A Matter of Interest

(Part 1 from 4)

Sally Lewis stood in front of the door. Her eyes were wet and her mouth dry. She raised her hand to push the door bell and paused. She was thinking back to just yesterday morning when Don, her husband of three years, broke the news.

“Sal,” Don said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that it would turn out like this. I…”

“I still don’t understand,” his wife said interrupting him. “You borrowed ten thousand dollars five months ago and now you own over thirty thousand? That doesn’t make any sense. How could that be?”

“Honey,” Don said shaking his head. “I thought I would only need it for a few weeks. The interest is very high… I… Well I fucked up I guess.”

“You think?” Sally snapped. “What kind of bank charges that type of interest? It illegal…”
”Damn it Sal I explained that to you. No bank would loan me the money. Dan Fells told me about this company that makes high risk loans so I went to see them. They lent me the money.”

“I see,” Sally said, “and now you can’t pay them back. Are we going to loose the house? How about your business, are we going to loose that too?”

Don Lewis shook his head, “Not the house, that’s not the way they operate. “ He took a deep breath, “I haven’t been exactly honest with you. Last Thursday when I told you I mashed my lip when I tripped and fell…The truth is, I got the hell smacked out of me.”

“My God, Don,” Sally gasped, “We have to call the police.”
”No Honey, we can’t do that either. It’s my word against theirs and if we called the cops they would wait and get me later. The cops wouldn’t babysit me for very long.”

“What can we do?” Sally said tears welling up in her eyes.

“Well…..” Don said slowly, “I spoke with Sam Hall last night. He thinks there may be a way for me to off-set the interest.”

“How?” Sally said. “How can you do that and who is Sam Hall?”

“Mister Hall owns the company I got the money from. He said….ah…well, he thinks you may be the answer.”

“Me?” Sally said, “How can I be an answer. Does he want to give me a job?”

“I guess,” Don said, unable to meet her eyes, “Something like that. He’s coming by this evening to talk about it.”

“Well of course I’m willing to do anything I can to help us out of this mess.”

Don Lewis kissed his wife and left for his office. His heart was aching.

That evening Sally was mildly surprised when her husband introduced his creditor to her. Sam Hall was a giant of a man. Well over six and a half feet tall and weighing well over two hundred fifty pounds with no sign of fat. He was totally bald and very black. An even larger black man stood silently by the front door and watched them.

“It nice to meet you Mrs. Lewis,” the giant black man said in a surprisingly soft voice for such a big man. He was holding her small hand in his. “I realize this whole matter must be difficult for you.”

Sally Lewis wasn’t sure how to respond. She muttered a thank you and led them to the living room.

“Does your ah.. friend want to come and sit with us?” Sally asked indicating the man still standing by the door.

“That is Big Tom, “Sam Hall said with a flash if his white teeth, “No he will stand there.”

“Oh, well that’s fine, I guess,” Sally said.

“I am sure you are anxious as to how you may be able to help your husband out of his difficulties,” Sam said. “I get right to the heart of the matter. As of this morning your husband owed my company thirty three thousand four hundred sixty dollars. Tomorrow morning he will owe thirty six thousand eight hundred and change. Your husband doesn’t seem to think he can pay three thousand plus dollars interest a day.”

“Of course he can’t!” Sally snapped. “No one could.”

“He seemed to think he would have no trouble when he begged me to loan him the money,” Sam Hall said sternly. “He was given the terms of the loan before he borrowed it.” He glanced over at Don Lewis who sat staring at his shoes. “Am I correct Mister Lewis?”

Don Lewis didn’t answer; he continued to look at his shoes.

“Mister Lewis,” Sam Hall snapped, “I ask you a question.”

“Yes,” Don answered without looking up, “Yes you told me.”

“Yes,” Sam Hall said, “And that brings us to the reason I am here. Frankly Mrs. Lewis I saw you at your husband’s office last week and I realized then that you could fit into my organization if you were willing.”

“To do what?” Sally Lewis asked.

“If you agree to work for me,” Sam Hall said “I would be willing to suspend the interest your husband owes and thereby give him an opportunity to get caught up and eventually get his loan paid off.”

“That is very nice of you,” Sally said, “But I still wonder what you want from me.”

“It is actually very simple,” Sam said, “I want you for sex.”

“You want… what did you say?” a shocked Sally Lewis stammered.

“I said I want you for sex,” Sam answered matter of factually. “You will be my weekend sex slave.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Sally screamed jumping to her feet. “Get out of my house right now before I call the police.”

Sam Hall remained seated, but glanced at the big man standing by the door. He nodded at the man who immediately sprang across the room with surprising speed and grabbed an unresisting Don.

Big Tom yanked Don to his feet and smacked him with his open hand. Once, twice and a third time.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Sally screamed as she attack the huge man but made no difference. “Leave him alone!”

“Mrs. Lewis,” Sam Hall said, “Big Tom has hit your husband three time with his open hand and your husband is unconscious. Can you imagine what damage he could have done with his fist? Considerable I would think.” He rose to his feet and laid a card on the coffee table. “Tomorrow is Friday and I suggest you give my proposition some serious thought and call me no later than tomorrow noon. If I haven’t heard from you by that time I will take steps to collect my money in other ways.”

