Boarding School Sex Training-Chapter 8

(Part 5 from 8)

Stephen felt her body shudder as he rubbed his cock along her thighs. He nudged it up against her pussy, watching as her pussy lips split apart to allow the bulbous crown of his cock push relentlessly along the slit of her sex. He moved it to the top, feeling her body tremble as it brushed across her erect clit, teasing the morsel before moving it back down. He pulled it from her pussy and pushed it between her spread cheeks. He grabbed her hips tightly and jerked her back onto his cock, forcing her ass to rise from the table as he rubbed the slippery cock over her asshole. “Can you feel that, can you feel my cock. Feel how big it is.” He pushed down on his cock, while he pulled her ass up against the head, watching as her asshole, slippery and tight, was slowly forced to spread wider as the crown of his cock began to stretch it again. “Push back with your asshole, like when you made it dance before. You are going to have to stretch open very wide. My cock is bigger then the fingers you had and it is going to go very deep inside you." He hunched forward, jerking his hips as he slowly allowed the head of his cock to stretch her asshole.

“OOOWWW,” moaned Rachel, as her asshole was being stretched open to accept Stephen’s hard cock. If she thought the fingers that stretched her asshole was bad, this was far worse. “Please, it hurts,” she begged, pushing back with her sphincter, hoping to relieve some of the pain. “AAAGGHH,” the cock head now pushing her asshole open wider and wider, Rachel unable to stop the ravishment of her tiny asshole. She looked over at the others through tear filled eyes as she heard Stephen grunting behind her as he forcefully pushed his cock into her. “OOOOWWW,” she screamed again, as Stephen’s cock bent and pushed to the side, unable to breach her anal passage. Her relief was short-lived as she felt him again push his hard cock against her asshole and begin the painful entry into her asshole.

“It’s going in this time Rachel,” slapping her ass cheeks hard, feeling her body react to the pain. Again, he slapped her ass, watching the skin turn red. “Relax your asshole,” slapping her other cheek. When he felt her relax her asshole he pushed on his cock hard and watched as it breached her tiny asshole. It swallowed the head of his cock, straining to take the large instrument into her body. He slapped her ass cheeks again, the pain temporarily taking her mind off the cruel rape of her asshole, allowing Stephen to plunge into her back passage.

“AAAAYYYYWW,” the pain driving up her spine as her asshole strained and tore from the hard cock pushing into her virgin asshole. Her ass cheeks stung from the spanking he was giving her, allowing him the time he needed to force his cock into her resisting asshole. “NNNOOO,” screaming at the top of her lungs as her hips were pulled back, giving him unrestricted access to her defenseless asshole, his cock pushing further into her asshole until her sphincter gripped the head of his cock tightly. “Please, don’t move, it hurts so much, AAAHHH,” she begged, his hands holding her impaled on his cock. She felt her sphincter clench and unclench on the head of his cock, attempting to force it from this unnatural act. “Ow, Ow, AGGGHH,” his hands moving her hips from side to side, her sphincter forced to massage his cock head as it pulled and nudged her stretched asshole.

“Yes, that is good, Rachel, your asshole tugs at my cock head so nicely. Move around on my cock,” his hands forcing her hips to sway back and forth, his eyes watching her asshole gripped his cock. He felt her sphincter clench on his cock head. He slapped her ass cheeks hard, the sound reverberating through the room. She clenched her ass cheeks in pain, trapping the hard cock pushed into her asshole, squeezing it so tightly. “Such a nice tight asshole you have, Rachel,” slapping her ass cheeks again, feeling her tighten on his cock again.

Rachel turned crimson in embarrassment as all watched her get ass fucked, hard cocks in the audience being stroked. Deena had her mouth wrapped tightly around Justin’s cock but she stared directly into Rachel’s eyes in lust. The boys were gleefully pumping their cocks, pre-cum dripping out the ends as they watched the scene before him. Michael had grabbed one of Deena’s hands and was forcing her to stroke his cock as she sucked Justin’s.

