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Aunty Stories

  • Amorous Army Aunty
    How my landlady the army aunty and I came to become lovers and how I lost my virginity to her!

  • My Sexy Aunty
    This story is about my friend's mother Nazma. She was around 39 yrs old when this happened and very gorgeous. When I saw her for the first time. Damn! She had a hot & sexy figure with massive breasts, tight round ass, and a beautiful face...

  • Aunty's Hot Pussy
    This is a story about fucking an aged women of aroud 40s while I was in India...

  • Happy with my aunty
    Fuck with mother of my wife...

  • Pssst..Boy Come Here.
    First Time
    Fat boy Sidney found redemption in the arms of his gorgeous Aunty...

  • Naturopathy-A sapphic story
    Kamala aunty, married and satisfied, stumbles upon sapphic pleasure with an unmarried straight girl...

  • Her Maiden Aunt
    A youngman is instructed by his girlfriend as to how he must satisfy her aunties requirements...

  • My aunties dark side
    A black man learns his white 'aunt' is into pain and used his foot fetish to make him her foot slave...

  • Aunt nellie
    Walt looked down at his aunt, and much to his utter surprise and delight, she leaned 'forward and took the head of his penis into her mouth and began sucking on it!!!...

  • Aunt meg
    Both twins, now in a complete daze, let their hands find their 'genitals, Zoey lasciviously rubbing her tiny clit, and Zack fisting his meat while staring at 'the full lush body of his aunt...

  • Shower gifts
    'Think about it a minute,' her mother replied, 'just imagine if Freddy has to be out of town on business, or for some other reason he can't fuck you like he'd like too, believe me, you'd climb the walls if it weren't for your vibe, be thankful one of the girls was so thoughtful!!!'...

  • My Erotic Experience
    Sexy married lady's high heel fetish and strap-on ... experineces...

  • A Slut is Born: Part one: Girl Scout Cookies
    A horny couple teaches a young teen all about sex...

  • The birds night out
    First Time
    Not your typical evening looking for an escaped Cockateil on a hot carolina night. The hurricaine had made lots of us homeless but Glad-ass was in need worse than the humans.I really busted my ass to find her and get her back to the shelter...

  • A Fishing Trip in the Rockies
    I have always enjoyed hiking, camping, hunting and fishing -- with others or on my own...

  • A Vocation Lost
    First Time
    Tim was my best friends brother and a seminarian. It frustrated me that he would take no notice of me as a woman so I set out to change that...

  • Pssst, Boy, Come Here.
    First Time
    This is the true story of my friend, let's call him Sidney, the fat so underdog who always got teased, yet got lucky to get devirginaized by the sexiest older woman alive. Told from his persfective in first person...

  • My Tiny Skirt. Part Four.
    A true story about myself in tiny skirt and the attention I received from my boyfriend and from the public...

  • Married cousin
    This is how I helped my cousin to tell that from where she looks beautiful.......

  • ANJU
    The is about the most sexy lady on this earth...

  • She and me
    I came to visit my uncle's home but I was welcomed differently at night by his daughter...

  • A Chance Seductive Encounter with Geetha
    My weekly visit to my aunt's house on a lucky saturday leads Geetha to discover her cravings for me...

  • Avasa (Part II)
    USUAL DISCLAIMER: Very serious love story. Part II of the Part I first...

  • Miss Goody Two Shoes
    Her neighbours son comes to live next door. Fresh from prison!

  • Keisha II
    First Time

  • The Stevens Chronicles: Our American Cousin
    A story set the early 19th century about to cousins who meet each other after 20 years despite their countries, their fathers and their brothers are at war with each other. The first part in many.

  • Southern Kinfolk
    An orphaned teen from Chicago is taken in by his great aunt in the deep South...

  • Southern Kinfolk Part 2
    Sean finishes school and looses someone dear to him. Marriage is in the works...

  • Southern Kinfolk Part 3
    Sean is married and encounters more problems...

  • Weekend Fun at the Beach
    An Indian Executive gets fucked silly by two hot college cuties at the beach during the weekend...

  • Two sisters find men
    Charly went to the band and gave them twenty dollars to play a Tango. He ask Clara if she wanted to dance. He took Clara in his arms and they danced to the music. Charly had his leg pressed against her crotch and moved effortlessly to the Tango. Carla was thrilled to find such a sophisticated man. When the music was over she ask him where learned how to do that...

  • circumstantial cuckold
    Young man gets an opportunity to cuckold by force of circumstances...

  • MyFriends Mom
    How my fantasy about my friends Mom turned into reality...

  • Time out
    Alison needed a break from patients and the hospital...

  • Young Surveyor
    Jen's husband Sam really serviced her well. His story...

  • Sandy Sandy
    Sandra Baker was just looking after her sister...

  • The Vicar's Wife (Part One)
    First Time

  • My Mother My Lover 4
    Adult Humor
    Michelle has seduced and taken every woman in her family. With each conquest she grows bolder and herself now intoxicated by her domination of them all, plans more conquests...

  • A pious wife yields to sexual desire
    A reluctant housewife slowly drops her defense and becomes a slut-a true affair going on...

  • Enjoyable neighbour 1
    First Time
    My sexual experience with my neighbour...

  • A Connisseur's Feast
    An opportunistic cocksucker seduces his dream cowboy!

  • The Summer of 2005
    First Time
    My first time with my uncle's wife. Suzaine was 30, Uncle Dough was 45 and I was 18...

  • A Cry for Help
    A bewildered girl whose values imposed by her mother tries to straighten out her life with the help of a caring man...

  • Just a silly girl
    I'm a compulsive that needs everything to be neat and tidy and its place...

  • Two couples in the summer cottage
    My high school girl married another, but life's twists brought us together for what I had been too slow to give her before...

  • My darling neighbour
    She was mind blowing...

  • Teaching is a dogs life (or is it?)
    Tony is appointed to one of the rougher schools in the city. He soon finds the boys do not really want to learn and the gils are more interested in seducing the teacher...

  • Tony's Transformation
    A heterosexual young boy becomes a transvestite and goes to school dressed as a girl until going to university. Later in life he becomes the first male teacher at this girls school...

  • The Grundy's
    Tony a young new horny teacher takes up a post in teaching to satisfy his lust for young girls. Then he gets hooked by the Grundys and their is no escape except through marriage...

  • A new career for Tony
    Tony a new teacher at a run down school where the girls only seem to have one aim in life is eventually seduced and ends up as a male escort...

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