Big Tom dropped Don Lewis onto the sofa and followed his employer out of the house

Chapter two.

“Oh Don, what are we going to do?” Sally asked. She was laying beside Don on the bed. It had taken a long time to get him to come around. His face was showing signs of the bruising that would be there soon.

“I don’t know Sal,” He said the defeat evident in the tone of his voice. “I just don’t know.”

“Maybe we could go to my Mother’s place and hide until this mess blows over.”

He didn’t respond for a while and when he did we was almost crying. “Do you really think he’ll let thirty seven thousand dollars “blow over? No Sal he’d find me.”

“Would he kill you?” she asked fearfully.

“Ha, I should be so lucky,” Don said bitterly. “He’ll keep beating the hell out of me until I sign over my company to him.”

“Then for God’s sake give him the damned company,” She cried, “We can start all over somewhere else.”

“I’ve put four years hard work and long hours into that business,” He said. “I’ve sacrificed everything for it. We’re doing good now and If I just had a chance I could get that damned loan paid off.”

Sally Lewis rolled up on her elbow and looked at her husband. In their four years of marriage she had never seen him so dejected.

“What are you saying Don?” She asked softly, “Are you suggesting I agree to his…proposal? You want me to have sex with him? Is that what you’re saying?”

“I can get him paid off in a few weeks if that damned interest would just stop for a while.” Don said softly. “I just need a chance.”

Sally Lewis stared at her husband who did not look at her.

“I see,” she said almost inaudibly.

Now Sally Lewis stood in front of the door of her husband’s creditor on trembling legs. She couldn’t believe that she had agreed to do this thing. She recalled Don’s sobbing with a mixture of pity and disgust.

She had called the number on the card that Sam Hall had left a few minutes before noon. She had agreed to do it last night, but had waited until the last minute hoping that something would happen to change things. It had not.

Sam Hall answered her call. “I’m pleased that you called Mrs. Hall. May I call you Sally?”

That had seemed absurd to Sally. This monster was going to force her to have sex with him and he had asked permission to call her by her first name.

“Of course,” she had answered. “Call me what ever you want to.”

“Sally will do for now,” Sam said. “You may call me Mister Hall or Sir. Listen very carefully, you will start tonight. Do you have a pen and paper? I’ll give you my address and some instructions.” He gave her the address and continued, “First I want you to shave all the hair from your pubic area. Make sure you shave your underarms. I want you to wear red half bra and red thong panties under a black cocktail dress. Do not wear panty hose. If you don’t have these things, go buy them. I want you to bath in vanilla bath oil. Again, if you don’t have it, buy it. Birth control is your business as I do not wear rubbers. Do you have a preference as to alcoholic beverage?”

“I seldom drink”. Sally answered. “I guess I don’t know one drink from another. Maybe white wine. I’ve had that one time. I don’t understand,” she said, “Why do I have to shave my…er… you know?”

“Pussy, Sally. Call it a pussy or cunt. The reason is simple…I want you to. I hate to eat a hairy cunt. Also I love to see my black cock enter a white pussy and hair just gets in the way. Seven o’clock sharp Sally, Take a taxi, we’ll get you home.” He said. “Don’t be late.”

Sally had sat in shock at his words. After a while she got up and left to do some shopping.

Sally Lewis raise her hand and pressed the bell button. Glancing at her watch she saw that it was exactly seven o’clock.

The door was opened by the man called Big Tom and he silently waved her inside the apartment.

“Welcome Sally,” Sam Hall said after she had been shown into the sunken living room. “I have taken the liberty to fixing you a special drink. I think you will like it.” He handed her a glass.

Before her arrival Sam Hall had mixed the drinks. In Sally’s drink he had placed a small amount of GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate), or as it was sometimes called “Georgia home boy” or “grievous bodily harm”. GHB is also know as one of the common date rape drugs.

It wasn’t Sam’s intention of raping Sally, he simply wanted her relaxed and compliant to his demands

Chapter two

Soft music was playing from unseen speakers and the lighting was also soft.

“Please sit over here Sally,” the big man said, indicating a sofa in the sunken living room. “Let’s get to know one another, shall we?”

Sally Lewis nodded and sat on the sofa. Her stomach was churning and her pulse was racing from the fear she felt. She was a realist and she knew it was much too late to back out, but she wanted the run away from this.

Sam Hall sat beside her on the sofa, close, but not touching her. This was not a new thing for him and his plan was simple. He would court the young housewife and make her his own and he would go slowly. It had worked for him many times in the past.

He began by asking her questions about herself, her family, where she grew up, her likes, and her dislikes. Sally was only vaguely aware that she had finished her drink and that he had placed another one in her hand.

“So Sally,” Sam said, “Do you like sex?”

“Yes I do,” She answered, “With my husband.”

