The Legendary Fuck

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Disclaimer: No matter how many times that I claim to be recounting something beyond my final control, I am sure that I will be judged by some readers, and viewers of still photos, as promoting a strange form of S&M.  All I can say, is, were that all it was, it would still be quite unique.  For, except for this event in 1976, I have NEVER seen two S&M participants who could smile and joke with each other before, during and after.  I must remind everyone that this was a time without rampant viral sex diseases.  None of the action could be done today without great danger.

Actually, none of this could be done again because of a massive cultural change that has occurred.  The guys today would be expected to work in groups of 4 to 6, and have their own movie companies. The girls would have to be very very hard and yell curse words for every sensation (or lack of them).  Nothing would be done without big production and extreme repetition.

The guy in this piece was polite, and extremely cooperative with everyone.  He would have stopped any activity of any kind at any time, if only a single person had hinted it was necessary. The girl was an actual sweetie.  She was also a sex stealth, because, while disarming with that smile (at the most unusual times), she seemed to be thinking sex was an intense sport, with expected wear and tear at whatever level you practice.

She seemed to think that you could do the kind of intense sex that few other females could or would choose to do, and show only positive reinforcement, with no use of any curse words at all. ...that the pain and pleasure definitions are certainly always subjective!  Smiles, giggles, joking, all during what I later describe?  No, nothing like this will be seen again.  Put it with Greek, Roman and other sex history.

Preface: Those who have been through house fires know how keepsakes can be lost.  But of all the electronic toys, furniture, jewelry, even family snapshots and other sundry items, that I could lose in a fire, 5 years ago I lost a real treasure.  It was a 400 ft. 8mm film, and its only video copy, from 1976.  It took me the five years, I guess in mourning, just to get to where I could try to tell the story of the film.  Recently, I decided to at least tell that story and present what 8mm frame scans, regular photos and Polaroid shots that reflect the event. 

Though the 1976 event did generate and mildly model for the ONE fiction story that I ever wrote, the 1976 event has more power, more kick for memory cells, and, in the end, much more value.  Primarily because it really happened. (I know, how many hundreds of times have you heard “real”?)  But am in no mood to tell any more sex fiction, well, for a while.  And, as a Midwest university hall resident of the era, I was lucky enough to be directly involved in some spectactularly gross events.  Hey, make your own history.

And, I will try to do all I can with what I have left in references, to accurately detail that 1976 history of mine...



See, this little blonde was central to a sex show that I will never forget.  In spring 1976, she both volunteered to be, and was just slightly paid to be, fucked in front of a group of university hall residents.   She was a local Indiana girl, attending college, modeling for the art department, and dancing at a local whisky bar.  Being a hippy cross-over, she jokingly admitted that she had many lovers since first being fucked.. 

Till these last two years at school, she had usually stayed with one guy at a time, anywhere between 6 months and a year or so...each.  Then, between regulars, she started to make some extra money doing what she apparently “loved” to do.  Known for having a most sweet nature, smiling and fucking for hours, she helped many males on the campus.  Yeah, really nice and a semi-pro fucker, all in one package . Very unusual. 

She was told that a group of 14 male residents had banded together and were funding a private fuck show, to be done at a local club house.  She knew that she wasn’t going to fuck them, rather
a real pro male from St. Louis.  That the guys had spent most of their combined money to get this black man with a huge penis to travel over 200 miles to the Indiana campus.  The grapevine did all this guy’s advertising.  Once our 14 called him to set up his show, we found out that we needed to provide the girl for him. 

He had always worked that way, leaving the proof behind when he headed back to St. Louis.  So, our little blonde said she wanted to do it.  She admitted that she liked really big guys.  That the hall residents recruited one for her, well, that seemed “just peachy!”.  She said that she would leave her dancing early on the Saturday night, and be at the club house by ten.  The guys’ representative said that she would get $55 before the fuck.  (Boy, when I think about the price now, it seems so VERY cheap for what would get done to her).

Which brings up topics that she did not know about.  The St. Louis fella was very up-front about what the audience could have for their money.  He threw the decision back upon those who were paying.  And yes, I was one of the original 14 who needed to decide what was to happen that Saturday night.  His one mandatory item: no condom.  First, no human condom would even begin to fit.  Second, he liked cuming inside the girl. 

But the rest, the actual show, was continuously variable.  If we wished, he would limit himself to some sweet fucking, not pushing any girl beyond what she could normally take.  According to him, that left a lot of him outside the girl.  He advised this kind of show, if there were any chance at all of any involvement of our own wife or girlfriend, or a wife or girlfriend of someone who we might even remotely know. 

The next type of show was more intense.  If we had a girl lined up, like a campus slut or even a prostitute, we could let him try to show us more of what he was capable of doing.  Typically, he said that would include a couple of warm up, slow stretching type fucks, early in the evening, maybe even before the main audience got to the club house. 

Then from the third fuck on, he would really try to get it in her.  However deep he got, he would then start twisting and prying.  At that point, almost for certain, the young lady would begin to have at least “small tears”.  He would keep that up for a while, as long as she could take it.  And that would be the example of the most common show that he did.  He bragged that usually had the audience squealing right up there with the girl ! 

Here comes “the too silly to be real” part that all the fiction watchers are looking for.  But what he offered at all show levels sounded real, at least it might be for a guy with world class equipment.  And the decision that we all had to make was real, even if, say, he wasn’t anything like the grapevine advertisements or his personal claim. So, even if it wouldn’t happen, to get to decide the specifics of  a fantasy show was, at that moment, a nasty thrill. 

The extreme choice that he mentioned last was one he very much enjoyed.  But he had only been allowed to do it to a dozen or so girls.  Sometimes, in the past, a group paying him would have a girl that they really wanted to see pumped hard.  Fairly sadistic.  Certainly no worry about the girl’s condition in that type of show.  He just summed it up as pumping her as hard and fast as a little 6 inch guy might do. 

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