My Neighbor

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Note: This story is a piece of purely erotic fiction, and in no way do the characters involved resemble any real life persons as far as the author is concerned.

The name is Anuj. Anuj Sharma. I live in a big mansion in a posh locality in our town and am pretty well known among the neighbors as a nice guy. Well more about myself first. I am 6 ft. in height, an athletic build and a round face, wavy black hair, deep black eyes and a light brown tan over what was once a peaches and cream complexion, altogether a ‘very handsome and sexy guy’ as described by the girls in my neighborhood and college.

In my locality lived the family of my Dad’s friend. We were pretty close to each other and met many a times socially. My Dad’s friend had a daughter who was pretty cute. I had a crush over her at the very first sight. Her name’s Sheela. She’s 5 ft. and has an hour-glass figure, 36 C -32-36, fair complexion, long black hair and hazel eyes. Overall, a nice investment, if you know what I mean.

I was pretty shy of her and talked to her only when she used to talk to me. Even that was rather limited, but that didn’t stop me from staring at her assets most of all her breasts. She didn’t know that I liked her, but I somehow had inkling that she liked me. That day my parents were going to take my grandmother to the metro for medical check up. I had to stay home all alone. I woke up gloomily in the morning, went to my bathroom and lit a cigarette on my way to toilet. I finished my ablutions and got ready for college. When I came down from my room, I saw Sheela sitting on the sofa in our living room. She was reading one of the magazines kept on the table. I asked mom why she was here. Mom replied, “well son, you are to take her on your bike and drop her at her college on your way.” I did a double take, but was secretly pleased about it. It was one of my lucky days. I cheered up a bit, had some tea and bid mom goodbye. Then I called on Sheela to come along as I got my bike out of the garage where it was kept.

I started my bike and she sat behind me astride on the pillion. As soon as we were out of sight from my place I asked her if she was comfortable, she said “slow down a bit” and clung to me as I slowed down. She was so close that even air could not pass in between us, and all the time those gorgeous tits kept pressing into my shoulder blades. I felt my dick grow at the feeling.

I dropped her at her college and moved ahead towards my college. When I was back from college my parents were ready for the trip. I asked “are you people moving now?” “yes,” replied Dad. I asked, “for how long you will be out?” Dad said, “ it would take us three days before we return.” I said it was ok by me. Mom said, “and don’t you worry about your food, dear. I have asked Sheela’s mother to make you some food.” I said, “ok mom…thanks a lot.” I bade them bye and watched them go. As they went through the main gates, I went back in and put on a porn movie and lit one of my cigarettes. That night Sheela’s father came with my food and he left the pack on the dining table and made some small talk and left within a few minutes of arrival. I took my supper and went to bed early.

Next day I was in my bath when I thought I could hear the phone ringing, but I didn’t bother to take the call. When I came out of the shower, the door bell rang. I only had a towel wrapped around my waist and no other fabric covered me. I was practically nude. Swearing to myself I went to attend the door. When I opened the door, I nearly got my towel undone in my surprise when I saw Sheela at the door. She blushed a bit when she saw me in the attire I was in. but she didn’t bat an eyelid otherwise and came inside. She was wearing a two piece frock which looked good on her. Even her accessories were matching her dress. The top helped only to accentuate her well developed figure and she looked real sexy that morning.

She said “hi Anuj…I see that you had been in the bath. So that’s why you didn’t answer my call. Well I called to ask whether you were home or not as mom’s taken ill and I would cook some breakfast for you if you were home.” I said while I started a tentative inspection of her body, “So you came to see I was home or not when I didn’t respond to the phone. How very nice of you, dear.” She blushed again. I wondered what was going on and why she was blushing. Then it suddenly dawned upon me that I was only in a towel and she must have got a sight of my poking hard on which was a result of staring at her sexy body.

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I asked her, “what’s the matter Sheela? Are you all right? You look red to me.” I pretended as if I didn’t notice anything and kept on with my inspection. Only this time I saw that her nipples were poking where her tits met the top. I thought to myself, “if I play it right, I might just get laid,” and smiled to myself. She replied, “No I am ok. Thanks. Let me make you some breakfast.” And with this she went into the kitchen. I followed her into the kitchen but at a discrete distance so that she didn’t get conscious of my presence. She was standing her back towards me. She called out in enquiry, “Anuj!! What would you like to have for breakfast?” By that time I had reached very much behind her. I grasped her by her waist and said in her ear, “You…”

She must have come prepared for this as she didn’t flinch and let me play on. She said, “Ok. So where would you like to start?” and turned to look at me lustfully. I put my hands behind her waist and kissed her on the lips. She responded passionately and our tongues explored each others mouth. Meanwhile, one of her hand reached inside the towel and fisted my raging cock. She gently squeezed it while stroking it. She asked me innocently, “am I doing it right Anuj?” but her eyes were not all that innocent. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ears before saying, “you are doing perfectly dear.” And I picked her up in my arms and took her to my bed room.