“What about oral sex?” Sam asked. Sam had carefully moved closer to her and had been gently stroking her arm and shoulder.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Sally asked. Of course she knew what oral sex was, but it was a subject that she and her husband shied away from. Donald had tried to get her to suck him, but she refused and certainly wouldn’t consider letting him lick her. Sally thought that it was sick.

“I mean do you give good old Don blow jobs?” Sam said. “Does he go down on your pussy? How about sixty-nine?”

Sally felt that she should feel something at his words, but the combination of alcohol and GBH had served to dampen her emotions. She just shook her head and said, “We don’t do that.”

“Well Sally,” Sam Hall said, moving his hand behind her neck and gently pulling her closer to him. “Before this week end is over you will have sucked cock and had your sweet pussy eaten more than once.”

He leaned toward her as he spoke and planted a kiss on her mouth, gently at first then with more intensity.

Sally couldn’t resist. Sam Hall continued to kiss her sticking his tongue into her mouth and placing his hand on the top expose part of her breast. This was one of the best parts for him. He loved the effort of conquest and that was why the dosage of drugs was so very light.

They kissed and Sam fondled her for several more minutes until she began to respond.

“Sally did you shave your cunt for me?” he asked softly as he nuzzled her neck and stroked the top of her breast.

There was no answer from Sally so he lowered his hand on her breast until he found her nipple through the dress.

“Did you shave your cunt, Sally?” he asked applying pressure to the nipple. When she still didn’t answer he pinched her nipple hard.

Sally whimpered and sat up straight, “Yesss,” She cried.

“Yes what, Sally?” Sam asked.

“Yes I shaved my… my..”

He pinched the nipple again, but not quiet as hard, but hard enough.

“My cunt,” Sally said. “I shaved my cunt like you said to do.”

“Very good,” Sam said and begun to kiss her again while rolling the hardening nipple in his fingers.

After nearly fifteen minutes Sally was breathing hard and kissing back, giving back as good as she was getting.

At a touch of the remote control the music changed to a pulsating deep drum beat.

“Stand up, Sally,” He commanded. “I want you to take off your dress for me. Do it slowly.”

Sally slowly got to her feet and stood before the huge black man. Now the music was louder and she knew that she should be feeling revulsion or something like it, but strangely she didn’t. She felt a sense of excitement along with a little fear of the unknown.

She closed her eyes and swayed to the intoxicating beat of the music and it was almost like her hands had some command from someone other than herself. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress.

While still swaying to the beat of the drums she let the dress fall off of one shoulder and than the other one and than slowly as if in slow motion fall from her body to the floor.

Sally opened her eyes and looked at Sam and saw that he was watching her intently as she swayed in front of him wearing only a pair of red thong panties and a red half bra and a pair of black high heels.

Strangely she felt in control of this situation and with one foot she pushed the crumpled dress out of the way and pivoted around so that the man could see her backside.

Sally knew she had a good figure and while she normally didn’t wear clothing that showed it, this felt good to her. She knew she was exciting the man and that gave her a feeling she was unaccustomed to. It was thrilling for her.

“Now the bra, Sally,” She heard the voice say from behind her. “Take off the bra and let me see your milky white tits.”

The new bra had a front clasp and so she undid it and holding the bra together she turned back to the still seated man. The drums were now louder and Sally, the young white wife opened the bra and show her thirty-six C-cup breasts to this black man.

“Very nice, Sally,” Sam said giving her a wide smile, “You have a wonderful set of titties. Shake them for me.”

Sally could not only hear the beating, pulsating drums but she could also feel it. The beat was a live throbbing thing and she found herself moving her shoulders, making her full breasts shake to the beat of the drums. She was aware that her nipples were stiff and almost to the point of hurting so she slowly brought her hand up and caressed her breasts and nipples easing the pain somewhat.

“Now get rid of the panties, Sally,” Sam said his voice husky from the excitement he was feeling. “I want to see your white bare pussy.”

Slowly she complied, swaying and moving to the beat of the primitive beat of the drum. She turned and let him see the tiny strips of material cross the cheeks of her butt. When the thong had been removed she slowly turned back to Sam Hall and stood before him completely unclothed except for the shoes.

“Come here,” he said, his voice much deeper.

Sally took the three steps it took to stand directly in front of him.

“Lean down and kiss me,” He ordered.

When she did, he took both of her swaying breasts in his hands and gently rolled the nipples, causing her to moan into his mouth.

Sam Hall released one pebble like nipple and ran his hand down between her legs. She was moist; he knew that she was his.

Chapter three

“Sally kneel down and take my cock out,” He said.

She hesitated only momentarily and dropped to her knees on the carpet.

Sally took the zipper tab and tugged until it slid down. She took both hands and undid his belt and unsnapped his pants.

Sam’s black cock sprang out like a cobra from a basket and seemed to stand as tall.

Sally gasped and leaned back starting to rise and flee the monster that swayed before her.

Sam held her arms just above her elbows to prevent her escape.

“Take my cock in your hand, Sally.” he said firmly. “Use two hands if you wish.”

