The Legendary Fuck

(Part 6 from 7)

I was changing more film, the primary crowd was moving out toward the walk way to mix with the newly surprised crowd, and our blonde was always stroking him.  It looked like a hysterical sex comic, with her holding onto the cock like it was a push pull device to get him around the room and all the interfering activities of the new preparations. Sort of like - here this way, no, now that way.  There is absolutely no way that I can forget such things. 

So, funny, then, the next minute sexually steaming.  Helping prep for steam outside, many of the original gang were looking around for authorities or someone who might even act like an authority.  But you have to understand.  This was the 70s.  No gangs.  No need for the Indiana police to even patrol such a place.  The places of need were miles away, perfectly accessed by patrol cars. 

Here there was no such thing as a bike patrol.  There wasn’t even any foot patrol funded by the city.  And there was no way for a patrol car to access within 2 blocks.  The nice vertical bars at each end of the street limited any intrusion by any normal vehicle.  Great that it wasn’t well thought out for safety!  A perfect place for a sexual spectacle.

Right then, the two mescaline/smoke/coke freaks walked out the door of the building.  What a roar.  The new viewers were thrilled.  Like so many of us that night, this was not even in their wildest dreams.  They could not think it up.  For those new people it was a whirlwind that they would have to keep up with, and, maybe, that is maybe, comprehend a little it of much later.

This was a great place.  Good weather, an unusual but isolated place, lots of very bright white light (70s = no orange gas lights).  And, of course, no “always with you” cameras or cell phones with cameras in the 70s. Perfect in many ways.  Glad “he” thought of it.  My, first of its kind, low light 8mm camera was very happy.  The audience parted, just like the sea did for Moses; that cock must have looked very threatening. 

The two of them went over to the area where the mattress was laying, right under the pole light.  But light was coming from other poles and lights that were closer to the ground.  The two were very well lit.  On their own trip now, for real, they went about getting ready to test the mescaline theme drug combo and show what happens if you’re a girl,  get stoned, and fuck one of the biggest and hardest cocks in the world.  This was quite educational in so many ways, at so many levels.

He was not too stoned to forget the Vaseline.  After all, she was already swollen, with more than a few rough spots from the third fuck.  She was a darling image outside in the bright light.  He was, of course, unbelievable.  His first idea was to not use the mattress, yet.  He had her lean forward and grab the light pole with two hands.  He kept her almost out of such reach, causing her be at a perfect right angle bend.  Great looking little girl.  Then, when she was set up, he spread her legs wide.  He directly lubed her pussy, and wiped more on his cock.
This had to be, had to be, one of the best situations that he had ever gotten into.  He must have been thinking something like that, when he started into her.  He put about 4 or 5 inches in her quickly.  She looked like she was being bred at the stables.  Her pussy opened up wide, with the sides of his cock pushing up against each butt cheek firmly; that looked like it might look if she just reached back there and spread them wide with both hands.

The new and old audience were all trying to get a look at a petite rear with a xxx large plug inserted (sorry!).  More could do that outside, under the bright lights.  Some were at the other end, down by the pole, watching her face and listening to her.  No loud music out there.  In the distance, around the corner, you could hear the disco.  And it was playing appropriate rhythms.  But there was nothing to interfere with hearing every little close up sound of these two fucking.

He kept her in the same position and just slowly started walking into her.  Within just a few minutes, he was 8 to 10 inches into her once again.  That depth  took 45 minutes, early in the evening.  As he held her waist, he would try to walk into her a little more as often as he could. She was heavy breathing and, every few minutes, bucking, squealing, and apparently cuming.

The old crowd was trying to filter information through the new crowd, so that the new ones would begin to understand what was supposed to happen to the local girl.  And many in the new crowd actually knew her, or, at least, had seen her dance.  There may have been a few guys there who had even fucked her pussy as it had been in the past.  They must have had a special sensation, when they saw what was happening to her.

As the crowd adjusted to the new info and the ongoing scene, more and more came on as cheerleaders.  That was interesting in itself. So, the idea gets around that this guy is trying to ream this girl out, even split her if he can with his giant cock, and they cheer?  Well, for whatever reason, they did. Now that we mixed in more general crowds, the girls in the crowd were an even bigger percentage.  They seemed to yell him on as much or more than the guys did.  It may have just been that their frequencies cut through the din better !  Still, they seemed to like the idea of another girl, any other girl but them, getting her pussy permanently resized.

With the cheerleading and about ten minutes of time, he was almost all into her.  It took the total duration of three earlier fucks for him to get to the same point that he had now gotten in ten minutes.  She was changing.  Up to this point it may have mostly been temporary stretching.  Oh, she had some enlargement by the third fuck, most notably the vaginal opening diameter.  And I am sure her regular guys would have already been able to tell a “big” difference.  But, except for that, perhaps it was not major.

