Boarding School Sex Training-Chapter 8

(Part 6 from 8)

Rachel began to get exhausted, fighting the pain taking too much of her energy. Her asshole felt so full, like she had just finished a Thanksgiving dinner. She pushed back on her asshole, hoping to relieve some of the pain, her legs opening and closing, anything to relieve some of the awful burning between her legs. All she could do was groan as she felt the cock inside her. It felt like a log was shoved up her ass, forcing her spine to straighten, her flesh clinging to it in defense. Her stomach began to cramp as the cock twitched inside her, moving up and down as he forced her to feel his instrument deep inside her. She breathed deeply, hoping to catch her breath, knowing that he would soon begin to fuck her asshole. She dreaded that. She knew it would hurt even worse then it did now. She pushed back on her asshole, hoping to relieve the pressure. Again she pushed back, relaxing and then tightening her asshole on the raping cock deep inside her. 

“Are you getting use to having a cock up your asshole, Rachel? I can feel your asshole milking my cock.” He flexed his cock again, feeling her insides massage it. He let go of her hair, her head slumping back down onto the table. He pushed down on her back and hunched up her ass into the air, getting her into position to be ass fucked. “That’s a good girl, arch your ass up a little higher. I want to be able to fuck into your asshole deeper,” pushing her body into the position he wanted.

Rachel allowed her body to be manipulated by Stephen. She felt her asshole being opened more as she allowed him to raise her up, allowing him to spread her open. “AAGGG,” she moaned as the cock inside her pulsated and twitched, moving against her silky insides as spasms of pain clenched onto it. “Please don’t fuck me back there, it hurts too much. I will do anything, just not that.” She felt Stephen begin to pull his thick cock out of her asshole, her insides feeling like they were being dragged out with it. “NOOO, pleeease, nooo, don’t,” the cock rasping painfully over her silky insides, feeling it pulling from her body.

Deena watched the tear stained face of Rachel as she suffered through her first ass fucking. She thought back to the time when her asshole was first taken, the pain as a hard cock was forced into her tiny asshole. Justin did not know about this, but it was Michael that had fucked her asshole first. He had opened up her asshole with his fingers first and then made her sit on his hard cock and force it inside her asshole. She had cried, babbling like a baby as she skewered her asshole onto his cock, inch by inch, as it slowly filled her up. She was then made to ride it, rising up and down on his hard cock, tearing into her body until he filled her with his hot cum. She had hated what he had forced her to do it, yet Michael had continued to make her submit to his cock in her asshole whenever he desired. Justin still had not fucked her asshole yet. She had told him no. She felt Justin push her head down on his cock, gagging as it slowly pushed into her throat. He pumped his head up and down on his cock as he watched Rachel get ass fucked.

Stephen watched her asshole tightly pulled over his cock as it pulled it from her body, tiny farts of air escaping as it sucked the air out of her asshole. He felt the silky walls of her insides pulsating on his cock as the head pulled back, squeezed so tight. He pulled it almost all the way out before he pushed in with all of his might, the cock sliding easier back in this time, her asshole beaten down by the previous fucking. He heard the whoosh of air escaping from Rachel’s lungs as she screamed again as they cock tore into her. He moved his hands down to the insides of her thighs, only inches from her pussy. He pulled back, pulling her up and pushing her legs out more before allowing one hand to grab her pussy tightly within his grip. He pulled his cock back again and then back in again, beginning to pick up the pace of his ass fucking. Her body bounced around limply, the pain overtaking all of her functions, unable to do anything. 

Rachel lay there, legs spread wide, a log of a cock fucking in and out of her asshole, the pain registering in her brain, unable to stop Stephen. She huffed and puffed as she was buffeted against the table as his stomach slapped against her upturned ass cheeks, his swollen balls beating against her spread pussy, slapping against her wet cunt noisily. “Hurry, hurry and get it over with, cum in me,” she begged. 