Sally reached out with a hand that was shaking and took the coal black tube in her hand. It was hot to the touch and alive with energy and larger than any penis she had ever seen. Of course, she reminded herself, she had only seen three. Her father when she had accidentally opened the bathroom door, her high school sweetheart and that was only a fleeting glimpse, and her husband. This thing on Sam Hall was much larger than any of the three.

“Do you like it Sally?” Sam asked softly. “He really likes you.”

Sally didn’t answer, but managed to convey her appreciation for his manhood by moving her hand up and down.

“I want you to kiss it,” Sam said using one large hand to mover her head closer. “Kiss the tip of my cock.”

Part of Sally Lewis wanted to scream “no”, but her head kept moving toward the giant phallus as if it had a mind of it’s own.

She gave the very tip a quick peck and pulled back almost as if she expected it to charge after her. Then she leaned forward and kissed the purple head again, this time for a longer period, and soon she was licking the head and the shaft and than opened her mouth and put the head inside.

“Easy sweetie,” Sam cautioned. “Watch the teeth.” He was very pleased with her progress. He was confident that soon he would need no drugs at all to bend her to his will.

He let her worship his cock for a while than eased her away from it. “Swap places with me he ordered her. “It’s time for me to taste your pussy.”

As Sally and he made the switch he quickly discarded his clothing. When Sally was seated he took both of her ankles in his hands and separated her legs and lifted them high into the air.

He slowly and deliberately kissed and licked both legs from the knee upward to where he could smell the intoxicating musk from her heated love nest. He bypassed that and went on to her stomach and begun kissing and licking his way back down. By the time he got back to her mound of love, Sally was moaning and twitching.

Sam let her legs fall across his shoulders and he dove into her love box using his tongue to push her outer lips out of the way he began eating her in earnest.

It only took a few minutes of his administration until she began a series of chirping and her hips begun to hunch his face.

“Oh Lord…Oh Lord…ohhhhhh my…..” Sally called out passionately as she experienced the first of her orgasms.

Sam used his shirt to wipe her juices from his face and while she was still in the throes of her orgasm he pulled her out to the edge of the sofa and took his still hard manhood and rubbed it between the lips of her pussy. It was time to fuck this white woman.

Chapter four

Sally was in a post orgasm fog until she felt the huge object slide into the entrance of her box. She smiled slightly as Sam worked his massive tool into her and she continued to smile until he passed the four inch mark. That was as deep as her only lover, her husband, had ever gone. Her eyes snapped completely open at six inches. Sally Lewis had never felt so filled. On one level it felt good while on another level she felt discomfort.

When the black man had achieved full penetration he stayed absolutely still and allowed her to adjust to his size. He knew that any female could and would open to accept any cock with few exceptions. He personally knew two or three men who’s size very few women could take completely. Big Tom, who he knew was lurking near-by, was one of them. Tom had a nine inch cock that was bigger around than a beer can at the base. Fortunately for the women he fucked, it was tapered like a tent stake.

Sam brought his attention back to the present and the woman impaled beneath him. Sally was beginning to make short hunching motion and was mewing like a cat.

“Are you ready?” Sam asked her.

“Yes, do it,” Sally said, almost breathlessly.

“Do what, Sally?” Sam teased. “What is it you want me to do? Fuck you?”

“Yes, do it,” She panted.

“Than say it Sally,” He said. “Tell me to fuck you.”

“Fu..fuck me!” she said loudly. “Do it now!”

Sam Hall obliged the small white woman. He began to fuck her with slow, but steady strokes.

After thirty minutes of this Sally lost count of the climaxes she had. At some point Sam had changed her to her knees on the sofa and had taken her from behind, a first for the young woman. Don had never taken her that way. Sally loved it that way and wondered why her husband had never suggested it.

Sally was building up to another climax when she heard Sam grunt and say. “Get ready Sally. I’m going to come in your cunt.”

His words combined with the action brought her to an enormous climax just as she felt Sam spew his seed into her.

The couple rested on the sofa again. Sally assumed, incorrectly, that he was through for the night and she had to admit to herself that she was disappointed with that ideal.

She was startled when after a while Sam took her hand and put it on his cock. It was wet and slick, and much to her surprise and delight it was still hard. Not as hard as it had been, but defiantly not soft and shriveled like Don’s would have been.

She stroked his manhood and was surprised that it begin to stiffen again.

“Stand up Sally,” Sam instructed. She stood and Sam did also and he effortlessly picked her up and impaled her on his hard cock.

With her legs wrapped around him he started walking up the steps out of the sunken living room. Just as Sally had another climax she noticed that the man she knew only as Big Tom was watching them. Big Tom grinned at her as they passed him.

“We are going to the bedroom Tom,” Sam said. “We’ll continue the fucking there. Bring us some refreshments in after a bit.”

Sally saw the flash of the big man’s teeth as he smiled at them, but was too far into the passion to care that he saw her in that position. She was building up to another orgasm because the walking motion was causing her to bounce up and down on the rigid black pole.

