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My Sexy Cousin at my Lap

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

The story that I am going to start is about my cousin. She is my first cousin and I got a chance to fuck her badly in my uncle house, she is already married and her husband is in dubai. But in those days their relationship was not good and she was about to getting divorce from him. But it was not sure yet. Her father told her to visit her uncle house to remove tension. By chance I also went to uncle house. Here point to be noted that her husband was in Dubai and they rarely do sex.

I knew that she also likes me and I also like her but I couldnít convey my message to her.
However later on we both fucked each other for a long time and in a variety of ways.

Let me tell you about her body. She is 26 years old, having medium size, B cupped breast. Her skin type is light white. Her long hairs look very nice.silm waist with perfect figure, she looks mind blowing from every angle. She would be 5.6, her ass is perfect neither too fat nor too slim. I am especially impressed by her juicy lips,

How actually we start sex? Let me take you in a dept of this.

From very first day, I had been trying to figure out a way to fuck her. Although she was not so strict to me, but I had to afraid as female are highly unpredictable. You can precede when you have already checked them

One day I got a chance to meet my desires. She was alone at my uncle home, while uncle and aunty were with their relatives in some other city. I didnít know about this, I just visited to meet them but when I saw she is alone, I grabbed a courage to fuck her. I had a technique to persuade her. While talking I started at her boobs for a long time, so she could recognized where I was staring. This technique went good and she felt a little nervous as this was first time that I was going to watch her in this style. Suddenly I touched her wrist watch with a purpose of touching her bare hand skin to start my convincing method. She was already feeling some thing unique in her so when I touched her hand she shrugged a little. I noticed her nervousness but she did not try to stop me and this give me more courage. then after I put my hand on her legs. While watching tv show. She even did not look at me and she just continued on taking breath. After messaging her legs. I came to her thighs, I know this is an important point as if she leave me to touch her thighs then this will be a indicator of her willingness. So I slowly put my hand on her thighs, she trembled but I continue watching towards tv and talking. I gently gave a message on her things. Snow she was ready to b fucked.

Suddenly I asked from her that how are you feeling? She said I donít know. Or What?
However when I stopped my movement, after some time she slowly put her hands on my things! This was indicator of her willingness again. Thus I turned to wards her breasts . I touched her breast and I felt glad and wonder that how hard the nipples were! Its mean that she was in fact enjoying all of my movements. I massaged her breast and abdomen.

After doing so I stretched her legs so I can reach to the VAGINA. Slowly I put my hand on her things inner part. I moved my hand closer to Vagina and finally I touched it. Ohhhhh.. ohhhhhhh I touched a incredible thing, it was smooth, I massaged her Vagina, while she continued moaning a little. I know that she could not concentrate on TV show. She was just pretending as watching a showís helped her to change her position so I could touch her ass hole too. I like girls as very much. I smoothly rubbed my fingers on her ass hole.

Next moment she grabbed my hand and took it inside her blouse. So now I was able to touch her breast bare skin. I quickly touched her breast, felt nipples hardness, almost moved my hand on breasts and her abdomen. She whispered that now go to the lower part of her body. I inserted my hand in her pant and touched her Vagina. I felt no hair there. I am even not able to define the pleasure of touching a girls Vagina in my words I put my finger in her vagina hole , she cried and said ohhhh ohhh do this again please. I did this again , she said please move your fingers here and there I am feeling good. I spend 15 mins doing the same

Then I said that baby come on action now! I told her to takeoff my clothes. She firstly took off my shirts and then pant. She looked curiously at my penis. She said you are too fat and thick. I am not sure that this will fit in my Vagina. Ohhh you will tear my Vagina and I am feeling a little afraid now. However I will enjoy this because NO pain No Gain and I want to gain whatever pain I feel..

I took off her clothes, she was standing in black bra and panty. She was looking like a innocent girl. She said first I want to touch your pennies. I said okay you can do it. She grabbed my penis in her hand. All of my blood came in penis. It was erected fully. When she touched it enough , I said that now take it in your mouth. She said no I donít like this. Even I cannot think about this. As she had not felt experience of oral sex. That is why she was reluctant to do this. I said my honey you will feel too gain in this experience. So let me introduce you a new chapter of sex that is an oral sex!

I bent and licker her pussy. Ohhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaaa. Mummmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhehhh. I Inserted my tongue in her vagina as deeper as I could. She felt like crazy. I said that how did you felt? She said it was too too good. Ohhhh ahhhhh.
Do this again please? I said now do this to me. As i also want to feel pleasure. She said okay now. But first she just touched my penis cap with her tongue edge to see how it feels? She was still reluctant to do this. I said honey do this, you will still feel pleasure. She said okay but you will not grab my by your hand so I can eject your penis at any time. I said okay. I put my hands on my back and leave her to do any thing to me.

