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Mutual Masturbation Stories

  • Mutual Masturbation
    First Time
    My first time jerking-off with another guy...

  • A First Time for Everything
    A story of my first mutual masturbation session with my sorority sister and best friend!

  • Women's club
    The meeting of Conway Street Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Teddi Graves called for order, 'Okay ladies, let's quiet down and get ready for business!!!'...

  • The club
    She Males
    'My god, look at her, she, I mean he, I mean she has a 'cock!!!'...

  • Play For Pay
    A young man, desperate for cash, answers and ad to jack off on camera...

  • Anna and I: A Cumming of Age story
    A true story of two young girls as they begin to explore their emerging sexuality together...

  • Precious Things
    A beautiful young college girl meets an older man. She decides to find out what it would be like to make love to him...

  • Her First Show
    Share in a couples' first experience with a new type of intimacy...

  • For this relief much thanks
    A story about a grammar boy's sexual adventures, his worries about being gay and eventual discovery that he isn't...

  • Autobiography of a Wanker
    The true autobiaography of a sixty-year-old wanker...

  • The Peewee Club
    The wet and windy goings on in a pissing club...

  • Roomatea
    Atrue story about two college roomates as told to me by a close friend...

  • A Day in the Life of a Public Urinal
    A public urinal's eye-view of its wanking customers...

  • The Advetures of Connie Von Rummel
    The sequel to 'The Adventures of Brenda Porter' Connie relates her sexual experiences to Brenda...

  • Dans le Murs (Part VII)
    Colin and Simone come face to face with a couple of Simone's ex-school friends and has to 'educate' one of them...

  • My Second First Time
    A story about my first actual lesbian experience with my best friend and sorority sister!

  • Tiny Coercive : Part II
    Olivia learns more about serving her mistress...

  • Webmeets Diary : Chapter 06
    A hot, bisexual welcome to China...

  • Amy enters my life
    Accidental meeting with a young woman leads to a relationship...

  • Johnny's Long Wait
    After the birth of their son Johnny's wife Kristin is afraid to have sex, her pregnancy had been difficult and postpartum blues terrible. This is the story of her journey back...

  • Hattiesburg to the High Seas : Part 1
    Sexy senior citizen begins her adventures on a singles cruise...

  • Sister and I get seduced
    First Time
    It all started out as a routing visit with my best girl-friend down the block. It became my first time and lead to my sisters first lesbian encounter...

  • Blossoming
    A recently widowed lady begins a new friendship with a sultry Belgian girl, leading to a voyage of discovery of her true self...

  • My friend Chris shares his girl
    Me and Chris often like to wank together. One day we got caught...

  • Agnetha's Story
    A Teenager lusted after an older woman, and a young girlfriend provided for their mutual sexual longings as he planned to bed the beauty of his dreams...

  • When I Met Tami
    This is a tender story of a lonely older widow who becomes attracted to a young girl, and as it turns out, the feelings were mutual. Please enjoy the story and your comments are always welcome...

  • Caught in the Act
    The joys of being caught masturbating...

  • Baby smooth
    Amanda let out a long deep 'moan, and with her hand she reached down and held Pris's head tight to her pussy!...

  • Sex ed
    When he dropped his 'pants and shorts, his eight inch erection was already at full thickness! 'Class,' Miss 'Warden explained, 'Mr. Mead and I will use language that average people use when they 'are having sex, so pay attention to it, please,' as she turned her attention back to Mr. 'Mead, she said in a gravely voice, 'stick that fucking cock into my pussy you 'motherfucker!!!'...

  • Subliminal cuts
    Tom had the two students return to their seats, while he had Brenda come over and sit on 'his lap. With his pecker sticking out of his zipper, Brenda settled her pussy onto and 'ground herself around the thick manhood that sprung out from Tom's crotch!...

  • The gift
    'Rachel,' John said, 'please take off your clothes for me, and let me see your body!!!'...

  • The coves
    a couple goes out for a boat ride with her best friend. then another boat pulls up next to them...

  • Customer Relations
    Delivering pizza wasn't much of a job, but it helped keep me in school, and it did give me the opportunity to meet some very interesting people. Such was the case with Lance'Gilbert...

  • Long Time Coming
    Alex seemed only slightly distracted by Mike's lack of inhibition. As for me, I couldn't take my eyes off the restless, snake-like shape of his sizable cock pressing out against the crotch of his skimpy underwear. Never had I imagined he might be endowed so well...

  • Puppy Love
    A transvestite actes in a Shakespearean play and is required to deliver sexual favours to save the theatre...

  • A Slut is Born: Part one: Girl Scout Cookies
    A horny couple teaches a young teen all about sex...

  • Laverne - you have been a very bad agent!
    Life had been altered drasicly by this job. Now she was about to subject another to the same, could she do it? 'But for now she had a weekend, 24hour pool in someplace KANSAS. She would make that decision Monday...

  • The wet dream i gave my friend
    This story was writen for a female friend whos very randy its mega big and covers almost every thing...

  • An Afternoon In The Basement
    First Time
    Two horny teenagers and their virgin best friend...

  • The Panty Professor
    Sorority sister exploits professor's panty fetish to get a fucking A...

  • Lailla
    It is about wild ... between two friends who are colleges also...

  • Highway Hard-On
    Being a truck driver can be lonely, and very sexually frutrating. Then again...

  • Like Father Like Son - Parts One to Five
    A story of War, Love and Flying...

  • Anne & Therese's Sisterly Swap
    Twins from Montreal love to get with each other's boyfriends by pretending to be each other...

  • The Training of Melissa
    A beautiful, but arrogant stripper gets her comeuppance from a co-worker...

  • Dan And The Deadbeat
    A prequel to the Kirsten stories, where Dan punishes one of Vicki's colleagues for refusing to admit that he knocked her up...

  • First Fantasy Fulfilled
    There she lay exhausted, physically and emotionally spent. Her body was covered in thin layer of perspiration, her breast were rising and falling in perfect synchronization with the pulsating, throbbing contraction of her recently fucked pussy...

  • The Pact- Part 2
    Sequel to 'The Pact', in which both Blanca, Cristina, and Desiree all end up pregnant, and the Latinas move in with the couple...

  • Hank Wakes Up The Neighbors- Part Four
    Pastor Gilbertson is made a bi slut, while Hank and Penny's divorce becomes final, and they each get remarried...

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