Boarding School Sex Training-Chapter 8

(Part 7 from 8)

“Take it, bitch, take my cum up your asshole,” Stephen’s cock shooting his load of cum up her into her asshole. He had been saving his load for days, wanting to fill her with as much as he could. He felt her orgasm, her pussy and asshole gripping him as he continued to shoot inside her, her pussy now dripping with her cum, covering his hand with her pussy juice. He pumped up and down, then shot another load inside her asshole, his fingers dragging another cum from her body as they twisted and turned her abused clit. He shot his final load inside her and then slumped down on top of her, his cock quickly shrinking inside her asshole.

She felt the dead weight of his body on top of hers, dragging the last air from her lungs. His cock began to shrink, her asshole pushing it out, squeezing the limp cock from her abused asshole. It popped out with a loud fart of air, her face red in embarrassment as she lay slumped down on the table. Stephen pushed up off her body and got off the table. She could not move, her legs spread obscenely wide, her asshole swollen and red, cum dripping from it and her pussy, a puddle forming beneath her body. She looked over just in time to see Justin pulling Deena’s head down onto his cock, her throat completely full of hard cock as he shot her mouth full of hot cum. Michael’s cock was still in her hand, still hard and erect, her hand moving up and down. It was over eight inches and as big around as a soda can.

“Not yet, Deena, I going to fuck Rachel in her asshole, just keep it hard and ready,” Michael ordered her. The boys next to Michael had already cum at least once and were still stroking their semi-erect cocks, hoping for another cum from them before the night was over. Michael got up, fisting his cock as he walked over to Rachel. “Not finished yet, Rachel. You have another ass fucking tonight before you are finished. Up on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck your asshole doggy style. You’ll like that, I can spank your pussy as I ass fuck you. Now up little girl. You can relax later, you have to make me cum first.”

Rachel looked over at Michael, her eyes pleading, but she only saw lust in his eyes. He was going to fuck her in the ass whether she liked it or not. She raised her body up, getting into the position he required, her breasts hanging down, her legs spread wide, her pussy and asshole open and defenseless to whatever Michael would require of her. She felt a warm washcloth run over her haunches, wiping the cum from her pussy and asshole, preparing her for him. “Do it fast, please do it fast, I hurt so much,” she cried, tears pouring from her eyes. She pushed back with her ass, knowing that her pussy and asshole was spread wide, ready for whatever was his pleasure. She did not have to wait long. She felt Michael get up on the table between her legs, his knees nudging her legs further apart.

Michael looked down at Rachel, her asshole red and swollen, no longer the virgin asshole from before. No, he would have to be second tonight. But he would make up for that later. After she went to bed, he would be back, back after her asshole had shrunk back down. They always did, shrink that is. Then he would fuck it open again. 

Rachel groaned in pain as Michael’s fingers began to enter her abused asshole. It already burned from the ass fucking she was subject to by Stephen, Michael’s fingers just bringing back the sharp pain. His fingers twisted and turned inside her, his knuckles scraping painfully in her inflamed bowels. One finger had become two and when he extracted a groan of pain from her lips, it became three. She felt a sudden relief as the fingers were withdrawn, but she knew it was only temporary. She felt him shuffle behind her, his fingers gripping her ass cheeks tightly, pulling them apart, her asshole open and exposed. He spit on her asshole and pushed the huge head of his cock around it, lubricating her anus for his cock. “Easy, please go easy, it hurts so bad,” she begged as she felt the pressure of the cock press on her anus. She pushed back onto the cock, forcing her asshole to open, the pucker of her asshole spreading open for the ravishment by his cock.

“Such a good girl, yes, open up for me.” Michael pushed harder on his cock, watching as it bent, the large head having trouble pushing open her asshole. He slapped her ass hard and pushed on his cock when her asshole relaxed, the pain moved to her ass cheeks. The head popped into her clenching rectum, his hands pulling her back onto the cock, forcing her to take the head of his cock inside her asshole.

“GGGGOOODD, it hurts,” trying to move away, but Michael holding her tightly, making her take the punishing cock pushed up her backside. “OOOOWW,” her asshole spread wide, gripping the soda can sized cock head tightly in its grip. His hands moved down her flanks again, fingers on each side of her asshole, spreading her open as his cock slowly began to push into her asshole, seeking to bury it deep in the depths of her bowels. “Slow, please, slow, its so big,” she cried, burying her head on the table, her ass still thrust up submissively, waiting for the giant cock to bury itself deep into her hot, tight asshole again.

“You can take it, “ pushing harder on his cock, watching as her asshole slowly began to suck over two inches of hard cock. He jerked forward, hearing her grunt as he stuck her with another two inches, four inches now being gripped tightly by her asshole, spasms of pain clenching on the cock. “Oh, yes, such a good ass fuck you are, Rachel, so hot and tight. Stephen is going to enjoy you so much, especially your asshole,” jamming another two inches into her before pulling it out until on the head was gripped by her clenching anus.

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