The Legendary Fuck

(Part 5 from 7)

So, his twisting and side to side movements became more intense, especially when he was in at his deepest.  That would distort the ring of her opening so much that the edges made the same snapping and popping sound that they did once during the second warm up fuck.  But now they were doing it a lot.  And the sound was much louder.  Sometimes, she would break her rhythm of violent breathing and moan
after some of the louder snaps and pops. 

Guys, and girls, were moving around to get a view down between the blonde’s legs.  They watched him continue to make her almost entirely take a cock that most people there had never believed existed.  They could see the blonde’s pussy over stretched, with some minor tears around those edges.  (this is another effect that I stole from this guy’s fuck to put in that separate piece of fiction!) (How could I help it?)

The humpa humpa music continued and increased in volume. The audience mostly focused on the girl’s pussy.  And I was tingling with scared anticipation.  Still, I did get some of those scenes with the 8mm.  More important to this story, I noticed a friend at least getting Polaroids of her condition (a source that would be important later)   In the last ten minutes, he had finally, occasionally,  gotten all of his cock inside her.  Some loud screams, more moans, and panting, with what looked and sounded like great orgasms in between !  She still seemed to be successfully figuring out how to get the most out of the very intense situation. 

He did not cum this time either, in the final few minutes, choosing to place himself in deep and do some heavy twisting.  Girls in the audience oohed and aahed, when they heard louder snaps and pops and saw the changes.  A favorite phrase for the guys in 1976 was “Holy Shit!”.  I heard a lot of that during the finish of the third fuck. 

He seemed like he wanted to surprise her by giving her a little rest.  But he told her first, that he was not done.  He got her to nod her head that she understood, and that she would be back for more after a break.  He whispered in her ear.  But I was close to the bed and someone was changing the music, so I got to hear what he said to her, “a lot more.”  She actually gave a smile.  Fatalistic maybe, but a smile. 

She got up and went to the bathroom.  She was holding her pussy as she went to “refresh” !?!  Several of us changed the sheets on the bed, while others mulled around, drank, smoked and generally looked stupefied.  I am sure they were wondering what could top that first round that they saw. Since it was my third round, and since I knew what permission we had granted him, I was really in awe.  I certainly did not know what he had in mind. 

I did have plenty of folklore tales to go over in my head.  I was thinking about what he got out of this, I mean besides sex with great looking women and good money for the times.  It was as if he was tooling her just like a tattoo or branding artist might do to other areas.  With his expressed favorite fuck, oh, yeah, the sadism came to mind.  But, then again, he seemed to have politeness, even basic affection for the girl. ???   It was just that he was determined to leave her his size or better, giving her as lasting of an impression as the tattoo or branding artist might leave.  He seemed to be well on his way to that feat.  People were tripping, for real, stoned out of their minds, and watching a very rare kind of extremely hard fuck.  Seriously, it was overwhelming.

During this brief break, I learned that, earlier, when they were prepping in the bathroom, they had shared some mescaline tabs.  Maybe he only did that when he was going to really go after the woman big time?  Certainly, when the drug would finally hit, you would have increased sensitivity of all types.  The trippy colors, the giddy moods, and the sexual feelings that even made small sex, that is sex with small equipment, incredible.  The standard mescaline sex usually made each side of the mating connection feel like there couldn’t be any bigger or better. 

Absorption of the drug had to be greatly increased by all that physical activity of the third fuck. But it takes a while for that drug to hit.   While our blonde was in the bathroom, I noticed that the St. Louis visitor developed saucer eyes and a new attitude. 

His cock got back up, all by itself, responding to encouragement from the crowd.  He was especially encouraged by the females in the audience.  Between jokes about boys standard equipment, they, except for a few quiet ones, expressed interest is seeing the cock up close. 

Suppose that really helped a pro back into action; but the mescaline hitting only finalized still another hard on.  All that and the fact that he had not really cum since the first warm up fuck earlier in the evening.  Then, it occurred to me that he really had this thing well planned.  100% ready to go physically, at the right time with the right drug.  He took his tool (he was using it like one) over to the girls. 

All moved in, pulling up chairs, sitting in each others’ laps, anything to get close to it.  He encouraged them to fondle it. When they did, all of us got more information.  For one thing, the length was beyond the width of four female hands.  I later estimated that most girls have a hand that is 3 to 4 inches wide. And two hands encircled it just right.  All that naturally happened as they closely examined it. Several girls, who had held it, commented on how extremely hard it was.  They decided that our little blonde volunteer must be getting beat on the inside as she might be, as one girl put it, “from a billy club” - smiles all around, then nervous eye flutter and comments about the blonde being tough.

The comments ended with wonder about what would happen to her pussy when the two started back up.  Two of the girls seemed to know that he was now stoned on some powerful aphrodisiac and bigger and harder than they saw him get during that third fuck.  I thought the same; I could even include the fucks earlier, before the crowd arrived.

The girls were still examining, looking at the opening, looking at the pink stains along the shaft and down onto the sac, and obviously smelling the blonde on there too.  One pointed her finger along his stained cock and turned around to comment to her friend.  Her friend nodded and raised her eyebrows. 