Everything seem to change within the next few minutes.  I, personally, think they were both really into it, that she made it apparent that she liked the kind of sex that displaced organs, that he was on a familiar quest for that also, and that they were now tripping simultaneously with those same goals.  It had to be something like that, or I wouldn’t have been able to see such an event.  Hundreds of thousands, maybe
millions of girls have had similar drug high sex with their significant, so they know how uncontrolled and sensitive that can be.  Hardly any on this earth have done that with a guy this large.

The crowd was watching that true black pole plunge in and out of her.  A sort of sex mob mentality started to form, with the cheerleading beginning to get as rough as tonight’s original intent might have truly been.  Our fuckers weren’t paying much attention, as they were off into their own world.  By now he was burying it in her.  The slapping and deep thumps were echoing off the surrounding buildings. 

When he hit her deep now, he also was slapping the air out of her.  Or, at least, that is what it sounded like.  He kept pretty much straight line while she was holding the pole.  So, slaps and the deep sounds were most common.  There was a large group hovering over her rear, watching him disappear into her.  They could only imagine that length throughout her. 

But out where everyone could see clearly, our blonde’s pussy was stretched taunt to a new diameter.  The members of the audience who were closest were elbowing themselves and pointing at the pussy being pulled out when he withdrew.  Several inches of her stretched out that way each time, just before he put it all right back into her.

She did have a very slight tear at the outer edge of her ring, at what I much later learned was the v. fossa and the back (posterior) of her labia majora.  OK, too techie!  That area would have been directly down in front of him as he worked her during the “grab the pole” position.  As he was pumping, he could not have missed it.  This is what the up close crowd noticed too.  Anyway, I got it on film, and we all interpreted it as her being just a tiny bit bigger than ever.  If he kept this up, that was one indication that she would not be able to clamp down on little dicks with that sheath !

Deeper in, of course, there were changes that we could not necessarily see.  But we could see his cock disappear into her.  And we could hear the deep sound when he bottomed out.  It does not take a scientist to figure out that her pussy was now just as deep as he was long. Once he got to this point, he knew to keep pounding.  He said something that I really think indicated he could feel the actual sensation of permanently stretched fibers, not just the temporary stretching that he felt her do now. 

He had looked over at me holding the camera and mouthed for the lens the words “gotta keep working on her”. Then a pause for the viewer to get what he said.  “I can feel when she GOES !”  Now, right then, he was all showman, smile and all. And that sent a shiver down me.  Whew.

I stopped filming, because I was running out of my 7th roll.  I looked down at this huge connection between the two standing there.  She seemed to really like him deep in her, knocking everything around.   Sometimes, after being hit very hard 5 or 6 times in a row, she would actually giggle and then get the breath knocked out her. 

 Her sensory interpretation of the pounding as a pleasure was absolutely perfect for that evening.  We could not have gotten a better girl for the job! That I was able to verify that she was just as much of a drugged up pervert as, say, I was, or even he was, well...  That helped with my guilt about what was happening to her pussy.  By the way, she looked as cute as ever stuck on that pole. 

And, yes, a lot of us perverts found it a once in a lifetime turn on that a guy could fuck such a girl so much, so hard, so wide, and so deep that old over used phrases like “split her” might really have some sort
of meaning.  Even if only a very limited and technical use of the meaning, not the ridiculous, it now, at least, had a real visual to go along with it

I had the feeling that he could have torn much more than a tiny crease, while she was holding on to the pole. But he did not.  I suspected, and later confirmed, that he was only saving her for another moment.  He began slowing down and fucking just a little more lightly.  He then pulled it out.  With all the extra bright light, you could see it covered in a mix of her own lube. 

Surprisingly, to me, there wasn’t much pink to indicate bleeding.  Think about it.  She was one tough cookie.  Guys all the time, even with little equipment, accidently make a girl bleed.  They don’t mean to.  Accidents, or getting raw, etc., happen.  And here this girl was getting the fucking of her lifetime, getting poked hard by that huge cock.  Go figure.

Twenty minutes into the fuck and he finally decides to change position.  But, it wasn’t for her own good.  As he pulled her back and laid her upon the mattress that was lying on the grass between the bushes, he could not help noticing that the crowd had grown again.  Some guys and gals had gone back to their place of origin to say what just had to be seen to be believed.  So, we now did have more of her whisky bar patrons, as well as a lot more viewers from the disco down the street.

He looked back at her laying there, trying to get her breath.  Her lower abdomen was pulsating. “Gotcha going, don’t I?”  Referring to what seemed to be spasms.  She reached up to grab his cock and pull it toward her.  He went down on his knees, quickly grabbed some more Vaseline and slapped it on.  Coke, mescaline and/or just because of his nature, he was as hard as ever.

He spread her legs and started in again.  He surprised her by slamming it in all the way with one big thrust.  She screamed loudly. He looked down at her stuck on him like that.  Then she actually grinned and wiggled. 

I remember thinking that, as a target of the assault, she was just as much a star of that night’s public fuck.  I will never know whether she was waiting for something like tonight to happen, and really wanted stretched big time, or she just adapted quickly and made the decision tonight.  Either way, she was doing her part with perfection.  He seemed to really appreciate her attitude, and knew he could get away with maximum tonight.

