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My step mom

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I just turned 18. I usually stay with my mom but one weekend a couple of weeks back I was staying round my dad's place. My dad had to go out on business and it was just me and my step mom. She always walks around in tight skirts and I can't help but drool over her D cup tits. She was being real nice to me this weekend. She was just making me a sandwich and something about the way she spread the peanut butter made me wild.

She got a bit on her finger and I nearly creamed when she licked it off. She brought it over to me and put it on my lap. I swear she must have been able to tell it hit my boner. She patted me on the knee and said 'enjoy it'. Just touching me on the knee sent a spark through me. I watched her go into the next room. she briefly bent over to pick something up and I caught a glimpse of the top of her suspenders. Why was she wearing suspenders when she knew she was going to be alone with me all day.

I finished my sand which and stood up. My boner was really showing so I tried to cover it. I was walking to the bathroom and I slipped over and hit my leg on the corner of a table. I'd made a big noise and Sarah came running in. She asked if I was ok. I was holding my leg and wincing. I was wearing shorts and she could see I was bleeding a little. 'Oh gosh, lets get you to the bathroom'. I'd lost my hard one with the pain but that wasn't going to last long. When we got in the bathroom she shut the door. It seems like a small thing now, but at the time it seemed to be to make this very private.

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She took a bar of soap in her hands then rubbed a lather. She bent down in front of me and started rubbing and cleaning the cut. I was watching her down there bobbing up and down, just thinking 'please don't get hard'. That was unlikely. I could feel my cock slowly begin to swell. I could feel it pushing against my pants. It slowly started to protrude. Had she noticed? I was going mad. Then she lifted her head and said 'there we are'. Her head was then inches from the head of my cock. She blushed and then looked very embarrassed. 'I'm sorry' she said 'I din't mean to'. 'No, I'm sorry it's not... I mean'. She smiled at me 'it's perfectly normal for a young man to have urges like that'. 'Do you have a girlfriend?'. 'No' I said, still hard but covering myself with my hands. 'Oh, but I bet you've had loads'. 'No not really'.

There was a pause and then she said 'Have you ever had any experience?'. 'No'. 'Is there anything you'd like to ask me?' 'Do you know how to put a condom on?'. I was trembling. I could tell she felt sorry for me. She walked closer and said 'would you like me to show you a few things?'. I nodded. She undid her shirt and slowly took off her bra. Would you like to touch these? I stroked them both. She took my head to her left tit and I put her nipple in my mouth. It tasted so sweet. She then put her hand on the waist of my shorts and said 'lets have a look at you'.

She pulled my shorts and pants down and my cock sprang out. She put her right hand around it and said 'You have a nice big dick, now you just have to learn how to use it' She lowered her body, looking at me the whole time, she opened her pink lipstick covered mouth and took me inside her. It was the wettest warmest nicest feeling in the world. After maybe two strokes she pulled it out and said 'calm down or you won't be able to try everything'. She gave me the hottest blow job I've ever had. I'd had girls my age suck me since but nothing compares to her. The way she held my balls and spat on me was just out of this world. She could tell I was close to cumming so stopped.

She stood up. She lifted her skirt and revealed she wasn't wearing and panties. she turned around and bent over the bath. She then took my cock in her hand and led me towards her pussy. She took the tip right up to her until it was touching her pussy lips. Then she looked around at me and said 'you take it from her'. I slowly pushed inside her. I could feel her wet pussy all around my cock. I was in heaven. I began to thrust back and forward. 'put your hands on my tits' she said. I was really going for it. She said 'the trick is to go for as long as you can'.

She could tell I was seconds away so pulled away and sat me down on the toilet. She lowered herself on to me and was slowly bobbing up and down. She put her tits in my face. I was licking then and then tongue kissing her then licking them. Our hands were all over each other. I came with massive force and put about seven loads deep inside of her. She kissed me passionately as my cum dribbled out of her and in to the toilet. 'That's the end of lesson one'.

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