Aunt wants me to get her pregnant

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My aunt Maure is a bbw queen, I've had feelings toward her since I was a teen. Her huge ass, big tits and thick thighs always made me lust for her. She's about 6 ft tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and big juicy lips. I used to steal her dirty panties and jerk off into them after I licked her taste from them. Her tight outfits always hugged her curves and I was a peeping time any chance I could get. I used to visit her every summer and had a weird relationship with her in to my 20s. She's a flirty woman and I didn't know if she wanted me sometimes or if that was just her.

So ,I visited her last year and her husband was never around and she suspected he was cheating which ended up being true. So he moved out during my last stay and it was just the two of us. I figured I was going to make my move this time.

So this one day I picked her up from yoga and we went to have drinks and dinner. It didn't take long before we got tipsy and she started flirting and telling me about her ex husband. I told her that he's an idiot because I think she's sexy and if I had the chance I'd take it. She blushed and replied ,"your sexy too, and I bet you know how to satisfy a woman in bed, unlike my ex."

So ,we got in her car and headed to her house, I kept staring at her huge thighs in those yoga pants ,her fat pussy protruding through. I guess she noticed and said, "don't be shy, feel me if you want to." I was half drunk and my cock was throbbing as I reached down and grabbed her inner thought and squeezed it , she moaned and I slip my hand onto her pussy and rubbed her through her pants. Her pussy was so hot I slid my hand down the front of her pants and started to play with her wet clit. She moaned my name as she grabbed my cock through my shorts. We did this until we pulled into her drive way. Then we kissed deeply and I whispered to her," this pussy is mine tonight.

We walked in the house and stars kissing as we landed on her bed. I laid back and she knelt in front of me and pulled my cock out and wrapped her hands around it and muttered, "oh my, your cock is fucking gigantic. " she wrapped her lips around me and slurped, spit and stroked me until I was bulging. I pulled her up and kissed her as I stripped her clothes. I licked her neck, its and finally got to her fat pussy and sucked on her clit until she came . She begged for my cock , demanding I be gentle at first. So I mounted her and slowly worked my thick cock inside of her causing her to scream my name.

She warmed up ib1wrnt deeper and harder for about an hour until I told her to lay on her stomach and I laid over her and slid my cock inside of her , she moaned , I want you to cum in my baby. I reamed her until I couldn't hold it and said I'm coming , she demanded, give my your seed deep inside of me, give me your baby! So I plunged my 9 inch cock balls deep inside of her and my cock exploded as she screamed ,give auntie your baby! I laid inside of her until I was flaccid . I pulled out and she sucked my cock clean . We laid in bed for hour while before she demanded more.

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