For the next forty five minutes Sam Hall fucked Sally in every position that two people can do. She lost count of her orgasms and twice she nearly passed out from the intensity of the passion.

Sally and Sam were laying side by side on the large bed trying to catch their breaths when the door opened and Big Tom walked in carrying a tray.

Sally tried to find something to cover her nakedness.

“Stop!” Sam commanded. “Do not cover yourself. Let Tom see your well fucked white pussy and your well chewed tits.”

Sally was at a loss. Her inbred sense of modesty dictated that she cover herself, but she was totally under Sam’s control. She lay back on the pillow and let her legs fall apart. She could almost feel the huge black’s eyes on her most private parts.

“Isn’t that a beautiful cunt, Tom?” Sam asked. The big black man silently smiled and nodded his answer.

“I’ll wager you would like to stick your tongue into that hole,” Sam continued. “It a damned shame that you don’t have a tongue isn’t it Tom.”

He rolled over on his side and looked down at Sally, “You see, Sally, Tom lost his tongue. He spoke to me in a most disrespectful way and I cut it out. Let that serve as a lesson to you.” He rolled over and got out of the bed. “Tom is the tub ready?” at Tom’s nod he said, “Good bring the drinks to the spa. Come, sweet Sally let’s soak for a while.”

Chapter five

Sally lay back in the hot bubbling water. She wasn’t at all sure that Sam Hall had told her the truth about his employee, but part of her did believe him. While he had been kind and considerate to her there was a toughness about him.

One thing she was sure of and that was, Sam Hall was a powerful lover. She had never had so many climaxes. He wasn’t anything like her husband Don. Don was good for one lovemaking session a night every four or five nights and many time he left her unsatisfied.

While she mused over this she was keenly aware that Sam was sitting very close to her in the hot tub.

“And what is Sally thinking about, I wonder?” Sam said.

“Oh nothing really,” She answered “just letting my mind wander.”

“Ah, I see. More champagne?”

Sally didn’t know a good champagne from bad, but she knew that this one tasted good and made her stomach warm and she like the feeling.

“Yes please,” she said raising up to hand Big Tom her glass. She was aware that the big man had a clear view of her breast, but since he had see her completely naked it didn’t seem to matter any more.

After a while Sam begun to stroke her and fondle her breasts and she felt herself responding.

Sam didn’t appear at all surprised that she reached over and took hold of his cock without any urging from him. They mutually stroked each other for a while and than Sam raised himself up and sat on the edge of the tub. “Suck my cock, Sally.” He instructed. “Suck it until I come in your mouth. Do not spit it out. Swallow every bit of it.”

Sally wasn’t sure she could do as he had commanded, but she resolved to try.

After about ten minutes of kissing and sucking he shot off in her mouth and when she started to pull away he held her head in place in an iron grip.

“Swallow it,” he hissed, “or I’ll beat your ass until your nose bleeds.”

With that motivation she fought down the rising gag reflex and swallowed his come. She was surprised to find it wasn’t all that difficult and nowhere as unpleasant as she had expected.

Sam slipped off the edge of the tub back into the steaming water.

“Very good, Sally. Very good, indeed. I’m very proud of you. You deserve a reward and I know exactly what it will be. I’ll give you a good fucking. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” Sally answered truthfully, “I would.”

“Good. Stand up and take hold of the edge of the tub with both hands. I’ll fuck you from behind like the bitch you are.”

Sally got up and turned her back to him noticing that the ever-present Tom was standing a few feet away, watching.

Sam stepped behind her and eased his cock into her wet pussy until he had inserted his full length into her.

“Does that feel good, Sally?” Sam asked.

She nodded.

“I didn’t hear you. Does my black cock feel good in your white cunt?”


“No Sally, tell me what you feel.”

“I…I mean…your black cock feels good in my white cunt,” she said loudly.

“And what do you want?” Sam prompted.

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck my white cunt with your black cock!”

“Very good, Sally,” Sam said and obliged her by starting to fuck her. “And while I fuck you with my black cock I want you to suck Tom’s black cock until he comes in your mouth.”

Shocked, Sally raised her head to see a monstrous cock right in her face. It was much larger then Sam’s and twice as big as her husband’s.

“Take it in your hand, Sally,” Sam commanded. “You’ll learn to appreciate that cock as time goes by. Mind your teeth now. I realize that you are a novice, but you get a bit careless from time to time.”

Sally hesitated then almost as if her hand had a mind of it’s own it reached and took the large penis. It was hot to the touch and heavy in her small hand.

“Suck him Sally,” Sam urged. “Take his cock in your mouth and suck him good.”

Sally put her tongue on the hot black cock and gave it a tentative lick, first up one side of the monster than on the other side. Pretty soon she was sucking Tom’s cock and somewhat surprised to find she enjoyed the giving and the receiving

However it wasn’t long before she quickly realized that her jaw was beginning to ache so she begin to stroke Tom’s dick as she sucked. The head of Tom’s cock wasn’t very big, but an inch or so back it got very big, and she wanted to hurry the process.