She grabbed my penis with her mouth up to my penis cup, and start twisting her tongue on it. I felt so crazy, I said please honey let me insert it fully in your mouth. I want to fuck your mouth. She said ya you can fuck all of my holes but you would have to wait.

I agreed. Finally my full penis was in her mouth. I think my penis got a thickness in her mouth. I said can I move my penis now. She said no let me do this first. So she made some movement and gave me a blow job. Since this was her first oral sex that is why she was not doing this expertly. Her teeth was giving my a little pain. But I said nothing to her. She said now you can move I am tried now. I said ok. I started my movement in her. I grabbed her head with my hands and started pushing and pulling her. She got reddened as this was unexpected to her. Now she was unable to control my hands and she was compelled to feel what I was doing to her. When felt that I am near to Cuming. I ejected my penis and said to her that lick a pre cum. It is too tasty and salty. She did this.mummmmmmmm yya ohhhhhh

I said now grab my testicles bag with your mouth. She did so. She was just softly biting my eggs(testis). Ohhhhhhhhhh my friend you should have experienced this. It is too much pleasurable. Just tell a girl to bite your eggs then see what happens!

I said these testis are full of cum(Sperm) and these will go in your vagina. She smiled and said I would like to feel yours inside me.

After this. She said now I cannot control my self please insert your penis inside me. And she started rubbing her pussy. I touched her vagina, it was already wet, which means that she has already got a orgasm. I said I want to fuck you in a doggy style. She did not know about this style. i took her back side and touched her vagina with my penis. She trembled and said do this now please you are too hot. Put your penis inside me. Please I cannot wait any more now. I said okay .

I firstly insert my penis in her vagina up to my penis cap and then I ejected it. She said why you did this? i said I just want to confirm how wide is your pussy hole. When I inserted again my penis cap in her, I saw a hole opening deeper.
This was a good game. You touch a girl vagina with your penis and door will be opened.

I then started stroking her vagina now she continued moaning. Ohhhhhhhh mummmmmmmm wwwwwwww fuck me fuck me harder please. I want to feel ful of your penis. Ohhhhhhhh woooooooooo I continued my movement but I donít inserted my full penis in her. As this is a technique to tease a girl. When you think that girl desire get a peak then you should insert penis fully insider her. Do this to your girls too boys

I said that iam going to insert full of my. She said okay do this please. I suddenly inserted full of my penis in her and finally my full penis was lost in her vagina. My abdomen touched her ass hole.. She screamed aloud. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please stop please stop, eject your penis, eject it please but I did not as I know that this usually give a little pain to a girl firstly. I looked at her eyes. There were tears in her eyes. She said you gave me more pain than my husband. I said sorry honey but now you will feel more pleasure than your husband penis. After so I started moving slowly and she screamed slowly. But later on I grabbed a speed and gave her a mighty pushes. she was screaming more loudly now. I was enjoying these screaming. I could also feel her liquid(semen) on my penis cap while my penis was in her. Hey one thing more I also applied another technique on her. I did not grab her body while fucking her. I just leave her to move forward when I give pushes. in this was we covered a distance of almost 3 meter. Every time I gave a deeper and harder pushes to her, she moved forward but when she was near to her orgasm, she continued pulling me backward.

So surprisingly we were again in same place where we started!!!!!!! She was doing all these madly to me. I thought that she is going mad because now she was giving my might pull that I could feel a little pain in my penis. But this was too pleasurable to me as well. Whenever girl pull her body backward to your penis, it gives you more pleasure and taste of sex. Check it too. As a consequence of my pushes and her pulls I also near to my orgasm. I suddenly got speed and said hey honey I am going to empty my sperm inside yours. Would not it be a problem to you? She said no way. Do this I will feel your sperms. At my climax I emptied all of my testis in her vagina. She said ya I am feeling you naughty boy. You are too hot and your sperms are too. Can I taste it too? I said sure. I ejected penis and gave in her mouth. She chewed my penis like a milkmaid and such all of my remaining sperms.
After this experience I told her that we will do sex in a variety of ways. She said that I donít know about this. As her husband used all girls in Dubai for sex and he had no interest in her wife. She said that he just satisfied her needs while fucking me but I was not satisfied with him.

So friends how was this?? if you feel sexy then let me know I will share my foreboding sex experience with same girl. We also did sex publicly, at kitchen, at street, and even at neighbor house at night. So if you want to know about my other experience then give me feed back on my id. Hoteyes_lickurbody [at] yahoo [at dot] com

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