Boarding School Sex Training-Chapter 8

(Part 2 from 8)

Stephen’s cock was already hard as she moved towards him. The outfit Michael picked for her really showed off her assets. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him. He looked at her breasts, the nipples already hard and pushed tightly against the thin tee shirt. He could make out the dark areolas around her pink nipples through the fabric. He loved young breasts, so firm and resilient. He couldn’t wait to touch them again, but first things first. His hands moved down her hips, not having to travel very far before they encountered naked flesh. He felt the flesh, so tanned and supple. “Turn around and let the others see you.” He pushed onto her hips until she stood facing the others, his hands now ready to begin exploring her teenage body again. His hands moved behind her, moving up her legs, higher and higher under her skirt. He felt her naked ass cheeks, happy that Michael had furnished a thong for her to wear. “Spread your legs for me, Rachel,” waiting for her to comply, knowing the others would be watching her submitting to his lewd ravishment of her body. “Eyes forward, let everyone see you enjoying yourself.”

Rachel looked up, seeing all of the eyes on her. Her legs spread almost mechanically now use to the orders. She felt his cold hands on her ass and her body shivered in fear. She spread them wider, reacting to his command.

“Wider please, Rachel. Yes, that’s so nice. It is so lovely to see a young girl like you with her legs spread wide, so open, so available.” His hands gripped her ass cheeks tightly, squeezing the teenage flesh between his fingers. Her hips moved slightly forward as he did. He relaxed and then squeezed again, her hips moving again. His hands traced down the crack of her ass, down until he reached her pussy, the thong barely covering her. He felt her dampness. “Our dear little Rachel is already getting wet, aren’t you, Rachel?” His fingers continued to move between her legs, pressing her panties into her pussy mound, feeling her pussy lips spread, her panties pushed between them. His fingers began to get wet as her panties soaked up some of her pussy dew. “Rachel has such a lovely ass and her pussy always seems to be wet. Rachel, why don’t you walk around and let everyone have a feel of your body, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Rachel walked over to Michael, turned with her back to him and spread her legs, ready for him to inspect her body. She did not have to wait long, she felt hands pull up her skirt, revealing her naked ass. Hands gripped her flesh hungrily, pulling on her naked cheeks before fingers ran down into her pussy again, rubbing her pussy juice into her panties. A sharp slap on her ass told her it was time to move and she went over to Justin and Deena, hoping to do the boys last. She turned her back to Justin, but felt hands move her sideways until she was in front of Deena. She had not expected that, she had expected Justin to touch her.

“Spread your legs for me,” the feminine voice rang out in the room as Deena ordered her to obey.

Rachel cringed, but obeyed, bracing for the hands to move over her flesh. She did not know how to react to this unexpected situation. She felt a pair of soft hands caressing her naked ass, not the painful grabbing of lust, but the gentle hands of a woman that knew what it felt like. She felt one hand grab the thong from between her asscheeks and pull it aside. The hands moved up under her skirt, running fingers along the cheeks of her ass, moving down to her pussy, now wet in anticipation. She felt the soft hands nudge her thighs apart, forcing her to spread her legs more, opening herself open to the female ministrations of her open sex. Her face became flushed as she felt the fingers moving under her panties, pushing between her pussy lips. She felt a sudden wetness between her legs as the fingers played with her pussy like no one had ever done before. She moaned quietly, hoping that the others would not see increasing desires.

“It would seem that our Rachel likes the caresses of Deena. Is that right, Rachel? Would you like Deena to join us some time and have her play with your delightful body?” Stephen watched the passion in Rachel’s face turn to embarrassment as all watched her as Deena played with her wet pussy, the sound of her fingers rubbing noisily over her wet pussy ringing out in the room.

Deena leaned over to Justin and whispered to him, “Can I Justin, can I play with them? Talk them into letting me do her, I will even let them fuck me, even in my asshole, if that is what it takes, please?”

Oh, God, thought Rachel, they might make her have girl sex with Deena, “please don’t let her,” yet her hips began a slow motion on the finger that played with her pussy. She could feel the finger playing over her pussy lips until it reached her clit, her body shuddering as the soft fingertips grabbed her clit so tenderly. “AAAHH,” she moaned, feeling her clit swell as Deena lovingly caressed it.

“That’s enough for Deena, why don’t you move over to the boys. They have never seen anyone quite as beautiful and they have never seen someone as submissive as you. And I can guarantee they have never touched anyone as beautiful as you,” Michael laughing as Rachel moved towards the two boys.

The boys were excited as they watched Deena playing with Rachel’s body. They watched as she moved over to them, their hands reaching out to touch her, pulling them over to them quickly, unable to contain their youthful exuberance, their cocks already hard, feeling like they would cum if they were even touched. One of them grabbed at her breasts almost hesitantly, afraid that she might turn and run if he was not careful. He became bolder as she stood submissively, hands at her side, clenching and unclenching as the boys mistreated her body. He slipped his hands under her tee and grabbed the soft tit flesh in his hands, fingers searching out and finding the erect nipples, tugging at them. Meanwhile, the other boy, far braver, took advantage of the situation and his hands instantly plunged under her skirt, pushing her panties aside, seeking out her naked sex. Unable to contain his desires, he pushed apart her legs and slipped two fingers painfully into her pussy, her gasps of pain urging him on as he began to plunge them in and out of her pussy in a fucking motion.

It felt like her pussy was being torn up as one of the boys thrust two fingers into her, scratching at her pussy walls, his inexperience punishing her pussy as he finger fucked her painfully. She felt fingers tugging at her nipples, now harder as he became comfortable with the situation, his power to do as he pleased. “Ow,” she screamed as another finger was ruthlessly plunged up her asshole, the dry finger tugging on her tender insides as it bore deep inside her. She stretched up on her toes as she was speared in both ends, her asshole and pussy now finger-fucked as she stood there, all eyes on her.

“That’s enough boy’s, you will just have to stroke your cock as you watch Rachel perform for us. Rachel, please step over to the table and lie down on it.” He watched as she moved to the table, sitting on the edge and starting to lean back onto it. “No, Rachel, on your stomach, yes, that’s good. You have such a nice ass and that it what we are going to play with today.” Michael nodded to Stephen.

Rachel sat on the table, feeling the soft material against her naked legs. She turned over onto her stomach as ordered and pulled herself up on the table until she lay completely on the soft plush material. She saw Stephen move towards her, his hands out.

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