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Mom Skirt Stories

  • Leanna and her mom
    First Time
    Story about a young man's losing his virginity to his girlfriend's sexy mom...

  • Mom on the hunt
    This about a single mom with kids who decides she wants to find a good man. She always gets the ones who are demanding and controlling. She falls in love with a controlling man once again. Cause the other man was boring in bed and decided that her ... life needed more...

  • Stephanie's Mom
    While Stephanie's at soccer practice Janella has fun with Stephanie's mom...

  • My wife's mom and more
    One normal evening became one extraordinary evening when I fucked my wife and her mom in the same night....w/o getting caught!!!!

  • Neglected Mom
    You remember my Study Buddy? Well I got her mom too...

  • My Friends Sexy Mom
    I go to friends house to sleep over, but little to my suprise it was his mom who wanted the sleep over...

  • Her Best Friend's Mom
    Rene always had a crush on her best friend's mom, but now she's 18, what could be on Teresa's agenda?

  • Buddy's Mom & Nick
    Cheating Wifes
    My best bud Nick finally has an encounter with my other buddy's hot ass mom who has been crushing on him for months...

  • My step mom
    My step mom gives me a little help in the bathroom...

  • Mom's Friends
    His mom saves his pitiful ... life, but not like you're thinking...

  • Mom's Cum Coated Panties
    As I jack off, shooting my cum into Mom's panties she walks in on me catching me in the act. Will it lead to??

  • Understanding Mom
    Two boys discovered the pleasures of masturbation with maternal guidance...

  • My Girlfriends Mom
    I was working out in thier gym, when I was greeted by her mother...

  • My college roomates mom, gives me a lesson.
    During an afternoon my sophomore year of college, my roomates mother teaches me the finer arts of sex...

  • Mom was angry so she taught me a Lesson!!!
    First Time
    Walked in finding me in her clothes...

  • Home for a visit
    After giving her mom a big hug and kiss, she replied, 'Well, I was going to go, but lately I've been having these feelings, if you know what I mean................' ...

  • Asian House
    A Soccer mom from the USA finds a new delight in Bangkok...

  • Nursing Can Be Fun - 2
    Nursing turn-on leads young mom into sensual adventure with friend...

  • Nursing Can Be Fun - 3
    Our young mom continues to explore the joys of nursing with her friend...

  • Sales Meeting PART 2
    Midwest soccer mom wakes her lover...

  • My Mama's Boyfriend
    My mom's boyfriend Luke and I don't get along at all....until our attraction for eachother gets the best of us one night...

  • Two Young Bed Burners
    Akarsh meets a girl and her cousin who give him a night to remember. ... at thier place hiding from thier mom...

  • My Neighbor
    I saw Sheela sitting on the sofa in our living room. She was reading one of the magazines kept on the table. I asked mom why she was here...

  • The Return of Michael and John
    Mom catches her son and boyfriend about to have ... and has some demands of her own...

  • The Game : First Time Sex: Part 4 - The Interrogation and Inquisition
    First Time
    Donna has something new for us to do, but before that happens, my mom has a frank sit down talk with us that embarrasses my nuts off...

  • Big Brenda : Part 1
    Mikey's fantasies come true when he ends up getting it on with his mom's best friend Brenda...

  • Science and sex
    First Time
    Moms scientist seduces me for science...

  • Born to suck
    Taking his finger he quickly found Kate's clit and quietly jerked 'her off as Kate groaned as the orgasm filled her pussy while leaning against Tommy was 'the only way she kept from falling over!...

  • Two girls
    Without saying a word Mrs. Anderson pulled Kaye's mouth to her slit and ground 'her clit into her mouth while just Maggie stood there with her mouth hanging open, while 'watching her best friend eat her mother's pussy!...

    Beth gasped as the thick piece of latex slid into 'her hairy slot. 'W-were both getting fucked so nice and hard!'...

  • Dominant boyfriend
    'You ever suck a brother's bone, bitch?' 'he asked softly while thrusting his hips forward in a decidedly lewd manner...

  • Meeting mommy
    That was the signal for Doris' clit follow suit as her entire body shook as her climax 'radiated from the tip of her very erect clit to the tips of her toes to the top of her head!...

  • Amy and joanne: part one
    Without even being aware of it she had begun to do her own pussy while staring at Amy's super drenched cunt...

  • The sister
    Like a bitch in heat she literally devoured Linda's clit as she voraciously licked, sucked, and slurped her hard little organ!...

  • Baby smooth
    Amanda let out a long deep 'moan, and with her hand she reached down and held Pris's head tight to her pussy!...

  • In arrears
    Her fingers snaked 'inside her panties, and as was usually the case, when she was excited, her clit was erect 'and ready to go!!!...

  • Doctor's orders
    'Tell me, dear,' the teacher asked, 'do orgasms come easily for you, I mean do you cum at the drop of a hat!?!'...

  • Home economics: part two
    Both mother and daughter had large plush bottoms, but you could easily see the buttock muscles of both of them clenching and unclenching as they moved back and forth in millimeters, while all the time keeping their clits in direct contact!!!...

  • Nancy's summer diary: june
    Had a little fallout about that customer and the hand job!!! My boss, Miss Wilson, came up to me a few days later and asked me how many other women I had jerked off!!!...

  • The gym teacher: part one
    'Samantha, would you please step into my office, I have something I would like to discuss with you!?!'...

  • Video tape
    As his hands grew more insistent, she offered no resistance when he pulled her down on the bed and kissed her hard on the mouth, while letting his free hand roam over her voluptuous body!!!...

  • Lessons in dominance part one
    'Have you had ... with him yet,' her mother casually asked!?! 'Of course I have,' the young girl replied quickly, 'I thought that a taste of the sugar might keep him on my string!!!'...

  • Preparation
    Darla began moaning loudly as the tension in her clit mounted with each lick of Miss Eddy's very practiced tongue, while several of the girls were now openly displaying their pussies for everyone to see!!!...

  • School for girls : part two
    The two naked girls(except for their belts), made their way up to where Harriett Taggert was standing, while some of the girls in the audience yelled out words of encouragment!!!...

  • Screen test
    'We make porno movies here, baby,' he continued on, 'that ad is designed to get young women barely out of high school to come in here to get fucked and sucked by some Neanderthal with a cock the size of the state of Idaho, now I tried to be nice and shoo your cute little butt outta here but you wouldn't go, so if ya don't mind, take off your fucking clothes or get outta my office, I'm a busy man!!!'...

  • The gym teacher
    Now totally exasperated Carla ordered, 'Just look at your panties, a girl your size needs decent sized undies, but instead of a pair of useful panties, you're wearing a tiny pair of bikinis that barely cover your fat pussy let alone your big ass and thighs, it's a disgrace!'...

  • Carolee
    She was always 'dressed in either a just above the knee dress with hosiery and high heels, or nice fitting slacks with hose 'and high heels...

  • Caught in the act
    'Your father is a wonderful man, and very talented in the love 'making department, but he's on the road at least three nights a week, so I still masturbate 'on the nights he's not a home.'...

  • Orgy of Orgies: Lipstick Lesbians with the Fantastic Fags
    Everyone who gets there agrees that same-sex ... is the most perfect ... there is. For lesbians and fags to do their own group orgies is cool, but this story offers that a combined simultaneously-opposite same-sex orgy will be the ultimate of New Year's Eve parties. An articulate lesbian gives her background and her plans for this futuristic, tremendously-orgasmic, 30-person fling.

  • Milk My Boobs!!
    My boyfriend milked my boobs!

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