The Legendary Fuck

(Part 7 from 7)

Then he jacked a little with Vaseline.  Right back up it went.  He was maintaining his size and holding onto his cum real well.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the next action was what he planned as second to the last.  He greased up one more time, gave her a little peck kiss on the forehead, and shoved it in missionary style. 
But this was quickly like no missionary that I had ever seen.  He was determined to intensify his show.  As if he had been sweet and easy ?
He rammed right up the middle.  He grabbed her pelvis and rammed it back onto him hard, as he went forward.  She was screaming and grabbing at him.  A conflict of pushing and pulling took over.  He kept plunging in and pulling her up tight on himself each time.  He started some heavy duty grinding, taking all stretches to the extreme, forcing her opening to give a lot in all those directions.

Heavy smacking.  The hardest low frequency thumps and thuds of the evening.  Then he held her still for a second.  Next he pulled her just as hard sideways across his cock, from one extreme side to the other.  He hesitated at each extreme, waiting for a loud pop to occur. 

Back and forth he went for quite a while.  Dozens of times.  Popping her edges at each pull of his cock. I lost count and ran out of film.  She was screaming a lot now.  Rolling her eyes and clawing at the mattress and what was left of the sheet. 

He would go back into standard thrusts; by that time he could get all of his cock, including its base, deep into her.  Back to the twisting and side to side.  Another series of holding her down on it tightly and yanking side to side for the popping.  He eased up a little.  But just went back to fucking her in similar fashion for another 20 minutes, at least.  Then he pulled out and rolled over onto his back.  The cock, now black and red, pointed straight up. 

She was laying there with her legs still spread.  Yes, the mattress had minor red stains.  But she was still with us.  That, I could not believe.  She was trying to regain her breath. 

She reached over and grabbed some Vaseline and rubbed it all over her bright red pussy.  And she put a little inside.  Lots of applause - for one or the other or the total.  I could not tell which.  Yes, I know,
all were perverts.  Just a matter of degrees.

He looked at her, picked her up and carried her around the crowd, so they could look closely.  He had her looped over his left arm, with her head down and her ass up.  Rag doll.  He would walk up, point her ass toward a group and spread her pussy with his right hand.  Those people had never seen such a huge pussy

All stretched out, with little splits of her inner ring going in every direction.  When he held it wide, you could also see great depth.  She could clearly hear them comment about how big she was and would continue to be.  She reached over and grabbed his cock real hard.  He wasn’t expecting that.  Many laughed.

He carried her back to the clubhouse.  Only a few went in.  Everyone was exhausted, just by watching, and considered it the greatest finale of any and all earthly topics.  They might have been correct.  But inside the clubhouse, something was going on. One of my party was motioning me to come back in.

I ran over, and he said, “It is NOT over !” Mr. St. Louis had taken her back to the den/bed area.  As I came into the room, I could see that he had put her on the edge of remaining bed, fixed in that same position in which he had been carrying her around. That is butt up, face down. 

He was sticking most of his hand into her.  He would open her pussy by opening up his fingers. 

I felt that she really was huge now.  And she was very ragged around the entire opening.  She would moan a little with his movements.  He asked, like a smart alec, “Well, do you feel bigger now?” A muffled
“uh-huh” was what we heard out of her.  She was still heavily stoned.  They were about 2 hours into the drug; so their mescaline was actually still peaking.

At that moment, our fearful leader came into the room, and just stood there like the others.  But he had in his hand the Vaseline jar that he had brought in from the outside scene.  Our pro fucker, and we did believe that he was a pro now, asked for the Vaseline.  Sort of dumb founded, our leader handed it over.  The cock was greased up again.  He had to stroke it a few times, but it came right back up.  And this was over 20 years before Viagra was even tested! 

Oh, I did remember that he still had not cum since very early that evening, or should I say since last night.  He kept her in that ass up position and put some Vaseline into her.  He stood there by the bed and grabbed her ass, which was right at cock level.

As he was sliding it in, a little slowly this time, he told her, “Boy, I really do like fucking you.  You’re the toughest white girl that I have ever met.”  Another muffled “uh-huh” was all I heard before the thump of his cock hitting deep inside her.  She was clawing again at sheets, even biting some of the sheets, as he started up. 

