Jessica and Jonathan losing their virginity.

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Jonathan is a nineteen-year-old in his second year at University. He is extremely good looking, 6 feet tall, dark hair, handsome features, brown eyes, having an appearance of being always tanned, slim fit body on which no matter what clothes he wore, they always looked good. He is in his second year at university, into sports, playing soccer and tennis especially. He oozes sex appeal, and female heads always turn when he is around. But Jonathan is still a virgin. It is not for want of opportunity, (he could have many) but he has decided to remain one until he meets the girl he is really going to love.

Jessica is eighteen years old, in her first year of University. She is a beautiful girl, 5’6” tall, with dark blonde hair to her shoulders, warm blue eyes, soft skin, beautiful face, and a shapely body with firm 34C breasts, slim waist, defined hips, cute backside and a gorgeous pair of legs. To put it frankly, she is stunning. But despite a few boyfriends, Jessica has also decided to keep her virginity for the right boy to fall in love with. 

Neither are virgins out of strict morality. They both have a healthy sense of self esteem that gives them a different standards to a lot of their contemporaries who were willing to have casual sexual relationships. In any case, the main reason is that neither has met the girl or boy they want to surrender themselves to. Jessica’s mum has always told her to make that decision very carefully, and Jon has his own clear ideas about that too. Jon has had three girlfriends. One had lasted not more than a month, one nine weeks and the other eight months, and it was he who broke them all off. Now at University he was free but choosy. He wanted a girl to really love and spend time with, and of course, to make love to. He has a strong sex drive, but he wants sex to be part something bigger than just animal lust. 

Jessica has had two boyfriends. One for two years from the age of fifteen to seventeen. They were at school together, and she liked him a lot, and apart from occasionally ‘feeling each other up’ as she put it, nothing more happened. During the summer Jess met a boy on vacation that she really liked, but it was a summer fling and once they had gone home, it was over. Now at university she wants a boyfriend to love and be loved by. She has a very healthy sex drive too, and is longing to meet the boy she will share it with.

Jessica first noticed Jonathan by accident in the University cafeteria one lunchtime. He seemed alone and she thought to herself ‘He is gorgeous’. As the day went on she couldn’t get him out of her mind. She didn’t think she had seen such a sexy looking boy in her life. Next day she looked around hoping to see him, but didn’t. However she did see him in town with a friend the following Saturday, It caught her completely off guard and once again her breath was taken away by his fabulous appearance. No boy had ever turned her on like this before.

It was another week later that she went to a campus disco with some friends. As they made their way from the bar, there was Jon on the dance floor dancing with a beautiful looking girl she concluded must be his girlfriend. To dance the way they were, she concluded, they must be sexually intimate. Even her friend noticed them and said to Jessica, ‘What a stud that guy is’. Her heart sank. He was not available, and every girl in the place probably looked at him the same way she did.

What she didn’t know was that back in his seat, Jon noticed Jessica across the room. He looked twice. ‘Wow’ he thought, ‘she is an incredibly beautiful girl’. Back in his seat he kept looking across at her, only once to catch her eye, but she quickly looked away thinking it was mere coincidence. She was cross she had seen him with the girl, though did notice she was not around him now. Later she saw him on the floor again dancing with another girl, just as hotly as the first time. ‘Maybe he is just a great dancer’, she thought to herself. She certainly had no idea he was a virgin, because she knew that with his great looks and his sexy dancing, if he hadn’t got a girlfriend already, he could probably take any girl home with him that night. She didn’t know he had long ago decided he would not do that, he was looking for real love.

As she was leaving the disco with her friend, Jessica was surprised to feel a tap on her shoulder. She turned around, and it was this same gorgeous guy. ‘Hi’ he said lamely, ‘sorry to bother you, are you leaving?’ ‘I am thinking of it’ she said. ‘Would you like one more dance, with me? I noticed you earlier, I think you are a beautiful girl and my evening would not be complete if I didn’t dance with you’ he continued. ‘Well thanks’ she said rather bewildered and tongue tied, ‘I think you should ask your girlfriend first’ ‘I don’t have a girlfriend’ he responded. ‘So who were you dancing with before?’ ‘These are just a couple of girls who hang out with some of my friends and me, but they are no one in particular. Why did you ask, did you notice me dancing with them?’ he asked. ‘I did’ she said coyly, ‘you are a very good dancer’. ‘Thanks’ he said, ‘come with me’. As he took her hand to lead her to the floor he said ‘My name is Jonathan’. ‘And mine is Jessica’ she responded. The music started and he took her hands and they started to dance. Wow, he could dance. Jessica tried to give as good as him and they stayed on the floor for several dances. His dancing was at times vigorous, sometimes passionate, often romantic, and always sexy. In fact, everything about him seemed to make her knees go weak. 

