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My Friends Sexy Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

It was a Friday my friend wanted me to sleep over so I said yes. My mom dropped me off and before I could get in the house my friends mom said “thank you for letting him sleep over, bye.” And then she said hi and also asked if I could wait over by the counter. Then once I saw her in the light I noticed she was wearing a very revealing top with no bra to reveal a nip slip, with a gold necklace, high heels, and an extremely short skirt. She walked over to me taking of her top to reveal those firm milf tits and said, “You wanna fuck me? It’s just us here for the whole night.” I was so mesmerized that I just nodded my head yes and then she pulled off my shirt and pants and pulled my dick all the way up the stairs to her room where she finally pulled of that skirt to reveal a g-string. She said “stay on the bed I’m gonna give you a show.” She started by turning off the lights and lighting a match and lighting some candles she put all over the room.

Since it was about seven o’ clock by that time so I was dark out and made the candles a sexy add on for what was to be the sex we were going to have. She started by facing her ass at me and then shaking, spanking her self and then slowly pulling down her g-string and then bending over till her pussy was shown. I turned around her face toward mine, showing me her completely shaven pubes and her firm breasts that she played with for a bit. She then crawled on the bed licked my dick and then crawled up to me where she kissed me and positioned each other to have sex. She straightened her back pulling up on my dick where she wanted me to do a bit of work while she bounced up and down up and down until I almost cummed but she knew so she pulled out. Putting her face down and her ass up for me to give her anal I stuck my dick in her ass and I moved it in and out non stop for 15 minutes.

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I then finally cummed and then we agreed that we both were hungry so we both agreed on having takeout pizza delivered. She ordered and they said it would be about twenty minutes. So instead of having some more sex we watched a porno that she bought. As we had watched the porno together I started to get an erection and she was playing with her pussy then we laid down on the couch and she sucked my dick as I ate out her pussy until we heard the door bell ring. We walked up to the door butt naked and opened it to receive our pizza the pizza delivery boy said, “No need to pay ma’am.”

We ate the pizza so fast that I dropped some of the pizza on my penis. She said, “No I will clean it up.” And she technically did, with her mouth. She had suck my dick clean which sparked the sex we were about to have. She quickly ran up to her room locked the door and made me wait for five minutes. Then she unlocked and opened the door with a very small robe on and her hair up in a bun sort of. I followed her into her bathroom where there was a tube with hot water. She took off her robe back facing me showing her bare ass looking back at me and went down sit in the water. I already was naked so I just got in facing her.

We look at each other for a minute or two and then we slowly move toward each other, and then kiss we kiss and make out on till I pull her on to me. Then my legs were straight hers around my hips moving up and down from the sweet love we were making. We went back to kissing and then we dyed off and went to the basement where we did some funky stuff. We went down; I lifted her onto the ping pong table where I had fucked moving my ass back and forth to make the most pleasurable experience. Soon I had gotten on too where she got on top and bounced her whole body around for some great sex. I then cummed inside her and ended the night by sleeping in her bed watching porno’s playing with each other’s private parts.

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