The Legendary Fuck

(Part 2 from 7)

He and she would be stoned, with him tripping out on permanently making changes deep inside her.    Without using the word, it still sounded like he was describing a kind of sacrifice.  To him? To his cock? (OK, so this is where I stole the premise for my fiction story from him).  And, with that, he said something like, “up to you now, with anything in between.”

Geez, most of the guys were acting like idiots, with a few weighing the situation like judges. I mean, who would expect to get to make such a decision.  Well, immediately, the first choice was dropped.  We were not getting him,  to halfway do it.  No wives or girlfriends were involved. 

Then the silliest discussion of degrees took over.  Starting with his standard performance, how far do you go?  Finally, one of the floor counselors (there were 3 there!) pulled a Solomon trick.
Saying that we should, in turn, throw it back to him and let him and nature decide the degree of treatment to finally be obtained during the show. OK, that passed unanimously. But was that not just our pro’s extreme package in another wrapping??? I was just so stupid, that I did not realize there was no distinction, or, in the back of my head, I really wanted the full treatment from the first moment that I heard about it.

About three of us remembered what the giant pro said about warm up stretching.  Suddenly, it seemed like a serious step for the entire evening.  No silly porno joke, just a real concern for physics/dynamics.  We did want her to last well into the evening.  So, our little blonde was asked if she could come by the club house more like 8:00 PM.   No problem and a quick “sure”.  He would be there long before that... 

By the way, I should mention that this club house was in a strange location, that is, if you consider what most small towns and villages consider a club house.  Typically, one would think of rural, out of the way, hidden, near a golf course, et al. This one was right in the downtown of a 100,000 plus city.  It had been through too many reincarnations , none successful. Now the owner just rented it out to private functions.  Having been a dance club, a bar and being on the same block as the now only successful disco of that area, it was close to the action and only 10 minutes from campus. 

There were various businesses (very few night time ones) up and down what used to be the street.  That distinction is important, since this was the time period where cities blocked off many streets and turned them into garden walks, benches under trees and other outside fluff.  All hoping to increase foot traffic downtown and keep the cars away.  That it did not work that way is not important.  That such an outside existed did become important on that Saturday night.


The night “came”.  Several of the “investors” were already at the club house.  The place had a big open area entrance from the walk way, actually extending the look and feel of the walkway. Inside, the place had been sectioned off for various activities. Thinking of the cozy original audience number, we picked a smaller area within. There they had a sound system and two large beds in place. 

Note that our city was powerfully represented by at least 6 swinger clubs in the 1970s.  This place’s accommodations reflected that.  We had introduced ourselves to the pro; he was muscular and a little over 6 ft.  Not the overall image that we expected. As nice hosts, we gave him his first hits of smoke and coke. 

So, he was already in a very good mood when the little blonde arrived at 7:55.  Under her coat, she still had on a red top that she had taken to the whisky bar.  She was using it as a complete dress; however, it really was just a cute top and hardly went below her crack.  White go-go boots, the top and a thong.  That was about the total of it.  We quickly let her smoke and do a whole line herself.  Catch up.  As well, we needed to do some strong prep for her meeting.  I was messing with the 8mm camera all that time.  I only had about 8 to 10 rolls. 

Now days, video guys don’t know the pressure of having to plan ahead and do in camera editing.  There were only so many minutes of film. One of the other guys, and damn it, I don’t remember
his name, had a good still camera. *Hey cameraman, if you read this, immediately leave me a message here at the forum.

So, then our pro and our girl decided to work up a little action.  When his cock dangled out of his pants, I am sure that the guys present were more startled than she was.  She had spent the last week trying to find out more about the “St. Louis” legend and had prepared herself for seeing a
big cock.  But still, when she stroked it, it not only got longer and longer and longer, it also got
very hard.  Hard, like in rock hard.  During this era, John Holmes reigned as the great white hope. But he was very soft and shorter in length than our pro !!!


She twanged it several times as it enlarged and literally sucked it up to full size. After he was set, I was impressed with how smoothly she slid across the bed and into the missionary position.  After some lube and several attempts, he started putting it into her. There was no music yet, and you could hear the connection.  She had gotten very wet, in dutiful preparation.  Helped a lot.  After a few minutes, he was pumping a good 6 to 7 inches in and out. We were supposed to be prepping for the others - you know, drinks, music, drugs...  But all we did was stand around with our mouths open.  Approximately 20 minutes into it, I startled enough to begin filming.  Hell, everything was a good view.  So, it was just a question of rationing the film.






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