved closer to the edge of the tub and sat on the floor. I was looking up under Kathy's pussy and ass as Lou began to wash it with her hand and fingers. She slowly rotated her hand around between Kathy's legs and up her ass crack. She squeezed and fingered Kathy's pussy until the cunt lips were wide open. I reached up and began to rub it too. Lou was spreading Kathy's as cheeks and rubbing her hole and the both of Kathy's cunt while I washed the middle and top. We then took the shower with its long cord and spread up under Kathy's legs.

When al the soap was gone her pussy shined! I went to lick it but Lou stopped me and told me: "Oh no Mr. XX!! This is a Girl's 69! I smiled and told her: "OK you lick it and I'll watch!" Lou took her fingers and opened Kathy's pussy even wider now and pointed with her finger at all the pink insides if Kathy's pussy. She said: "See Mr. XX all clean. She raised her lips to Kathy's pussy as Kathy looked down at both of us. Lou pushed her lips into Kathy's pussy and shoved her tongue deep inside her body! She began to fuck her with that tongue and Kathy was moaning in seconds and holding Kathy's head against her pussy. Kathy used her fingers to keep Kathy's pussy open as wide as she could get it as she pushed her mouth in tighter and licked faster. Kathy cried out as she climaxed against Lou's face. I could smell the mush of this beautiful young woman who was getting her cunt eaten by another beautiful young woman in my shower! God my cock was hard as a rock. I asked: "How about if I sit on the edge of the tub and Kathy can sit on my cock?" Lou yelled at me: "OH no you done! It's my turn to be cleaned and Kathy is going to do it! Right Kathy?" Kathy was still moaning form her pussy being eaten and finally said: "It's my turn to clean Louise now! We can fuck a little later Mr. XX!" I backed off and watched as the girls changed places. Louise put her leg up on the edge of the tub and Kathy sat on the floor of the tub using her fingers now to open Lou's pussy. I was instruction Kathy on how to get Lou's pussy open even wider. Kathy's fingers were slowly moving up into Lou's body. When I looked at Lou's face, I could see her smile and close her eyes.

When Kathy put her mouth on Lou's pussy for the first time I heard Lou say: "Oh yes Kathy! Lick me baby! Lick my poor pussy! I told Kathy: "Now stick your tongue in as far as you can and then fuck her with it! You know in and out in and out in and out baby! Make your tongue go in and out! Fuck her with your tongue . But hold her pussy open as wide as you can without hurting her. That's it Kathy! OK!! You got it baby!" Lou moaned and then grunted and finally cried out s her cum ran down her leg and over Kathy's face. Kathy kept her mouth tight against Lou's pussy and Lou pumped her face as fast as she could go! God my cock was dripping pre-cum all over the floor as I was kneeing right in front of that swollen pussy climaxing inches from me. Lou's musk now filled my lungs and I couldn't hold back any longer. I jerked my cock as fast as my hands could go and began to shoot cum on both of the girls. It hit Lou's thigh and legs and it ran allover Kathy's face and shoulders.

Kathy looked at me as Lou was just beginning to calm down from her climax. Kathy took my cock and sucked it hard taking the last of the cum I had left in my balls. Lou knelt down next to her and told her: "Suck it Kathy! Suck it hard that's it!! Take the rest of Mr. XX's cum! Ok move over." Kathy slid her face away from my cock and Lou swallowed the head and the shaft sucking as hard as she could. Kathy palmed my nuts and my hands held both girls head next to my cock as I moaned and finished my orgasm. My cock was sticking out and each girl was kissing and licking the side of my hard shaft from my nuts to the tip of the cock head. When they were sure I was finished they both stood up finished cleaning the cum off of their bodies and stepped out to dry off.

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