The Legendary Fuck

(Part 3 from 7)


He stayed nice and easy

 during the first fuck, probably not going in beyond 8",  doing smooth slow movements all the while.  At the end, after she had already cum a bunch, and still in missionary, he held it in solid and she raised her butt up and pumped on it.  He came.  A large amount of white goo came out of her and on to the sheet.  She cleaned up.  Came back in about
10 minutes, smoked with him again and sat around joking and talking.  I think that was the time that she massaged him.  After a while she began to massage the cock.

So, when, for the second time, it jumped up, he suggested she put her rear in the air with her head down.  She paused just for a second, taking a look at the now rock hard cock.  Then she complied, putting the ass way up high.  You could tell she knew things were going to escalate with her pussy in a position that allowed maximum penetration.  And they did escalate, as he got in, went deeper immediately, and started to grind.


Umms and oooohs were calmly given off by her, even as he probed to see how much she could take.  It appeared that this second, stretching, fuck was going as planned.  He had to have about 10" in her, and quite a bit still outside of her.  Which looked even more impressive than it sounds. 

While in deep, he started rocking and rotating.  Yes, the famous too tight suction sounds, etc. But just before he quit, and he did not cum this time, he wanted to do some heavy stretching.  In the last minute or so, he ground till she snapped and popped.  Actually fairly loud.  Just a minor moan from her.  Tough kid.  But, when she got up to go to the bathroom to prepare for the rest of the evening, for just a moment, I could see that her pussy was slightly red and puffy at the edges.  During my view, the center of her pussy remained wide open.  I did get it on film and always considered it a great biological education of what a girl looked like when very well screwed.

It was 9:15, and she began fixing her hair differently, even curling !  To get screwed again?  Well, I think that she took the audience idea seriously.  In addition, she had a great time being prepped. I am sure she was wondering what was going to happen, as much as we were.  We, being the ones who were there to see the prep fucks.  The people who weren’t there yet just had no idea what was going to happen.  Not in their wildest...


I keep thinking that I would not have to type any of this, if that damn film had not burnt.  But, that is not true.  The behind the scenes, the personal connections, all come with having been there during the trippy times of the 70s.  Guess it needs telling. 

By the way, I am typing this as fast as I can, for I get to do it from memory, not from a complex fantasy that needs to be worked over time.  Those fantasies are very nice.  This reality thing can be better.

And so, the gang all began to show up from 9:45 on.  Except, there was more gang than I remember planning for.  Seems like the original 14 could not keep their mouths shut.  Glad we went for the club house, since, by 10:00, 24 males and 7 females were there as an audience.  Both of our stars were in the main bathroom, getting some more toke and coke.  As well our blonde was finishing her hair and putting on a new outfit to begin the show with.  She knew that the outfit shouldn’t and wouldn’t last long.  Both were really acting like pros.  I found myself more than proud of our little female representative.  Uh, strange feeling, but well earned.

Our guest fucker walks out of the bathroom with a robe on, and, no less, waved at the crowd.  He especially waved at the females in the audience, giving them a Cheshire cat smile as well.  The blonde walked out of the bathroom a few seconds later, just as one of the guys starts a 70s early disco record.  I forget who it was.  Don’t care for it usually.  But that night it seemed very appropriate.  Besides that early humpa music still had some real R&B licks in it. 

The blonde got some reaction immediately since she was wearing a kind of paisley version of an aussie hat and only a thong with black fringe and a pair of black heels.  The audience did approve.  She sat on a bass drum that, for some reason, was left in the room.  She looked cute there and let some stills be taken (some by the guy I am looking for, and some by audience members). 

Then she noticed Mr. St. Louis flash a few of the girls by opening his robe quickly.  Those girls went hysterical with disbelief.  As he was going in and out of that mode, she decided to start the show.  She tossed her hat, snapped off her thong and kicked off her shoes.  Applause.  Lots of it.  She let some Polaroids and other stills be taken with her nude.  She looked great, even with the
strange wall coverings and patterns behind her...

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