Just then, the blonde came out of the bathroom.  She had quickly showered, had on a different perfume, had her hair straight and pulled back with a band on top (ready for a real workout now?), and had the same saucer eyes and wonder look that the guy had. No pretense of an outfit this time.

I was back to looking at her, getting ready to film again, when I heard what I took as a very nasty comment by one of the last girls to hold the cock.  She was looking at the guy’s face, giving the cock a few send off strokes, and saying “go get her.”  Then she nodded her head in the direction of the little blonde.  Wow.  That seemed as rough and nasty as anything that I had heard out the males in the crowd.  But this was from one of the girls, girls who weren’t even supposed to be there !

He swung around and pointed at the blonde with his huge thing.   A thicker diameter than earlier was noticeable.  It had to be due to the drug.  The music was changed back to humpa humpa rhythms and turned up.  She casually walked over to him.  She didn’t really need to do so, but because she was so stoned, she asked the obvious.  She wanted to know if he was “off” like her.  Just before she grabbed his cock, I remember him saying loudly “oh, yeah!” 

As she began to stroke him, she leaned forward and stood on her toes to get her mouth at his ear level.  She said something.  With the crowd already yelling and the music cranked, I only heard his answer, mainly because he was aimed right at me. She was tugging on him and sliding her right leg up and down his left, as he said something about the crowd wanting her to be “drilled hard”.  She looked around at the crowd, with her eyes real wide open.  Still stroking like a clock, still rubbing her leg up and down him.  Again, she stretched up to his ear.

I absolutely heard him clearly say, “I...want to fuck you, harder than even they want.”  He had her straddle it.  She looked around to all of us and grinned as he stuck straight through her standing legs and out the back. She clenched her legs and started tugging on him with them.  Sort of looked like a black flagpole sticking out, away from a building.  Way out and away. He pulled out enough to flip his cock back into the open. Then, they both approached one of our so-called leaders.

While they were talking, some more visitors, some from the next door disco, some even from the bar where she danced, all arrived at the entrance walk.  They were telling the guys at the door, that they “just wanted to see, too !”  It was getting a little out of hand, since the original group told their friends, who told their friends, since the disco people next door met some of our people during the “break”, and since it had even gotten out at the whisky bar about her going to get screwed somewhere, somehow. 

All those people were resourceful.   Our fuck couple noticed the commotion, and brought that topic into their conversation with our fearful leader.  Our rep had the door guards tell the outside people to just wait a while and be patient, that we might have something for them later. Our rep also came forward, asked for the music to be turned down, and made an announcement that the “main event” was coming up.  He said that he knew most there had been lucky enough to see the first time around (three for me). 

Then he stated that both performers were now well primed.  He cast a hand in the direction of the two and the prominent cock.  Applause. Whistles. “And we have a real exciting agreement here.  An agreement like you’ll probably never hear of, and certainly never ever see of, again.”  Boy, I could tell that he was getting nervous, and that he was hesitant to give the details.  But, he did regain his composure enough to pass it.

“I am going to get them to help me clarify.  OK, so you guys are pretty stoned?”  Two heads nodded. “But you have still been able to come to an agreement?”  Again, nodding.  Our blonde was given an opportunity to speak.  “ (rolls her dilated eyes), but...I just want you to know...uh, that he can do anything that he wants to do.”  That last section was said in a speedy manner, and was followed by a sheepish grin and a big squeeze on his cock.  She had her very sweet mood, but hardly any ability to speak well at that moment.

Mr. St. Louis spoke up. “I am having a great time here.  And I want you guys to have even more of a show than you expected.  I intend for you to have THAT show.”  Pause, for quite a few
seconds. Looks at her.  “We seem to have come up with the best combination here, tonight.  Someone who wants to take it, and someone who wants to give it.”  Nervous laughs in the audience. 

“Anything I want?” Looks at her sheepish grin.  “If I can do that, then I want to fuck her a long time.  I want to stretch her more than she can take.”  He turned to the blonde.  “Let me just see how big that I can make you.”  He turned back to the crowd.  “As I used to hear when I was growing up in the neighborhood,” Grabs his cock.  “I want to make her a new one.”  The audience was mixing laughing,
clapping, and roaring with cautious oooohs.  She did not act scared, or act like she did not want this extreme fuck. She just looked like the cute, very stoned, little blonde that she was.

Perhaps her nature, with a basic pleasure reinterpretation of what other girls might think of as pain, her own sexual fantasies and the mescaline were all at work.  It made for a most agreeable full demo. 

That is when our male pro had an idea about how to proceed with the next fuck. He knew unusual locations were stimulation for everyone involved.  He also knew about the larger group of voyeurs at the outside door. He asked that one of the mattresses be dragged through the hallways, to the walk way entrance. Imagine being one of those waiting outside, when some of our guys came dragging a mattress out to the open air walk way.  Then, about 50 ft. out, where the city stuff started,  they threw the mattress under a security light that had a fair amount of foliage encircling it.  The crowd had its first taste of “gasp”.  Must have been a real freak out. 

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