He slid her left leg between his legs, and lifted the right leg onto his shoulder.  By the way, there now was a slight amount blood on her upper left leg.  Very small.  At that point in the evening, I believe that it came from the same location everyone was looking at earlier.  This new position, a sort of sideways open scissors, allowed him to do some of the deepest fucking yet.  I had film in the 8mm and was able to catch some of this position.  The crowd came up again at this point, cheering again.  I loved the whole deal, and felt like the whole evening was one big trip. Not unreal.  But you can classify it as surreal !!!

Some great humping music started coming from the disco down the block.  Some more of their patrons arrived too.  And he started fucking her to the exact rhythm of the music.  He allowed almost one whole song to go by before he went in all the way.  Her biggest scream, so far, immediately followed that thrust.  He held that right leg tight, close to him, and reached down under her left side, right for that cute little pelvis.  That big right hand of his began to pull her pelvis down onto the cock and against every punch. 

Now, it was clear that her vaginal opening was bleeding from the right edges, where the stretch of the right leg going up had put some additional pressure (while he was poking that same edge in and out). I was trying to film, as those people around me motioned, pointed and stated their amazement in about as many ways as there were people who could see. 

He was completely into this show.  And this was a show that started out, months before, as a university sex prank to demo one of the largest cocks known.  Well, we were already getting a fantastic demo on a fantastic girl.    And, in total, it was turning out more like some sort of sex olympics, with the athletes only just warmed up!  I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

*For those sensitive persons out there, I have noted that I, as one of the instigators, felt conflicting emotions about any damage to the little blonde.  It is just that you “absolutely had to be there” to understand the intensity of both fuckers. When I consider the websites and kinkiness of today, these fuckers were pretty natural in their methods.  Today, there is a lot of damage that is not done by genitals !

Now that I am putting this quickly down, I realize that my fiction stuff was totally affected by this one night.  I can see where I took off into fantasy land, starting from every highlight of that special night.  I also now realize that I should have written this account, rather than try to top it.

With the blatant show in mind, he looked in all directions around the mattress and noted where the brightest light landed.  He pulled her rear, still scissored with the right leg up, into one of the bright sections on the mattress.  And he pumped her hard again.  Another one of her big screams came out of her.  Then she went back to her own rhythmic panting.  He seemed to purposefully be pulling his cock up to that right edge of hers, putting more pressure there than earlier.  A few around me gave him the “oh, yeah” or “OK” cheers.  He was back in rhythm with disco music again, pumping on the count.

He fucked her that way for another two long disco songs.  Before he changed position, she had once again begun to shove against him.  So, here you had him in all the way, and her doing the grinding.  Just before he pulled out of this position, she had managed to over stretch and tear herself a lot more than he had done to her earlier.  The right edge had a notable tear now, which appeared as a small wedge shape.  She expressed no worry at all and seemed to be having a lot of fun at that moment.  And just as he thought she was done for the round, she rolled him over, put herself on top,  and sat there drawing his length in and out of herself.  Personality, attitude, sexual philosophy, and drug effect had to all be operating for her not to hesitate in continuing.

When he pulled out into the bright light, he moved slowly so that the crowd could see his cock very well.  Now, it did have some blood at its base, extending down onto the sac.  It seemed that he was getting past his standard show, or at least what I had thought was his standard show.  That he looked in no way finished made me think he was proceeding with his wildest type of show.

She had gotten up on her knees and wiped herself with one of the fitted sheet edges that had broken loose during the violent fucking. She continued to set the mood, by looking up with a smile while rubbing her abdomen. All that beating had just taken place, and she appeared still very stoned and trippy about the whole thing.

She was more than cooperating up to that point.  I still felt incapable of even imagining that there was a girl who would cooperate so well in having such changes made to her.  It seemed as rare as, say, a guy with a giant hard cock might be.  And we were able to get these two together !?!?

As the show went on to the next level, I gave up trying to predict how long we would all be out there.  He had his own time schedule.  He laid her onto her back and moved her pussy back into bright light.  Once there, he spread her legs real wide. Everyone, including him, was looking at her opening, beet red and swollen.  He reached down and parted the swollen lips and stretched her out for all to see. She had lots of little tears, all around.  The one on her right side, where he and she had just worked so hard,  was bigger than most.  But the original spot of focus, that on the back of her sheath, was now just as big as that one on the right edge. 

At this degree, were she left to heal nicely, a large crowd now knew that this local blonde was never for little boys again.  A lot of her friends and fellow dancers were looking into her opening at that moment.

This guy continued to know exactly what he was doing.  It was like he was never so stoned as to forget his purpose, his show.  All I could think of was ‘pride in your work’?  She just laid there, up on her elbows, and calmly allowed him to show her off as a project still in progress.  But she appeared MUCH MORE stoned than he was.  I am not sure that she could do anything but go along with “whatever”. 

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