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Close Neighbour with close relation

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi this is Vasanth again. Let me give you another incident that happened in my life with the girl next door where i am staying currently. Her name is Shalini. She is a north indian staying with her husband. She just got delivered to a baby girl. I didnt have any intentions towards her till she returned back from her delivery. After delivery she used to wear sleveless nighties with no Bra and as she had t feed her baby. Many a times, i had a glimse of her naked breast. her breasts are not so huge. Just of 34 size. She is very not fat too.

She has a beautiful ass of size 34. anybody would love to fuck her when they see her in sleevless nighty with no inner wears.

After she returned from her delivery. She had frequent fights with her husband. This is where i had a chance to get intimate to her. i used to chat with her everyday. i used to speak lovely words consoling her. likewise i said that i would like to have a wife like her and would like to fuck her hard. She did understand the inside meaning of it which meant i wanted to fuck her. She didnt talk to me for few days. Later started again. I used to go to her home when her husband used to go to office. I take every chance of  touching her. I used to feel her breasts while taking the baby from her hands & giving it back. One fine day she was putting clothes in washing machine and her husband was away from home to office. I went inside her house. And she was looking amazing as she was having her nighty lifted ill her knees. Such a pair of white legs. I went close to her and touched her hip asking where the baby is. She replied back stating that the baby is sleeping in the room. I holded her hip with courage. She tried to resist me.

i later took her hip completely in my hands and hugged her. after few mins of resistance. She kept quiet and she didnt say anything.

I took courage and kissed her lips nicely. she didnt say anything. She reciproced to my kisses. I tasted her tongue. And i started pressing her breasts too. it was so firm and she is feeding her baby. i lowered the zip of the nighty and toodk her beautiful white breast outside and sucked her nipple sometime. it tasted so nicely. i sucked both breasts & nipples for sometime. I raised her nighty til her thighs and touched her beautiful pussy. It was clean shaved. And it was wet.

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Later i removed her nighty completely and she was fully naked before me. I told her to lie on the sofa and spread her legs. She did so.I kept my mouth on her pussy and sucked her nicely. Spread her pussy lips and could feel the flow of water rushing into my mouth. Once the lips were seperated, her pussy was so beautiful and i culd see the hole inside it. Asking me to insert my penis into it.

I removed my dress & stood naked. She immediately caught my cock in her hands and started shaking it to & fro. My cock became very big & strong. She took it completely inside her mouth and started sucking it madly. She peeled the foreskin of my penis and sucked it so nicely that i was in heaven. i couldnt control anymore. I caught hold of her head and fucked her mouth for sometime. Everytime i hit her mouth, my balls touched her lips. she enjyed every bit of it. I exploed my cum in her mouth and she drank it and also  sucked my penis without any drop or traces of sperm left in it.

I again started tasting her pussy again. Now i made her bend in doggy style and made her show her beautiful ass. Her ass was so beautiful. I touched her ass & pressed it nicely.

Later i spread her ass cheeks and put my face inside her ass cheeks. Later i tasted her ass cheeks & in between fully. I inserted my fnger in her ass and fucked her ass for sometime. It was so tight and was very hot. By this time, i was hard again. I made her lie of sofa and spread her legs. She spread her legs showing the pussy t me. I kept my penis in the entrance of her pussy and with one push it went inside. I hit her pussy faster & faster and she moaned heavily.

my speed was increasing and the sound of my penis hitting her pussy walls was also very loud. he body was shaking and her breasts very moving up & down.I was not finished. I carried her to kitchen and made her sit on the slab. sucked her pussy again and fucked her pusy in kitchen in standing position.

I wanted to fuck her ass too. But she didnot agree to it this time. She just agreed to finger fuck it. i finger fucked her ass & tasted it too. Later we took bath together and i came home which is my next door. The clothes were washed by then. She took them to dry it. After that everytime i get a chance, i suck her & fuck her. And during her periods, she sucks my penis until its compleley empty.

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