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Mother-Midshipman Incest at the Naval Academy

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

The rest of the family had gone on a guided tour of the Academy, while Donna and Bill walked over to the Chapel to see the crypt of John Paul Jones' beneath. It was early evening, and the sun had just set. It was a twilight zone, where there was too much direct ambient sunlight to see anything clearly, and not yet dark enough to discern details via the gas lights of the Academy grounds.

It was strictly forbidden for Midshipmen to exhibit any show of affection in the yard, but as they walked toward the Chapel down the brick cobblestone path, Donna grasped Bill's hand in hers - firmly. It was, after all, Parent's Weekend, and a mother could be forgiven a show of affection for her son ~ not that hers was the least bit maternal. Had any of the few passers by bothered to take a closer look at the smartly dressed couple, they would have noticed a couple deep in love.

They'd had ravishing sex by the ocean side while Bill was on Xmas leave in Aruba, only a few weeks previous - and Donna was hot for some more incest action. The thrill of violating the Academy rules - much less violating his own mother - in the inner sanctum of the Chapel had Bill so hard he actually walked with a limp. Donna held him to a stop when they reached a particularly dark part of the path, swung him around and planted a giant kiss on his lips - purposefully smearing her ruby red lipstick all over his lips. As Bill pulled out a regulation handkerchief to clean himself up, her hand snaked into his trousers, found the hard penis and grabbed onto it with near desperation.

Bill's hand, meanwhile, crept up her open blouse and cupped one of her giant breasts, playing with the erect nipple. Footsteps sounded then, and Donna stepped back and made as if to be doing some motherly straightening of his tie as the officer strolled past - Bill giving a smart salute as she did so. No sooner than he'd dropped the salute, though, then Bill was doing a little of his own straightening of his mother's blouse, unbuttoning the topmost buttons - then reaching around to unbuckle her bra, which she deftly shed and stuffed into her purse. Now they strolled, again hand in hand - he feigning objection, but really taking every possible change to look aside to his buxom broad of a mother, and her highly exposed breasts - at least from his angle. Noticing his attention, Donna arched her back, twisted to the side, and jiggled herself at the waist so that her plump full breasts tossed erotically in the soft evening light.

Then she stopped Bill again, and whispered in his ear that she'd been so excited in the previous week that she'd actually begun producing milk in her breasts. Reaching a hand up she squeezed one teat, and out spat a stream of milk - which Bill reflexively leaned down and caught mostly in his mouth, but some upon his clean shaven face.

No sooner were then in the Chapel basement, than they made one quick look around the green marble tomb of dolphins, than Bill towed her into the restroom, into a stall, and practically ripped her shirt off. Donna made nominal resistance, with little cooing sounds, and waited as Bill suckled on both her breasts, gulping down the warm milk. The painful tightness in the breasts diminished some, and she began to loosen her belt and lowered her skirt, gyrating to the base of her shapely hips. 

Never one to violate an order, Bill reached one free hand down to her crotch, found her moist mound - it was clean shaven, soft as a baby's skin. He experienced an instant erection, painfully so; but she grabbed the hand and kept it there, and he explored her clitoris with one hand, squeezed a breast with the other, sucking the last drop of the warm sweet mothers milk.

The restroom door opened with a squeak and feet shuffled, but were quickly gone and Bill and Donna were back at it, with earnest. He released the vacuum grip on a breast, and with both hands free now, lowered his own trousers and then her dress - his mother was still in a state of heavenly bliss - and penetrated her hot vagina with his prick. She gasped, and made ready to scream, but he put his mouth over hers and gave her a deep french kiss that drowned the scream with a gurgle of air.

Donna leaned back, spreading her legs to straddle the commode seat, her double jointed pelvis opening wide to accommodate him. Her back braced against the back wall of the stall, Donna's hands were free and she massaged her sore breasts while Bill plunged into her with wild abandon. 

Then he stopped. Very carefully he let loose a swab of spit on one breast, then grasped it in his lips and dry heaved the last drop of milk out if it. Donna was weak with intensity, and her knees actually began to quiver as the sensation cascaded down her whole torso. Sucking on the one breast, then the other, Bills hands began to caress his mom's strong muscled thighs. He lifted her up off the seat to get into her deeper, then thrust with all his might spearing her bell with the head of his prick. 

Never, ever had Donna been violated so deeply. The scream of pleasure brought tears to her eyes. She snuggled into the young man, the sweat of contact between here clean shaven pelvis and his body was a glue that allowed sidewise movement, but would not let them part. They melded into one another. She whispered to Bill to please wait a little bit because she was out of control and needed respite.

Bill backed off slightly, then pulled himself out of her. Leaning over her, he lifted her up by her buttocks - then slid her right down upon the chrome handle of the flusher, sliding the cold implement right up her anus. Reflexively she gasped, then her legs spread right apart to find a footing in this completely unexpected turn of events; he kneed right up into her, and supporting her thighs upon his upper legs, Bill ratcheted his prick right into the elongated vulva spread before him. Donna gasped with pleasure, then begged him for release in a small voice with quivering lips.

So Bill pulled himself out, then repositioned himself so he could gently pump her up and down over the chrome handle, while he explored her wet sex with his face and tongue. This was just finally too much, and Donna just gave up all inhibitions and let her sex partner have his way. As he pumped her up and down on the chrome handle, tongue in her vulva; his hands were caressing her breasts, then her waist, and her buttocks, hips and lower legs. It was all she could do with her own arms, just to grasp them around his neck and hold herself upright. 

Just then there was a quite knock on the restroom door, it opened and an officer with scrambled eggs on his hat peered in and told them to best complete their business. Bill and Donna departed a short while later - the officer was there to seem them out, and lock up behind; thinking them a young couple in love, as Donna had mostly covered her face with long straight hair - against Bill's objections, because he said she looked no older than he in the first place.

Half way up the stairs they hesitated, as the officer closed the door below, locking it, and leaving the short stairway in deep darkness. No sooner than the door had closed, then they were back in each other's arms - she was frantically raising her skirts and then lowering her panties; while he was dropping his own trousers, and wasting no time in getting back into his mother with his hard pulsing penis.

They stayed that way for half an hour, his pants arranged from behind so that it looked like they were up; ditto with her skirt, so that to the occasional passerby they looked like a passionate couple embraced. It would be a long time before the would be together again, and they wanted to make the most of it. 

Even with a visitor a few feet away, standing motionless together; she would flex her pelvic muscles, then he his penis muscles, keeping a rhythm going even as their bodies were immobilized together. Not to mention the deep french kisses, slobbering on each others necks, and making small pillow talk in each others ears. They were infinitely more passionate than even the most amorous lovers, and their hands were never at rest exploring every possible inch of the other.

When at last they walked out of the gloom into the dim evening light, a rendezvous with the rest of the family coming soon; they were startled that their straightening in the tunnel of their clothes was anything but that. Quickly they both dashed right back into the tunnel, and completely disrobed - having a love embrace and massage feast for a few sensual moments before carefully dressing one another, one step at a time. Eventually they were presentable, and stepped out of the tomb in reasonable facsimile, just as their party arrived.

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