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Sex with My innocent physically challenged aunt

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Hi friends, My name is rohan(sorry for changing name .My age is 28. I am living in hyderabad(andra pradesh). I am second and last son to my parent's both are govt employees'The incident happened 3 year back .after completion of mba i got a job as marketing manager in small town which is nearer to my grand mom's (mom' s mother) home. I decided to stay in my grand mother home till i get a good plot to live and avoid the journey problem to my company which i was working.In my grandmom's home only three persons were living they are grand mother and my grand father and my handicap aunty her name is roja, due to polio her one leg not support to walk without a stick or support of others .her age about 39plus but she still look like college girl.she was thin but very hot women in the world.she had divorced by her husband, she was working as teaher in govt school in her village.As i decided i shifted in my grand mom's home .we all do our breakfast .i go to company at 9:30 am daily expect sunday.

As days are passing i going to like my aunty her big boobs and thin body made crazy .From chil-dwood i had a dream about her .when i was ch-ild always sleeps side of her when i went to my grandmother home,but now i am thinking only about her ,I everyday look her like a thirsty dog,she knows about my looks . I always see her boobs while talking with her and eating with her. since i feel bad that i had no time to spend with her ,one day came that was sunday ,my grand mom and dad went outside to meet there friends by knowing this i went to her bed room i found that she was doing bath . i saw a her bra and underwear in the bed i take them and i smelled it .the bra and underwear have smelling like perfume .i hide behind a table to see her nude beauti .she came from bathroom .she was removing the towel and wearing bra and underwear .by seeing that saliva is coming from my mouth and cock standing in ninty degree i can't stop that temptation at the same time my mobilephone rang .she saw me and catch me red handed .

i switched off my phone and went outside. I go to my grandmom's house after two hour .i am decide to say sorry to her and went to her bed room she wore only bra and underwear by seeing that my cock harden ,i said" sorry aunty and fallen on her legs ,she said to stand me and i standed then she said "rohan go and close the main door?i said"i already closed it she said "very good boy" i she hugged tightly on bed and giving me lot of kisses ,i removed her bra .she removed all my dresses on my body . I forgot to remove her under wear , she said to remove me i removed i saw a fantasy forest wear sweet sugar produces we both kissed tongue on tongue she took my cock and said "my son rohan i waiting for this till you come here"i am waiting for this ,she sucking my cock like a bitch i setteled on her big mountains and sucking her soft skin ,i asked him, why did divorce her husband ,she said'my husband was a gay' then onwards i understand her feeling i said her 'i love you aunty,she said 'i too love you son " them she take my rod in to her hole and said me 'fuck my baby fuck me so hard i will die her for thirsty and play with me 'then i started pull my cock in and out of her pussy we both tightly huged she responding like 'ah ah aaaaah ah'we enjoyed 69 sides .

 Then suddnly bell ranged we wear our clothes and i go and opened the door my grand mother and father were came .from that onwards we enjoyed fucking daily night . It cotinued for two years . She became pregnent once and take him to hospital for aborsion .last year i get married .but now a days we fuck once her once in a week .plz sent you comments about this .

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