It was almost like the two men had a signal or something because just as she felt the sperm from San’s cock gush into her she felt Tom shoot into her mouth causing her to gag.

”Swallow it Sally,” Sam commanded. “Swallow every drop.”

She bravely controlled the impulse to spit it out and she managed to swallow the copious amount of sperm. She felt a ridiculous sense of pride that she had.

“Very good, Sally,” Sam praised her. “You will be a professional cock sucker in no time.” They had settled back into the hot tub and Big Tom had joined them.

“Did you enjoy being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time?” Sam asked. He had put his arm around her and pulled her close.

“Yes,” she answered, “Yes I did.”

“Then you must tell Tom that you did.”

Sally turned to the big black man sitting next to her.

“Thank you Tom, for letting me ...ah… suck your cock.” She said.

“Show him you appreciate it,” Sam urged. “I’m not at all jealous. Kiss Tom and show him you like his cock.”

Sally raised up out of the water to reach Big Tom’s lips and she kissed him long and hard, her hand reaching for his cock.

“That is much better,” Sam said. “In fact I need to go out for a while and I want you to stay here and fuck Tom for as long as he wants to and I’ll see you in the morning.”

Chapter six

Sally Lewis woke slowly and even before she opened her eyes she knew the sun was streaming into the room. For a moment she didn’t know where she was and then she remembered.

She lay still for a few minutes trying to assess the situation. She recalled vividly the events of the preceding night. Vividly. She had been taken over and over again by Sam Hall’s friend or henchman or whatever he was. The huge man didn’t seem to tire or ever go completely soft.

Part of Sally’s mind wanted to think of what had happen as making love, but she knew there was little, if any, love involved. It had been nothing but raw passion and she had been truly fucked, a word that had not been a part of her vocabulary until last night. Sam had fucked her, and Big Tom had really fucked her.

After fooling around in the hot tub for a while, Tom had leaped out of the tub and scooped her up and carried her to a bedroom. He didn’t stop to dry either of them. He deposited her onto a large bed and took her without any fanfare.

Sally felt herself beginning to moisten as she thought about what had happed.

For such a big man he had been surprisingly gentle with her. At least at the beginning. He worked his massive tool in slowly giving her enough time to adjust and accommodate his size. Sally felt her face flush as she recalled how full she had felt. And yes, she admitted to herself, how good she had felt. Big Tom fucked her in every conceivable position before the night was over with. Sally smiled as she thought this. Actually Big Tom had fucked her in several positions she could have never imagined. Never in a million years, but she was beginning to realize that she had led a very sheltered life.

At one point Big Tom lay on his back and had actually lifted her up and sat her down on his cock. She shivered as she remembered coming to a climax before she had slid all the way down his rigid pole. As she remembered that event her hand was creeping down to her moist slit and she rubbed her clitoris; something she had never done before. She was aware that her nipples were hard and also tender. Big Tom had seem to be fascinated by her milky white breasts and pink nipples and he had spent a lot of time biting, pulling teasing her nips.

With her eyes still closed she kicked the cover off of her nude body and spread her legs for better access to her womanhood.

“Let me give you a hand, Sally,” Sam Hall said, causing her eyes to fly open. In her excitement she had not heard him enter the room. He was standing beside the bed, naked, his black cock hard. “Shall I?”

“Yes please,” Sally said, moving over to give him better access.

Sam Hall spread her pussy lips and vigorously massaged her clit, smiling as she groaned and arched her back. Sally Lewis was coming around nicely he thought. Very nice, indeed.

“Did you enjoy your night with Big Tom?” her asked.

Sally hesitated only momentarily, “Yes I guess I did.”

“What did he do?”

“He made…ah…He fucked me,” She answered.

“Tell me about it,” he insisted still rubbing her clit and sticking one then two fingers into her. She was a bit looser than she had been when he had fingered her last night. Not much, but some. A few more sessions with Big Tom and she could take the surprise he had in store for her…maybe.

“He was good,” Sally said her voice slow and jerky from his administration of her cunt.

“Better than me?” he asked.

“No, not better, but bigger and certainly different. He didn’t stop all night.” Her voice was louder as she approached orgasm.

Sam stopped fingering her.

“Turn around and get on your knees, Sally,” he demanded, “Time for me to fuck your cunt.”

Having been denied her orgasm she hurriedly got into position and screamed in pain and delight when the black man rammed his cock into her in one rough motion.

“How do you feel now, bitch?” Sam said fucking her with rapid strokes.

“Oh my God!” she said. “I love it! Don’t stop I’m all most there!”

“Who’s better now?” he teased.

“You are….Fuck me… Don’t stop!”

“Liar,” he said continuing to pound her cunt. “I’m starting to think you like Black cock. Do you?”

“Yesssss,” she hissed.

“Say it Sally,” Sam said. “Tell me that you like black cock.”

“I like… I love black cock!” she screamed as she came. “Oh God forgive me but I do love it.”

Chapter seven

Sam Hall stayed with her for another thirty minutes bringing her to several orgasms. Sally was shocked that at one point Sam worked his large finger into the anal cavity. She was surprised that she liked the feeling.