Rachel felt Stephen begin to push pressure on his cock, her asshole tugged inside as it begin to push further into the depths of her asshole. “Nooo, don’t move, no, it hurts,” trying to pull away, but Stephen’s strong hands pulled her back onto his cock. She felt her asshole slowly being stretched inside, the walls expanding outward to accept the bulbous head. Her sphincter grabbed the cock as it pushed through, gripping it as it was a rubber band stretched around it. “GGGRR, please, don’t do this any more, fuck my pussy, please, in my mouth. Just don’t put it in any deeper.” She felt Stephen stop after another inch of hard cock was forced into her. She felt it slowly pulling from her asshole, a giant suction forming behind it as it pulled her insides out. “Yes, thank you, take it out,” she cried out in relief. She arched her back out, spread her legs wider, anything to relieve the pain in her asshole as the hard cock pulled out. She felt her sphincter grabbing the head again, clenching onto it in reaction to the pain. She slumped down, waiting for it to pop out of her asshole. “OOOOOOOOOWWWWWW, you bastard, noooo don’t,” she yelled, her head thrown up in pain as she felt Stephen push back on his cock. She felt it tear up her asshole, pushing once more into the depths of her hot, tight back passage, tearing her flesh as it fucked in.

“No, you are going to get ass fucked!” Stephen pushed in again, feeling her tightening anal tract clenching and unclenching onto his rigid cock as it pushed back in again, this time over four inches of hard cock forced it. He knew that it must have been burning her insides as he fucked her. It was painful for him, but he continued. “Your asshole is so hot and tight, Rachel. Get used to it, you are going to be ass fucked quite often.” He pulled his cock out again until she gripped it. He felt her body tighten up, knowing that he would soon plunge back in. Knowing that he would push deeper into her asshole. “Yes, it is coming and you can’t stop it.” He pulled her back onto his cock as he pushed back with his hips, his cocking tearing into her asshole. He grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulling her head up as he tore a scream from her lunges as he raped his cock up her asshole, now burying over six inches of hard cock into her once virgin asshole. Most women would have a hard time taking that much cock, but Rachel would have to take more. He had eight inches of hard cock waiting to push into her unused asshole, deep into her colon.

Rachel was pulled back by her hair at the same time as her asshole was forced back onto his cock, the thick cock tearing into her. Her stomach cramped on the cock, her asshole clenching on it in pain. It felt like gasoline was poured into her asshole, the burning as it tore inside her, her insides forced open wider then they ever had been. She could feel every bump and vein on his cock as it pushed through her sphincter, tearing into her, pumping into her body. “EEEEHHH,” she yelled as it tore into her, her ass arched up, forced into position, allowing him complete access to her defenseless asshole. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the pain shot up her spine into her brain. She did not think anything could hurt this much, but when he pulled it out and then thrust it back in again, it tore another shriek from her lips. 

Stephen punched his cock into her asshole in short, rapid thrusts, his stomach slapping noisily against her reddened ass cheeks, his balls slapping against her pussy. He felt her body shudder in pain, his cock beating inside her. “Now you know what it is like to be ass fucked, Rachel. You will learn to enjoy it. I will make you cum when I ass fuck you.” He pulled his cock out and then pushed back in again with a grunt. All eight inches of rock hard cock passed through her sphincter, it now giving up its fight, beat into submission by his steely cock. It passed deep inside her, her asshole stretching and pulsating onto the hard cock as he sank it deep inside her. Past her rectum, the cock pushed deep inside her colon, forcing her organs to painfully straighten out as it skewered her. He struck her asscheeks, his organ now fully engulfed in her back passage, gripped tightly in pain. He flexed his cock, feeling her body shudder in pain. Again, he moved his cock inside her, hearing her groan in pain. He pulled back her head, moving his face close to hers. “How do you like that, Rachel? Can you feel my cock twitching inside your hot asshole? I’m going to dump a hot load of cum inside you soon.”

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