The Legendary Fuck

(Part 4 from 7)

She got up on her knees in front of the bass drum, gave a cute smile to my 8mm and another Polaroid, and waited for him to walk across the room.  As he did so, he dropped his robe. 
A fair amount of “Oh, my God!” and staggered applause followed.  He walked right over to her.  He was already hard again.  She was just at the right height, sitting there on her knees.  The end of his cock went right to her mouth. 
So, she showed the crowd an excellent blowjob.  Though, it was limited to the tip of his long device.  The tip and inches just beyond being more than most guys in the place had in totality.  Good scene.  After, she took it in her hand and led him over to the bed.  The beat of the music was just right, as the blonde laid back to let him demo on her. 

As he hunched over, he allowed the cock to lay on top of her belly.  That, obviously, was part of the show, displaying his length and its ratio to her.  Good thing the music was going, because all the people became quiet for a moment, as they looked at his equipment. I could see a couple of bright eyes in the original group, sort of acknowledging that the guy was “worth it !” 

She began to spread her legs.  Everyone could see that her pussy was already beet red from “just” the warm up.  He anticipated that condition and had already placed some Vaseline by the bed.  He quickly lubed up, pushed her legs apart and started immediately sliding into her.  She was sensitive and suddenly began heavy breathing.  She took on an intense look, and readied herself for the workout.  Awful cute, laying there.

But still very obscene with that huge black cock sliding in and out.  I was stoned, occasionally filming, and only, at that point, remembered which deal that we had gone with.  We had committed the blonde to his favorite fuck.  I remembered that he considered it a form of sacrifice.  I really got a little shook, just thinking about what might happen to her. 

I looked over at the two, and you could see him already twisting and churning as he tried to get it in her much faster than earlier.  She realized that he was going to fuck her hard. Instead of moving away from the pounding, she actually moved down onto it and met him with his thrusts. The music was loud.  But even with it, you could hear her scream.  Certainly between cuts or in a softer musical moment, you could hear her little squeal.

The crowd also began to notice that they could hear her pussy getting banged.  That seemed to turn on a lot of the crowd.  This was a real bang.  Till now, everyone there had thrown around such terms without much meaning.  But, here, they had a real one.  They knew that they were watching a girl getting beat hard, that her organs were being moved around ferociously.  They watched him pump, with a deep loud thump sound coming from inside the blonde each time he went deep.  They watched her stomach, where they could see the outline of his cock moving up and down and through her.  They looked amazed. 

Now, he went deeper.  He actually almost had all of that thing inside her.  When he got it in like that, he held it there, still pushing forward, trying to continue the constant stretching of her vagina. Everyone could tell that he was having a good time, literally taking our local girl’s pussy  up in size. At this point in time, when he went deep, he still had an inch or so on the outside.  He could not get it all in, yet.  But he still wanted to make permanent changes.  That was a major part of even his standard show. 

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