A very small audience, in fact only most of the originals, made it back to the room.  “Girl, you are really gonna be as big or bigger than me, when I am through with you” and “you’re gonna be able to tell them
how you got this pussy” were the type of encouraging things that he said to her during that start.

He was pulling back on her ass as he pushed forward.  With her ass angled back and the rear entry, this, indeed, was the position with the deepest possibilities yet.  He started his wide grind once more.  This time he was able to shift his own body in a radical side to side motion.  Back to prying her open.  He was truly going to finish her up with this position.

She could have fallen forward anytime that she wanted.  However, she kept her butt up high and, even on rare occasions, pushed back with his pulls. Moans, the breath knocked out, screams, squeals were continuous. 

As continuous was his heaviest fucking.  He was in a drug daze, starring off into the wall as he rhythmically banged her.  Holding on like a literal crazy to that ass, he was punching it for all he could.

That black cock looked enormous going so far in and out of that little white girl.  And it looked like a blur sometimes, with the speed that he was using.  He was making her wider and deeper by the minute.  It went on and on, for at least another 45 minutes.  It was around 2:00 AM, when he began to bang her up into the air with his fucks (another situation that I stole from his performance).   He stopped for a second and spread her pussy.  It was easy to do now.  There was a hole that could be opened over 3".  He looked pleased, and put the cock right back in.  He fucked her just as hard for another 30 minutes or so. 

It was almost 2:35 AM when he gushed with cum.  The many colors of juices ran out of her and down her legs.  He stood there and unloaded as much as he could.  And, finally, she did fall forward.  Her legs spread, with one over each side of the bed. After all this time and force, her butt cheeks were smacked bright red, as were her inner thighs. No doubt, in the next few days, there would have to have been a fair amount of bruising.  The vaginal opening and the entire area around it was puffy and red. 

These were actually minimal indications of all the fucking over the last few hours.  The major indicator, of course, was the pussy itself.  Even though her lips and surrounding area were swollen, that did not close her opening.  That opening still remained large, hanging open all the time that she laid there.  It was even easy to see far into her. 

The vaginal walls, which were bright red, did have some minor bleeding.  By the way, this and the next assessment are guided by my own education over the following years.  In fact, it is more of a challenge to use street terms and cultural references of the times than it has been the recounting of the events themselves.  So, forgive me as we get techie again.

The end result that “they” produced, and I do give credit to the strong intent by both fuckers, was as impressive as might be expected.  Much to the confusion of most males, the hymen does, in fact, stay around long after virginity is lost.  It merely has a different central shape.  And the various central openings tell a lot about what all has happened to any particular girl.

The widest opening is after childbirth.  But, though mostly gone in a few mothers of large families, the hymen ring still usually occupies a good fraction of the vaginal opening.  Just a fairly decent central, and irregular round, hole is in place.  Oh, and then there are mothers who continue or start prostituting or doing porno; those are some of the largest seen on today’s net!

Mr. St. Louis reached down and easily opened the little blonde more.  This is when I saw that she was not only big, she had no hymen at all.  He had just removed the thin membrane entirely. 
So, here we had a 22 year old, who had not had a single baby.  But her opening was now as smoothly open as a lady might be after 6 or more kids, and thousands of fucks. Remember that this vision had to be reinterpreted later, after formal training !  Without any technical labeling, he seemed to understand her condition very well. And he indicated, “that should do fine.”  So, there was one of the standards that he was shooting for, a very personal form of branding

He smacked her butt with his hand as he said the above.  I remember genuinely laughing, when she, with her face still down into the bed, and with her muffled voice, sarcastically said, “Thanks. Thanks a lot.”  Because of an attitude like that and the entire wild night, many of our group felt she had set the mood and affected the interpretation of everything.  We got together another $55 for her ($110 total).  About half of what he got, and minimal for that spectacle. 

POSTSCRIPT:  you may verify our herione in action by going to photo 8, where she has her back to us.  Note the very unique (good as a tattoo) thin beltline type tan that is between the darker tan and her pale skin.  Go to photo 15, where he is just about to go into a scissor type position.  Note that exact same line on her. 
That is our blond!  At that point, you can also note changes that I discuss in the report - changes that not even the two major mileage porn stars have had done to them... (2008's blondes ST and BC) (can't use their names).

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