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My Wife Sister

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 It was October 2007, when my wife decided to bring her younger sister to come and stay with us, because she is still going to school and she has kids, no one to stay with the kids so that's why she decided to bring her sister.

Her sister's name is Priyanka, she is not tall, not fat, she is moderate. I started admiring her when I came back late one night and met her sleeping on the couching in the parlor and her legs were wide opened, I saw her shaved tight pussy, I just felt like touching it, I stared at it for almost 5 minutes without moving, I decided to fuck her but if she woke up she might scream and my wife will wake up from the sleep. I just touched the lips of the pussy and the clitoris then I left to the bedroom.

The following morning I was just thinking of her shaved pussy, I decided to tell her and see how she will react.

One evening, I came back from work and met her alone in the house, I asked her where is her sister and the kids, she told me they went to visit her Aunty, and she left a message that I should come and pick them around 8 pm.

I was happy to meet her alone, I asked her if she could remember the day that I met her sleeping on the couch, she said she could not remember, I told her when I came in I met her legs opened and I saw her shaved pussy, she was shocked, but I told her not to worry, I just want to ask her if she is a virgin? She said no, she is not because when she was small her neighbor raped her several times but no body know that, I should please not tell her sister.

I agreed not to tell her sister but with a condition to allow me see her breast and touch it. She agreed and removed her top and allowed me to touch it and even lick it till she started moaning, she was totally out of control. I licked her nipples, kissed her and even fingered her but I did not fuck her. When I checked the time I saw its almost 8PM, I just rushed to pick my wife and kids, I left her excited.

Since that day I was targeting the day that my wife will go out with the kids so that I will come back and fuck her.

One of my wife friends invited her for her sister's wedding, she decided to go with the kids for 2 days, when she told me that she wanted to go with the kids for 2 days, initially I said NO, but later I agreed.
1st day.

I came back early, I met her alone watching movie, I told her that she should cook something for me to eat before showering, she jumped and entered the kitchen, under 20 minutes my food was ready, as I was eating we were discussing.

After eating I entered the bathroom and showered, I came out with only a towel tight on my waist, I asked her for a favor to please come and help me rub my back with oil, she agreed, when she started rubbing my back, my cock was hard, I just removed the towel and asked her to rub my chest with the oil and from there I held her hand and put it on my cock, she jerked it as a professional, she sucked me till I cum in her mouth.

I took her to Bedroom put her on the bed lick her pussy, while she was screaming and moaning, I brought condom and I fucked her 4 times that night, her pussy was tight, I can say is the tightest pussy I have ever fucked in my life. I continued fucking her for more than 2 years now whenever my wife is not around. She is sweet. and she loves it.

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