“Like that?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she answered truthfully.

“Good,” Sam said. Working his finger and his cock into her. “You’ll learn to like it even more later when you meet Shorty.”

Sally was too busy coming to ask who Shorty was. It wasn’t until later as she showered that she though of it again.

When She and Sam were being served brunch by Big Tom, she brought the subject up.

“Who is Shorty?” she asked.

“He is a business acquaintance,” Sam answered with a grin. “Shorty will take one look at you and he’ll jump your ass, and I do mean your ass.”

“I don’t get it,” Sally said. “You mean he’ll ah…you know, fuck me, too?”

Sam and Big Tom laughed. “Yes indeed, sweet Sally,” Sam said still laughing, “Shorty will fuck you and there is nothing Shorty likes better than a virgin asshole.”

Sally was speechless for a few minutes. “You’re kidding,” she said. “He won’t do it in my, ah, bottom will he? That’s sick.”

“Maybe,” Sam answered. “Maybe not. Doesn’t make any difference. He’s has already paid me a grand. He’s going to butt-fuck you and that’s for sure.” Sam had to laugh at the incredulous look on the white woman’s face.

“He paid you?” Sally asked.

“Don’t worry about it, Sally.” He said. “You’ll learn to love it. I’ll give you a couple pills that will help relax your muscles. In just a little while you will get the fucking of a life time and every time thereafter it will get better. You have already been places and done things you never dreamed about, haven’t you?”

Sally nodded her head. There was no question about it. She had done things she had never even though of.

“There are more things, wonderful things, in store for you.” He said, smiling at her. “You are going to get sex-ed 101 this week-end and a new course of study every week-end. I promise you more sex in the coming weeks than you all of your sexual experiences combined.”

Sally didn’t comment, but she thought that she had already had more sex last night than her husband of four years had given her. It was the first time she had given her husband much thought since her arrival and she shook her head to get the thoughts out of her head. It was his fault that she was here at all. She dismissed him from her mind.

“You will learn to take cock up your ass, you will be fucked until you pass out. Your pussy will stretch to accommodate the largest cocks. You will pull a train, you will eat pussy and like it. You’ll be given a cum bath,” Sam Hall paused and look hard at the face had had gone pale, “You will be a sex machine, my dear. You will suck cock, eat pussy, fuck anybody and everybody I tell you too. We will make you air tight. Do you know what that is?”

Sally shook her head, “No, I don’t know what most of what you said is.” She was aware that Big Tom was standing behind her chair with his hands on her shoulders. Tom Let his hands slip down until they cupped her ample breasts through the robe she was wearing.

“While Tom fucks your pussy and Shorty or some lucky brother fucks your ass, I will fuck your mouth. Air tight you see. What else don’t you understand? Pulling a train? You will fuck and suck a group of men. You will be, to put it simply, be gang-fucked. One after another they will fuck you until you have taken all their cum.”

Big Tom’s fingers worked under her robe and his fingers found her hardening nipples and lightly squeezed them, causing her to moan softly.

“Your pussy is getting wet just thinking about all the sex, isn’t it?” Sam asked.

Sally didn’t answer. Instead she leaned her head back against big Tom and enjoyed his fingers on her breasts.

Sam reached over and untied the belt to her robe and pulled the robe open to reveal the large black hands on her milky white breasts.

“Pussy wet, Sally?” Sam asked again.

Sally nodded her head while biting her lower lip and Big Tom played her nipples like a stringed instrument.

“I have a meeting so I won’t be able to help you,” Sam said, reaching to put his finger to her steaming crotch. “I suspect that Big Tom may have some time to pack your cunt for you. Would you like that?”

Again Sally nodded. Sam had two fingers in her and Big Tom kept up his work. She was seconds from orgasm.

“Take her and fuck her, Tom,” Sam said, removing his fingers. “Show her where I put her new clothes and get her into a bikini and show her where the pool is. I want her sun-bathing by two o’clock. Make sure of it.”

Sally had a small orgasm as Sam removed his fingers and was almost ready to hit the big one when Tom removed his hands from her breasts.

She turned quickly and looked up at Big Tom who was motioning her to follow him. She was almost running by the time she got back to the bedroom.

Sam Hall grinned as he watched her hurry after his large employee. Sally was quickly becoming a black cock slut. He shook his head in wonderment at how quickly the woman heated up. She was quite the find and would fit in very nicely.

Chapter eight

Sally lay in the sun by the large swimming pool enjoy the heat of the sun on her skin. He was wearing the skimpiest bathing suit she had ever seen.

She smiled recalling the shock when Big Tom held it out to her and motioned her to put it on. It was three tiny pieces of material and some string. Now she laughed to herself at how ridicules that feeling had been. At the time she had been standing nude in front of the man who had just had sexual relations with her several times. There was no part of her body that Big Tom had not seen and enjoyed. She felt her pulse rate increase as she recalled that steamy session and like before all done in silence except for the occasional grunt from the big man and of course her own moaning and whimpering. She smiled again thinking that there had been some screaming from her also. Sally was bewildered at her attitude about this situation she found herself in. It was not at all in her nature to be subservient to anyone, yet she did everything Sam Hall told her to do. She had never thought of her self as a sexual person. Sure she like sex, or what she believed was sex, with her husband, but now she found that almost every thought was about sex and sex with men other than her husband. It was rather mind boggling for her.