“Milk my cock like I taught you, Rachel, make me cum inside you,” he ordered her. His fingers slipped between her wet pussy lips and sought out her clit. He found the swollen bud, already aroused. She might not like the ass fucking, but she did like the helplessness of being spread open and taken against her will. Her pussy was soaking wet. He began to rub her clit between his fingers, the slippery bud squeezing between his fingers as he flicked the head. Her body jerked up in response, his cock plunging deeper into her colon, snuggled tightly in her body. He felt her gasp in pain as it sank in deeper then it should have, going where nothing that big should. He felt her squeeze it tighter as he pulled it out again, massaging it as he fucked out. He plunged back in again, painfully pushing deep inside her again, feeling her push back, allowing her asshole to pucker out, opening her asshole up to his hard cock. “Yes, that’s a good girl, show everyone how you can fuck my cock with your tight little asshole.” He pushed hard, giving her three or four quick punches with his cock into her asshole, her grunting in pain stirring him to greater debasement of her asshole. He pushed two fingers in her pussy, feeling his cock only separated by a thin piece of skin. He could almost grab it with his own hand inside her, his fingers tearing inside her pussy, not caring what pain he was inflicting on her body, only his own satisfaction.

She jerked up, his fingernails digging into her tender inner pussy as he grabbed his cock in her asshole. She jerked back and forth as her clit was flicked over and over with his fingertip, shooting sharp stabs of pain mixed with pleasure. “GGGHHH,” her stomach cramping as his cock pushed deep inside her, forcing her colon to straighten and expand to accept the hard cock. She tried to push down to escape the cock but Stephen’s fingers forced her back up again, punishing her clit and pussy as they stroked her harshly. “Get it over with quick, I can’t take it much more,” she cried out, sobbing pitifully, humping her ass up and down in response to the fingers and cock that continued to abuse her young body. She squeezed his cock, hoping to draw the cum from his balls and shoot inside her asshole. Anything to stop the pain! She arched up again as the fingers continued to play with her clit, his fingernail tearing over her clit, a sharp point scratching over the bud. She pushed into the finger, trying to ease the pain, hoping to feel some pleasure to counter the pain of the ass fucking she was receiving. She felt the cock pull out and then fuck back in again, reaching new depths inside her, slamming her pussy down on his fingers, as they tore at her flesh. “Make me cum, get it over with, cum in my asshole, I don’t care, just get it over with,” she screamed out. All eyes were on her as her body was slammed repeatedly onto the table, his cock reaming out her asshole.

Stephen stroked his cock into her asshole harder and deeper each time. His fingers tore at her pussy and clit as he pounded her asshole with his cock. Sweat was dripping down onto her body as she lay beneath him, legs spread obscenely, his cock plunging into her once virgin asshole as he reamed her out with his cock. “Cum or I will fuck you all night,” he shouted at her, driving his cock into her, making her feel the pain of the huge cock tearing into her asshole, stretching her open. He fucked her faster, his cock slamming in and out of her, the only sound coming from the room was the slapping of naked flesh and the grunts and groans of a hard fucking. He hips continued to pump into her with a blur as he punished her asshole with his cock, faster and faster, her hot asshole gripping his cock as he pulled it from her body, relaxing her asshole as he pushed back in. He could feel her body shuddering as he brought her to the brink of orgasm. 

Rachel was shocked as her body betrayed her. Her pussy began to cream, clenching and unclenching on the fingers inside her, just like her asshole. Her clit, swollen and enlarged felt like it was going to burst. Her asshole burned in pain as it was continually reamed out by his cock, mixing with the pleasure of the fingers playing with her pussy. “OOOHH, GGGODDDD, cummmm inside me, please cum. Fill me with your filthy cum, you bastard,” she cried out as the first of many orgasms hit her young, teenage body. She felt his cock push deep inside her, cramping her as his cock expanded, larger then it ever was as it began to shoot her full of hot cum. She felt the hot liquid burn her insides, the salty cum irritating her already inflamed asshole, filling her with his cum. He pulled out until she gripped his cock tightly and pulled another load of cum from his balls. She could hear her stomach gurgling as he filled her with cum.

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