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Gay in Pantyhose

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I have loved pantyhose for my entire life. When I was younger, my nextdoor neighbor used to rub her pantyhosed feet on my face. I will get that in another story. This is a great story about how I fucked my mother and fulfilled my gay fantasies in the same day.

I always put on my mothers pantyhose and jerk off in them. This particular day I put on some almost black pantyhose that she had worn the day before. I was doing my normal routine of fingering my ass and dream of fucking another man when I heard the door shut. I thought "o shit". Then I thought to myself, I always wanted to fuck my mother. Maybe if I get "caught" I have a shot at getting her horny. I stood in her bathroom and waited on her. She came through the door and stopped.

"What the fuck?"

However, she wasn't alone. The plumber was with her to fix her sink. He was also standing there. And there I was in her pantyhose. I was scared but also turned on enormously. My cock was rock hard.

"Why are you wearing pantyhose?" she said
"I like them. They make me hot." I replied.
"You faggot. I guess you like suckin dick" she yelled.
"Don't know, never tried " I said.
"Well I guess you better find out you little queer" she exclaimed

I said ok and then things became a little awkward. I had no idea whether the plumber would go for this. Mom told him to go over where I was. He slowly came over.

"Get on your knees" she ordered me.

I followed and got on my knees. He was wearing a white shirt with blue jeans. I pulled his belt closer to my mouth. I began to rub his dick through the jeans. I started getting harder so I undid his jeans and pulled them and his underwear down to the ground. His dick was about 6 inches hard. Good for my first time. I licked the tip and tasted the pre-cum around his head. I opened my mouth and inserted about 3 inches into it. I just bobbed my head on those 3 inches while rubbing his balls. He got hot and took his shirt off. He had a great muscular body. I guess my mom got hot watchin him so she yelled.

"That isn't how you give a blowjob. At least give it right, let me show you!"

WOW!!! This is gettin weird. She came over towards us. She was wearing a green calf length skirt with slits on both sides. She had on a white blouse tucked in. She was wearing dark tan pantyhose (my favorite) with white high heels with the heel strap. SHe came over and got on her knees beside me while I continued to suck dick.

"Give it here" she said.

She took it and began to lick all around the tip. Then she just took it all down and was bobbing her head down on the full length. Shit this was so hot. Two of my fantasies comin true. While she was suckin that dick I had nothin to do. I rubbed my hands on his body for a little bit while trying to suck his balls. I soon moved to my mom's body and began rubbing her tits. She didn't stop me so I began to unbutton her blouse. Her tits are so big and she had this sexy white lace bra on. I took it off and began to suck on her tits. I also stuck my hand down the front of her skirt rubbing on her pantyhosed pussy although she had on panties. She was gettin really hott.

SHe said,"lets get in the bed."
I told her to keep her pantyhose on while she got naked. This gave me a chance to get my asshole fucked. The plumber was so hot that he was ok with it. I laid on the bed and put my legs up. I said "rip my hose and fuck me!"

He stuck it in and it was bliss. He began to pump my ass and i got the motion of him. We were in sync when my mom dropped her skirt to just her pantyhose. SHe took off the hose to take her panties off but then put them back on. She climbed on the bed ANd laid beside me fingering her pussy. SHe said "hurry up and fuck that slut so I can get some"

I told her," Sit on my face"

She stradled my face and I began to lick through her pantyhose when I could. His cock felt so great in my ass. We switched and he began to fuck my mom doggy style so I could take her face. She did and I thought I was gonna cum immediately. He was fuckin her so hard and it made me so hot. After a while we switched again. My mom got on top of me and he put his dick in my mouth and hers back and forth. Her pussy was so wet.

"Fuck me fuck me" she yelled.
"fuck your mother hard!!!"

"I'm cummin" I said
"Cum inside me, cum inside your mommy!"

I did and we orgasmed at the same time. We both got on our knees takin turns suckin him off until he came and we swallowed it all. It tasted so good.

"That's how you fuck a man you little slut" my mother told me.

Me and mom still occassionaly fuck and I still suck and fuck cock whenever I get a chance.


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