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The Legendary Fuck reviews

Posted by tom jones
Greaat storry
Posted by britknee
good story
Posted by fhfds
hgfhdfh gfngfh ghf ff f ff
Posted by Greg Groeber
Unbelievable, fantastic, what a way to go.
Posted by fucked
Im actually disgusted with myself for reading this. There is no pleaure for me in inflicting pain. I dont look down on you, I look down on me for reading.
Posted by luke rees
completely sick story it was amazing so much detail aswell loved it xxxx
Posted by with
Posted by James
Wow how hot was this. My wife and I read this together on our phone in bed;. I came twice wanking Myself , lost track of how many times she was came. If this guy is still around we would love him to do the same to her. My wife loves to be fisted and I love the feeling of fucking her stretched out cunt after. Shame the film is gone, that would be amazing. I wonder how she is now?
Posted by Trinity
Good points all aorund. Truly appreciated.
Posted by Raynoch
Wow, that's a relaly clever way of thinking about it!
Posted by Karik
Time to face the music armed with this great inoframtoin.
Posted by yo mama bitch :P
fuk me harder
Posted by Heaven
It's a joy to find smoenoe who can think like that
Posted by Olga
i live in louisville, and i waetnd to see you in lex so bad, i hope you back soon! email me if you get bored or wanna chat. your so hot!!
Posted by Bubber
Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real eexprt.
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