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Mom Takes Son in Absence of Husband

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I am telling my sex story with my son. This happened when my husband was working in gulf. We had a big debt because of business failure and husband had to sign a bond to work abroad for 5 years. He left last year and I was alone without sex for almost 1 year. My son was in school at that time and after one year, he joined PUC. He was not good in study and failed in some classes in school so he was 19 years old at that time.

I was a beautiful woman with good body. My vitals were 38-32-35 with fair complexioned skin and long hairs. My age was 39. I was very much into sex. When my husband was there, we used to have sex for almost 5 days in a week. I was very apprehensive about my sexual needs in his absence. So while going to gulf husband suggested me to read sex stories and watch movies to keep occupied from sex.

In addition, he gave me small cock like plastic and glass items for inserting into vagina and enjoying myself in his absence. Almost for one year, I controlled my sex urge. However, afterwards I started craving about sex. Each night I slept tossing and turning on my bed visualizing our sex acts. I lost interest in those sex stories, blue films and artificial cocks. I became irritable, as I wanted real action real flesh and blood.

I acquainted my husband about my problem on phone. He advised me to use our son for it. Seduce him to have sex. As per my husband's advice, I made up a plan to have him on me on my bed. Only male available in vicinity was my son. However, I could not muster courage to do so. My son was actually sleeping in a different room. It was rainy season, so I called him to sleep in my room, as there was thunder and lightning outside. I told him a lie, 'I am scared to sleep alone in my bedroom. Will you sleep with me on my bed.'

From that day, I planned my secret activities. My son was 170 cm height and 69 kg. I never saw his private parts previously. I saw him in underwear while changing dress and I had a faint idea that it would be bigger than his dad. I started exposing myself to him day be day. Starting he use to turn his head away. I created some opportunities.

I started coming out from bathroom in a loose lungi tied around my waist like old kerala women wear. It would cover up to thighs only. I saw him watching me form corner of eyes and behind. In addition, I started sleeping close to him keeping on hand on him etc. Next day while coming out from bathroom, I deliberately let my dress slip down. He saw my nude body for a moment his eyes were on my bobs.

Then he turned his head away. This I repeated 4 times that week. At night, again I started hugging him and sleeping with him. He was having erections due to my presence. To avoid his erection touching my body he used to turn to other side and sleep. One day I told him, 'Today I went to meet a doctor for treatment of some skin allergy. He advised me to avoid wearing any dress above my waist while sleeping for at least 3 days. He has given medicines also.'

To which he answered, ' I will go to my room and sleep mom". I answered, 'That is not required son, now if you are not there I will not get sleep. Again if there occurs any reaction due to medicine at night you should be around to help me." He agreed to sleep with me. I noticed a sly smile on his face. He was expecting something from me.

As per plan before entering in to room, I removed my blouse, wore only skirt, and slept. I kept blanket up to my waist to expose my boobs. He came and lay in bed watching my boobs. I did not allow him to switch off light. I started talking to him about college, friends etc sitting on bed making him see my boobs at a close distance. He answered in broken syllables watching my big boobs and belly. I let him watch my naked breasts as he could not take his away from my boobs.

While sleeping I hugged him slept and my boobs were touching on his bare back. Second day I did same thing. I think he got the hint about my intention clearly. He started watching my body even when I was looking his face. We spoke a lot and I told him I would go to kitchen and drink water and come back. While coming back before laying bed I deliberately loosened my knot of skirt and let it fall down.

He could see his mother's vagina, the place he came into world. Instead of covering my vagina with my dress, I allowed it to be naked like that, covered myself with blanket, and switched off the light. Than he hugged me and today first time, he turned to my side. His erected cock was touching my thighs. Suddenly he pressed my boobs very hardly in the darkness.

I yelled in pain at him, "Aaahh what you are doing damn." He did not answer but put his lips on mine to stop me from yelling. He started clinging on to me and pressing my both boobs like water filed balloon. I was not ready for such onslaught so developed cold feets. Then I tried to push him away. He pulled away my bed sheet uncovering my naked body. He became aggressive and touched my pussy with his hands.

He inserted his finger inside to feel the heat. He got between my legs and pulled down his pant. He had a big cock. His very long cock was touching my legs. His nail made some marks on my boobs. I told him, "You motherfucker, what are you doing, do slowly". He heard such a word from me first time. Then I switched on the light from one hand. He smiled to me.

I told my son, "I was waiting for it all these days my loving son, I will show you the place which you came out.' I showed him my vagina widening my legs. He watched it like a new things and touched it. I told him, "This is the place your dad fucked all these days and produced you, now for next four years this is only for you." He brought his face near my pussy and kissed on my lower lips. I jerked my waist due to his kiss. He almost fell from the bed. He asked, 'What will happen if dad comes to know of our relations?'

Then he hugged me, started kissing on my boobs, and chewed it. Suddenly he looked up and asked me"Mom do you have milk in your boobs". I had an abortion three months after his father left for Gulf. He did not know that if the pregnancy lost in 8th month we could have milk. I told him, 'Milk was there from the date of I admitted in hospital during abortion and all these days I was wasting it.'

Then he started drinking milk, form my Breast. In between I SAW MY SON'S ERECTED PENIS. IT WAS BIGGER THAN HIS DAD'S PENIS AND THICKER also. He has pubic hairs like a forest. I held that and he just jumped off the bed. I was the first person holding it he told. I told him, 'Stand on bed and let me suck your cock.'

I sat down, kissed his dick, and started eating it like a choc-bar. He held my hair and held legs tightly on my head. He was moaning due to excitement. His cock began jerking, I knew he was cumming. I wanted to taste his sperm. Then a very hot watery sperm pushed in to my mouth.

He began shouting "Aaaaaaa ammaaaaa mom do it mom again aaaaa" I drank all without wasting even a drop. Than it came back to normal size. Then I told, "Son now I will stand here, you do the same to me". He was a first timer I got to know from his licking. He did not know how to put the tongue inside.

After sometime when I saw his dick it was standing straight again. I told him,'My son can you fuck your mother now". He answered," I will do anything for you , we have to use some protection now mom, other wise you may get pregnant".

I told him"No son, I was operated last time for not getting pregnancy". Than I lay down on the bed widening my leg. He came on me and adjusted his cock on his mother's pussy hole. I told him, 'Come on son. Come in to your mom's sacred place, enter in to your birth place and make me your wife.". Slowly he inserted his big cock in to my pussy. He was not making any noise apart from aaaa..humm aaa..hum.

I held him keeping my legs hugged him and pushed. I kept my hand son ass and pulled deep inside my pussy. I called him"You mother fucker, fucking your mom. I am your bitch now.. aaaaaaa ahaaaa you are fucking your dad's cunt son, fuck me son, make me pregnant again. I am your fucking bitch son.. aaaaaaa you are son of your dad ,the fucking machine.

He reached orgasm early as his was the first time". I did not tell anything. His sperms made my pussy hot and it started leaking from my pussy. He was very much tired and we hugged each other and slept. I was thinking that he would be able to satisfy me with in one month. Morning when He woke up I was sitting on bed nude. He took his head and kept on my lap.

I hope you enjoyed the story. If so please let us have your comments on sultanasinha at gmail dot com

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