Boarding School Sex Training-Chapter 8

(Part 3 from 8)

Stephen looked at Rachel, lying on the black plush, silhouetting her teenage body. “Turn this way, Rachel, they want to see your face.” He watched as she moved her head, looking straight at the audience gathered for the taking of her asshole. His hands moved down her back towards her ass, running sensuously over her flesh, feeling her trembling beneath him. “Relax, Rachel, it will go much easier if you let it happen. I am going to fuck you in your asshole today. And so is Michael. It will be painful for you, but I expect you to fuck back and make me cum with your asshole. You must learn that your body is for my pleasure, to do as I please. Many times that will be painful for you, but it will be for my enjoyment.” His hands moved down to her ass, feeling the resilient flesh in his fingers, her buttocks tightening up under him. “Relax your ass, let me have my way,” his voice in a smoothing voice, feeling her cheeks relax as his fingers kept up its ministrations of her taunt ass flesh. “Yes, that’s a good girl, Rachel,” his hands sliding down until they reached bare leg. His hands moved under her skirt, pushing the flimsy garment up her legs until his fingers found her bare ass cheeks, only her thong hiding her intimate charms to his gaze and that of the others. He began to rub his hands over her ass, feeling how tight her cheeks were, the result of her athletic background and her young age. “Such a nice ass you have Rachel,” his hands pushing her skirt up higher until he naked asscheeks were revealed to the others. “I think we can take your skirt off, please kneel up and remove it, Rachel.”

Rachel lay on the table as Stephen took liberties with her body, his fingers running over her body, unable to prevent anything that he did. His fingers slipped under her skirt, searching out her naked ass, knowing that her skirt would be soon removed. She kneeled up on the table and unsnapped her skirt and let it fall back down her knees. She reached back and pulled it from her body, letting it drop to the floor, obeying Stephen’s orders. All watched her as she was on her knees, her ass thrust up, almost naked from the waist down, her thong barely covering her sex, her unrestrained breasts hanging underneath her body, the tee pulling away. She felt a slap on her ass and she lay back down on the table, her ass now openly displayed for the others. 

Stephen’s hands moved back to her ass, kneading the flesh as she lay on the table. His fingers slid from the top of the thong, down to her pussy, pulling the thong from between the cheeks of her ass. “I don’t think you need this, it is not protecting much,” pulling her thong down her legs slowly, wanting to prolong the humiliation as she was stripped naked in front of them. He moved it past her knees, down her legs until he let it fall to the floor next to her skirt. “You all might want to move behind Rachel so you may see between her legs.”

Rachel watched as they all rose and moved their chairs until they were at her feet. She could feel their gaze upon her. She knew that soon, Stephen would make her spread her legs for them, her pussy would be open and exposed, as would her tiny asshole. She cringed in humiliation when she heard his voice.

“Spread your legs, Rachel, show everyone your naked sex,” Stephen ordered. They all watched as she hesitantly allowed her legs to move apart, slowly at first as they stared up between her legs. Her pussy came into view as her legs were opened. “Wider, Rachel, I want them all the way to the edge of the table.”

Rachel could feel their eyes as her legs spread wider and wider, feeling her pussy lips spreading, the wetness beginning. She moved them wider, now hitting the edge of the table, her pussy spread and open, pussy juice glistening in the light. She felt hands on her ass, pulling her ass cheeks apart, feeling the cool air of the room blowing on her exposed asshole as Stephen spread her open for all to see.

“Rachel has such a tiny asshole, it is almost a perfect star. Look at the light brown color of it, accented by her white ass cheeks. She has had fingers entered into her asshole and I must confess she is the tightest little thing around. But tonight she will get my cock inside her and I expect her asshole to milk the cum straight from my balls as I fuck her.” He put his fingers on each side of her asshole and pushed down and out, watching as her asshole was forced to open wider. They could almost see inside her now.

Rachel felt fingers playing with her asshole beginning to stretch it open. She heard Stephen’s voice and began to obey.

“Arch your ass up in the air, let everyone see your asshole. Higher, you can go higher, Rachel, keep your back down, just your ass up. Yes, I knew you could do it, such a good girl.” 

Rachel humped her ass up, letting it rise from the table while keeping the rest of her body pinned tightly to the table. She knew how it must look. It looked like she was begging to be fucked in the ass. She felt his hands on her hips, rotating her hips back and forth. 

“That’s it Rachel, side to side, just like you are going to do when I fuck your asshole. Learn it so you can fuck me back. Keep going, side to side, good girl.” Stephen kept his hands on her hips, guiding her but allowing her to do all the work.

Rachel began to grind her ass form side to side, rolling her hips as she fucked the air, posed provocatively with her exposed asshole and pussy, moving sensuously as if she was some whore performing for a group.

Deena began to rub Justin’s cock through his pants as she watched Rachel perform like she was getting fucked. “Please Justin, let me fuck her, let me fuck her in the asshole just like they are going to do,” her hands rubbing Justin’s cock hard through his pants. She pulled his zipper down and took his cock out so she could stroke it naked. The boys next to them had already pulled their cocks out, not caring if anyone saw them. Compared to Rachel, naked and simulating getting fucked, nobody was even paying attention to them.

Stephen watched as Rachel performed for him, her ass moving from side to side and then up and down when his hands required it from her. He could see her asshole pushing out as she fucked back. It would soon be his to fuck, but first he would require her to perform for his guests. He wanted her to make her asshole “dance” for them. He had loved the way Rachel had allowed her little anus to pulsate for them on several earlier occasions. "Now, Rachel, make your little pucker wink at our guests. You do that so well."

“No, please, don’t make me do that again,” she begged, tears of humiliation beginning to form in her eyes. “It’s too embarrassing.”

“Come now, Rachel, you don’t want to disappoint Michael and all of our guests. Your asshole is the center of attention tonight and everyone wants to see how well your tiny asshole is going to do in making our hard cocks cum deep inside you”. Stephen smiled as he saw her begin to rise up on her knees.

Rachel pushed back, rising up to her knees, her ass pushed out as Stephen pulled her asscheeks open wider. 

"I want you all to get a good look at this," Stephen said. 

Rachel began to clench her ass muscles. She squeezed them tightly and then released them, allowing her little pink rectum to move in and out. The little perfect star squeezed shut and then spread itself until the guests could see the pinkness just inside the opening. Her asshole winked at them again and again as Rachel continued her wicked little performance. Rachel turned crimson as the humiliation of being this intimate washed over her. What's more, the clenching of her ass muscles also meant her pussy opening was doing the same. She knew fully well that it was gaping and closing also allowing them to see inside it too. 

“As you can see, Rachel’s pussy or ass could milk a cock dry. Continue Rachel, show us more,” Stephen ordered her.

How embarrassed she was. Pussy juice was being forced out of her pussy and dripping down the inside of her thigh. She felt it trickling out of her cunt lips. Her clit, red, bulbous, and engorged from Deena's sensual touching, was as erect as it had ever been. It was also sticking out for all to see. 

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