After their last dance he offered her a drink over in a corner, where they talked for a while and then danced again. It was late and he asked her if she would like to meet him next day for brunch in the cafeteria about noon. As he walked her out of the building and towards her dorm he said ‘You are the most beautiful girl I have seen in this place, and this is my second year. I have never seen you before but I can’t take my eyes off you’. Jess couldn’t believe what she was hearing all this. ‘Maybe you haven’t been out much’ she suggested, ‘Oh yes I have’ said, ‘I have been around a lot!’ At her dorm he showed no sign of wanting to stay, (in anycase Jesse’s roommate was home) but said ‘see you at twelve tomorrow’. Then, as she walked to the door he shouted ‘You are the most beautiful girl on campus’ to which she lamely shouted back ‘You are not bad yourself you know’.

She went to her room in a dream. Was this real? She could not get him out of her mind. She went to bed naked that night pretending Jonathan was there. She imagined his gorgeous naked body next to hers, the smell of his breath, the feel of his strength. She relived his sexy dancing in her mind, his fabulous body, his boundless energy, his gorgeous ass and sexy groin, and as she lay there she found herself fantasizing about an unusually big cock which she pretended to hold in her hand. In fact she went to her refrigerator and pulled out a cucumber to pretend was him, opening her legs on her bed and imagining she was guiding him to her very wet cunt. What she didn’t know was that when Jon left her that night to walk home he had such a raging hard-on that made his jeans so tight it almost hurt. His roommate was not there, and inside his room he ripped his clothes off and went to bed that night cuddling a thick pillow pretending it was Jessica. He imagined kissing her, feeling the shape of her sexy ass, feeling her breasts and kissing her erect nipples, intertwining his naked legs with hers as their lips and tongues interplayed. Then he formed the fingers and thumb of his left hand into a circle and pretending it was her cunt he slid his hard cock inside his own hand and began to thrust in and out, fucking his hand to a sticky climax. That wasn’t unusual for he often masturbated, but tonight he found himself hard again in a few seconds just thinking about Jessica so he fucked his cock in his hand for the second time, but even that didn’t take the pressure away so he did it a third time. When he had finished relieving himself, he slept naked, awaking on Sunday morning with another hard-on, and Jessica on his mind. Jess meanwhile awoke the next morning imagining and pretending Jon was there and ready to fuck her again. The cucumber lay on the floor by the bed, softened and squeezed. Jess had no idea she had played with it so vigorously. Such was the vivid imagination of these two virgins... such was the pent up sexual energy in both of them, ready perhaps for the first time to be released on someone each knew they were falling very deeply in love with.

They met the next day for lunch in the cafeteria as they had planned. Both already believed something magic and exciting was going on between them, but neither said anything about it. It was too early. They had only met last night. They spent the rest of the afternoon together and into the evening, walking into town, talking about themselves and their backgrounds, their hopes and ambitions, their likes and dislikes. At the end of the day they felt they knew more about each other than they did about any other friend they had had. And they understood each other too. It was hard to believe they had only known each other for twenty-four hours. As they walked back to the campus dorms, Jon took Jesse’s hand in his and their fingers intertwined. Jon looked across at her and smiled, and noticed Jessica’s smile was as wide as her face. He was a real gentleman and made no sexual advances at all, but before he left her that night he took her in his arms, squeezed her and gave her a short kiss her on the lips. It was like a promise of something more. She loved the smell of his breath and the closeness of his body. Her hands went around him to hold him tight. Then with a final quick kiss, they parted and she went into her room and he went home to his. ‘What a gentleman’ Jessica thought to herself. That night in bed they both tossed and turned in bed thinking of each other as they had the previous night. 

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