There I closed the door behind me and turned at once to hold her again in my arms. We kissed again this time bit more wildly and passionately. I said, “Sheela I want to see you without those clothes of yours.” She started undoing her tops. I helped her a bit to make it snappy. Then I pulled her skirt down. All she was dressed in now was her under things and she looked even sexier than before. I gave her an up from under look and she blushed more than ever. The effect was both devastating and arousing. I said, “honey, you look better this way than you look in your clothes. My word, you do have nice assets,” And pulled her close to me. She started stroking my cock and said, “even you have a nice fuck pole, I see.” I asked her, “how many of them have you seen Sheela?” “None personally, but one of my friends shows me every pic of her sessions with her boyfriends that even she has lost count of. She tells me that she lost her cherry to her driver when she was fourteen and she has been with many guys after that. Those pics turn me on a lot and I imagine myself and you in those pics and, believe me, I am longing to really experience that.” That she was serious I did not for a moment doubt. So without wasting any more time I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her thighs and then her tummy and then her navel, then her waist and her midriff and her bare chest, then on her bare neck and behind her ears. To my delight, every spot my lips touched was a soft velvety skin. My hot kisses and warm breath on her body turned her on. She moaned and screamed with pain and seized the back of my neck and shoulder as if her body was on fire. She pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. I was lying on her, crushing her sexy and soft body under my hard body in the bed. We kissed in the heat of passion and her hands kept on fondling my hair and my hands caressing her near the waist and shoulders.

Then I got off her and she sat up. My hand went behind her and fumbled with the clasp of her bra. I managed to free her tits from the cover of the bra and threw the bra into a corner of my room. We embraced each other and I kissed her on the side of her neck and one of my hands went into her panties and started playing with the lips of her clits. She liked it and she moaned louder this time, “uuuuuunnnnnhnhhhhhHHHH Anuj…..this feels so great.” I kept on doing it and I pushed her to lie down. Then I started licking her erect pink nipples and kissed them. Then I nibbled them and finally sucked them and squeezed them simultaneously. She pressed my mouth to her tits with a groan of pleasure. “YEAH… suck them… suck them HARD… bite them Anuj, bite them.” I bit those beautiful, sexy and soft tits obediently. Then she pushed my head off and made me lie. She rubbed her hands on the innards of my thighs. I felt a surge go up about my groin. I liked it very much and groaned out, “ooooOOhhH..” She parted the towel and stroked my cock. Then she sucked the head of my cock her lips hot and wet on my cock. I was electrified up to my head. She sucked my cock and licked the slit on the tip of the cock.

I then pulled off her panties and kissed her inner thighs and kissed her clits. Then I brought out my razor from the bathroom and shaved her off. She was quite thrilled and turned on, as her body shuddered with pleasure every time the razor made contact with her skin. After shaving her off, I started eating her cunt out. Then we sixty-nined. She kept on stroking my cock while sucking it. I couldn’t wait any longer. The moment of ultimate pleasure had come.

I spread her legs and positioned my cock near the opening of her cunt, both my cock and her cunt were lubricated and glistening with our pre-cum. I rubbed her cunt lips with my cock and rubbed her G-Spot with it. She enjoyed it spasmodically and cried out, “put that cock inside… please push that cock through… I can’t wait any longer Anuj. Please, Please Fuck Me and fuck me hard.” But I played a bit more, she bit her lower lips and then licked her lips in pleasure and anticipation. She looked at me imploringly.

I relented and pushed the cock in slowly till my cock met an obstruction. I looked at her quizzically and asked, “Sheela, are you virgin?” She said, “Yes and I want you to take my cherry. I want to feel you inside me, pounding and massaging my innards with your big hot cock.” With this pushed my cock harder and felt her hymen disintegrate with my thrust. She cried out loud in pain and tears trickled out of her eyes. I pulled out to dab some cotton wool over her cunt to clean the blood. Then she pulled me close and said “I love you Anuj. Do you love me?” I replied, “ I love you too Sheela…” “Then fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me fast and fuck me well Anuj….” She said. I put the cock into her formerly virgin cunt and liked the wet and hot tightness clasping around my dick. I pounded her cunt all the way in till my cock was completely in, she was continuously arching her body with pain and pleasure and biting her lips. Occasionally I stopped to kiss her, but didn’t pull out. She was moaning with lust all the time.

I fucked her for a few minutes and her vaginal muscles pulsated on my cock, she finally had an orgasm violently. I kept on fucking her. I knew that I would not last long, so I went about it faster and harder. I felt up another orgasm build up in her in a row and both of us came together mixing our juice as she attained a violent climax. We both collapsed breathless, but felt great after this. She sucked me off again and drank all of my cum without spilling a drop. I pushed her to bed again to play some more with her ample tits. I again got an erection and fucked her again and shot an enormous load inside her again.

I had her for breakfast rest of the days till my parents were back. Then she was married off to some other guy after fifteen days. But I guess I was lucky to sleep with her first. I still get to sleep with her when she comes to her parents’ house or when I go to the town where she lives. And guess what people, she is even more wilder than before and as usual I like her more in the bed NAKED rather than in clothes. What’s more, even she likes it very much when I look at her stripped naked in the bed and she mischievously beckons me to fuck her….well I can’t control at the thought of it…bye for now friends, am late for the meeting with Sheela in her bed room ‘coz right now I am in the town where Sheela lives. And guess what, her husbands out for two days and I am going to stay at Sheela’s place these two days. The rest of course you can imagine…….;)

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