Boarding School Sex Training-Chapter 8

(Part 8 from 8)

Rachel bit her lip as she felt the cock pull from her lips, the removal hurting as much as when he slipped it in. She felt him stop, the head gripped tightly and waited for the pain to begin. She knew he would shove it in with one powerful thrust. She did not have to wait long. “OOOOHHH GGGOODD, NNNOO, aaaghhh,” the cock tearing her asshole as he buried his cock into her in one pile driving thrust. His stomach slapped against her ass cheeks, his balls slapping against her cunt as her body was rocked. He did not even wait, he pulled it back and shoved it in again, Rachel screaming again as the punishing cock reamed her asshole. Her hands gripped the table, turning white, the pain shooting up into her brain. It felt like an iron bar was being shoved up her ass, straightening out her spine, forcing her upright, her stomach cramping again as she was filled with cock again. Oh, God, why did they have to fuck her in her asshole? Why didn’t they just use her pussy like most men? Michael did not give her a chance to think, his cock now a blur, pushing in and out with punishing speed, her asshole lining feeling like it was being sandpapered, the burning in her groin mixing with the terrible cramps the cock was giving her. 

Michael gripped her hips, the flesh turning white as he began to rock her back and forth on his cock as he pumped her with his cock. He might not have had her first, but she will remember this, he thought. He moved his hands underneath her, pulling up on the sides of her thighs, forcing her legs open even wider. With one hand holding her open, the other slapped her hard with the palm of his hand on her pink, spread pussy with a thundering thud that rang out in the room. Her scream of pain followed quickly, his cock burying itself into her asshole at the same time.

Rachel could not believe the pain between her legs. Between the slap on her pussy and the cock fucking her ass, she could no longer tell where the pain was coming from. Her whole groin was on fire. She felt fingers grab her clit painfully as the cock pumped her asshole, each time when she thought the cock could go no further, it did. It tore into a new spot, going deeper into her colon with each powerful push, a new pain bringing a fresh scream from her lips as she was pumped repeatedly by his cock. Her clit, swollen and red was abused by his fingers, forcing her to push back onto the cock, taking more of the cock each time. 

“Time to cum again, Rachel. You know I wouldn’t stop fucking you until you cum. Now milk my cock like a good girl and cum on my fingers. You can do it, yes, that feels so good,” her asshole clenching and unclenching on his cock. Just like Stephen made her do. Just like a whore would do. He twisted and pulled her clit, feeling her pussy juicing up. He fucked her asshole hard, making her take his punishing cock.

“Hurt’s so bad, please, hurry up, cum in me, get it over,” tears running down her face, her sphincter grabbing his cock as it pulled out, relaxing as it pushed in, hoping to make him cum. Two fingers pushed into her wet pussy as his fingers continued to manipulate her clit. Even with the pain of the ass fucking, her pussy and asshole were gripping the fingers and cock inside her. Her clit, now enlarged and red was ready. She pushed it onto the fingers, making him tighten on it. The sharp pain on her clit was what she needed. The orgasm hit her like a tank. Her pussy creamed on his fingers, soaking the digits before running down her thighs to puddle below her. She felt his cock bury itself deep inside her, the head expanding as his first load of cum began to shoot out. She could feel her bowels being bathed by his cum, the salty cum burning her tender insides as it began to fill her. 

Michael shot his load of cum after burying all of his cock deep inside her teenage asshole. It was so hot and tight, gripping his cock, her orgasm milking the cum from his balls to fill her bowels with his cum. Another load shot from his cock, his fingers continuing the forced masturbation of Rachel, her pussy juice flooding his hands as she climaxed again, her body shuddering, bathed in sweat. He slumped over her body after shooting two more smaller loads of cum in her, her body slumped down onto the table, his two hands trapped beneath her, still clinging to her cum soaked cunt. He pulled his hands out and raised up onto his knees. He got off the table and walked to Rachel’s head, pushing his wet fingers into her mouth. “Clean your pussy juice off of my fingers. That was good, Rachel. Your asshole was worth the wait. Now go back to your room and get some sleep. Tomorrow morning, you are going to Stephen’s for a week during Spring Break. He has so many things to teach you. Some you will like, a lot of them you wouldn’t.” He slapped her ass, “now go.”

Michael leaned over to Deena as he was leaving, “we will see you soon, Deena, you and Rachel, we will soon see you together.”

To Be Continued

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