Sally had long been a sun worshiper, but she carefully had put sun screen on the areas of her body that the tiny suit exposed to the sun. Her recent sexual activities and the heat of the afternoon sun had lulled her into a stupor. She was suddenly aware of men’s voices getting louder and she stirred herself enough to roll her head to the side and open her eyes.

Sam and a fat man, also black, were walking along the pool deck toward her. They were in a heated conversation.

“I would really like it if you reconsidered,” Sam said.

“Can’t be done, man,” the other man said. “I like you Sam, but it just ain’t good business. I have…” Both of the men were now standing beside the reclining white woman. “Whoa! Who da bitch?”

“That is my friend Sally,” Sam answered. “Sally say hello to Crank Miller.”

Sally raised up on her elbows wishing she had a robe or towel to cover her near nudity from the leering fat man.

“Hi,” Sally said.

“Man, that’s some prime pussy,” Crank Miller said.

“Yes, she is that,” Sam agreed, grinning at the blushing white woman. “Let’s sit in the shade and talk about things. We don’t need any sun, Do we?” Both men walked away laughing, Crank Millie looked back at the near nude white woman several times.

“Talk ‘bout what?” the fat man said.

“Well, how about prime pussy and things?” Sam answered.

Sally watched the two men go to the covered part of the deck and sit down. She lay back and closed her eyes. She heard Sam tell Big Tom to brings drinks for the men and something called a hurricane for her. Soon Tom brought her a large iced drink which she gratefully accepted.

Sally could hear bits and pieces of the two men’s conversation and from what she could hear, Sam seemed to be winning. She felt a strange sense of pride in him.

After finishing the first hurricane and starting a second one, Sally was feeling no pain. She was only vaguely aware that she was being called.

“Sally, please come over here,” Sam called again.

She struggled to her feet with a giggle and carefully made her way over to where the two men sat.

Crank Miller watched her every step and seemed to appreciate that the tiny bra only served to make her breasts bounce more.

“Sally,” Sam said mildly, “Show Crank your tits.”

It took a couple moments for his order to get through her 180 proof rum soaked brain. “Now, Sally,” Sam said with just a hint of edge to his voice. “Drop the top.”

She reached behind her and pulled the string behind her neck and the two petite pieces of cloth fell away from her breasts.

“Good God a mighty,” Crank said slowly, “Them are some fine titties. Come over here girl and let ol’ Crank have a taste.”

Sally glanced at Sam who nodded. She took the three steps that brought her within the fat man’s reach.

Crank drew the white woman closer and opening his mouth took a third of her right breast into his mouth with tremendous suction. Sally gasped. Crank’s other hand grabbed her left tit and rolled the nipple expertly. Sally was amazed that this disgusting fat man could cause her to be excited.

With a loud plop the heavy man released her breast from the vacuum like grip.

“I’m thinkin’ I’m goina have to have me some of this,” Crank said his voice husky. He kept his grasp on her other breast. “Say I ‘gree to what you say. What I get?”

“Anything and everything except her ass. I sold that to Shorty,” Sam answered.

“How long I get her for?” Crank asked.

“Say two hours,” Sam said looking at his wrist watch. “Got a party starting at seven. She’ll need a couple hours to rest and get ready for that.”

“Hmm,” Crank said, looking at the white woman. Sally was reminded of how a snake looks at it’s prey just before it strikes. “Wants to see that pussy, bitch.”

Sally glanced at Sam again and saw his nod. She pulled the strings on either side of the small triangle and let it fall to the deck. She was completely naked now.

“My, my, my,” Crank said softly. “Table grade pussy if I ever saw it.” He looked over at Sam Hall. “I gets two hours and I don’t haft to wear no rubber. Is that right?”

“That is correct,” Sam said.

“I can fuck her any where but her asshole?”

“Hell, Crank you can fuck her ear if that’s what you want.” Sam snapped.

“’Kay then. We got a deal.” Crank pulled the woman to his lap. “You want some of ol’ Crank’s dick, whore?” He was rubbing her clitoris causing her to squirm.

Sally saw Sam nod, “Yes sir,” she said, her voice quivering. Partly from fear and partly from the excitement rising in her.

”Take Crank to your room Sally,” Sam ordered. “Do what he tells you to do. Do not give him any sass.”

Sally got to her feet and waited until the fat man heaved himself to his feet. She led him to the room.

The room seemed almost cold after coming in out of the heat. It caused her nipples to harden even more than they had been.

“Lay your ass down on that there bed, whore,” The fat man ordered. “Spread them legs and let me get a good look at your cunt.”

Obediently Sally lay down on the bed and turned so that her knees pointed at the man who had pulled a chair over to the side of the bed.

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