Fantasy to Reality

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In the spring of our tenth year of marriage my thoughts turned to what I considered to be the dark side of my imagination. My wife, in her thirtieth year was as voluptuous as she was the day I married her. I would often experience an erection by just standing next to her. She was a nice physical package of 5’ 4” with, not a slim build but not chubby either. There was just enough of her to make her a nice soft package to hold on to. She had beautiful breasts and deep green eyes. Her breasts were so sensitive I could bring her to climax by just massaging them. She had beautiful legs, long and full and fantastic to touch.

She was a touchy feely kind of gal who would not hesitate to touch the arm or leg of someone she was talking too. That got her some looks from more than one irritated wife. I found it amusing because I knew that she was totally innocent of any hidden motive to touch the guy’s leg other than to hold his attention as she spoke. The guys at the parties we attended were attracted to her like flies to honey because of her innocence and her sexuality. They loved her naivety. They loved to engage her in banter that pushed the envelope on sexual content and suggestiveness. She would sail thru an evening without the slightest idea about the fact that the guys were playing off her with suggestive conversation.

I never worried about her. Jealousy was not an issue. She was a virgin when I married her. She was the product of a strict upbringing. We attended church on a regular basis with our family. Our best friends were members of the same congregation.

I am not sure when the thoughts started creeping into my head, thoughts about her being with another man. Then came the visions. I could see her lying with a man between her legs. She was noisy when we made love and I could her moaning in my imaginary scenarios that cast her with another guy.

Maybe it was that night in the Casino in Vegas during a vacation when she coyly told me that a guy at the bar suggested that she ditch me and go to his room with him. It sparked my curiosity. I sort of jokingly asked her what she thought about it. She gave me a friendly slap on the shoulder and said, “no way silly.” I carried it a bit further that night. When we were making love I pretended to be the stranger at the bar. She hesitated at first and then joined me in our little joint fantasy.

We really got nasty. I used language I had never used before. “Do you like fucking me? Does my cock feel better than you hubby’s? Does he eat your sweet pussy? I love your pussy. I am going to fuck you and then my friend is going to fuck you.” It was wild. The more I whispered into her ear the more excited she got. She climaxed like a wild woman. I joined her. It was the most fantastic session of sex we had had in a very long time. I began to realize that our sex had slowly become mundane and mechanical. This was a revival of the way it used to be. I was exhausted from the passion we both had just experienced. All of this because a guy at the bar made a simple pass at her?

We didn’t talk about it but I could not help to let my mind wander over the events of that evening and wonder how intense could our love making get and stay if we allowed such fantasies to develop further. What if there was actual touching. My imagination went wild. I travel with my work. I would lie in my bed in the motel room and masturbate to my new fantasies. I envisioned her at the bar with short dress and the guy, any guy, with his fingers playing along those beautiful legs. I masturbated to that scenario a couple of times. The scene went further. The three of us go up to his room for a nightcap and once there he proceeds to seduce her while I watch. He takes advantage of her sensitive breasts and she becomes so overwhelmed with his caresses she finds herself on the bed and unable to resist his advances as he moves her dress to her waist, pulls her panties to the side and takes her. He is big and she is noisy. I improved on the fantasy until I was joining them in the bed and making love to her along with this stranger.

Then the first little fingers of doubt began to seep into my imagination and the first little traces of jealousy began to enter my thought process. I admonished myself for such thoughts. There was not even prospective lover her life other than me. Who was in her life? Who might actually materialize as a real living breathing part of my fantasy?

Our good friends Maddy and Frank occupied a great deal of our social time and we theirs. Frank was a great guy. He obviously thought the world of my wife Lindsey. He would do anything for either she or I. Certainly we would do anything for them.

We spent a lot of time together. They had a mountain cabin where we spent many weekends. It was a bit primitive. It had an outside shower that was out of the question in the winter time. We heated water in the winter on the stove and bathed behind a sloppily hung curtain used for privacy. In the summer the shower water was heated by the sun and dropped directly on one from the tank above. It was still a little cold but showering with our bathing suits on was helpful because we could run without hesitation into the heated part of the cabin. The cabin consisted of two rooms. There was a kitchen and a bedroom. The door opening between the two rooms was covered by a plastic sheet with no door. There was one double bed and one queen size bed in the room on either side of the door where you entered the room. Enter and turn one foot to the right or left and you were at the edge of one or the other bed. There was basically no privacy, but as I said, we had been best friends for many years and turning the light off at night worked fine along with the usual squeals from the girls when either Frank or I accidentally entered the area while one of them was changing cloths. We would actually tease each other about it. Us guys would pretend that we were coming in or accuse the other guy of going in on purpose.

I added that to my fantasy. I envisioned Lindsey in the room at the cabin and Frank walking in on her while she is just wrapped in a towel. He begins to tease her, pulling at the towel. They end up wrestling and falling onto the bed. He is suddenly on top of her and sliding his hand under the towel’s edge, feeling for her breasts. She pretends to struggle but allows him to touch her. She takes in a sharp breath as she feels his fingers start to play over the smoothness of her globes. Her sensitive nipples harden and respond to his caresses. She cannot help herself. The passion of the moment and the sensations of his hands fondling her breasts destroy her defenses. She feels him reaching along her belly and touching her mound, sliding his fingers thru the neatly shaven edges of her now swollen vagina. Her eyes are closed but she senses the movement of his body as he shifts his weight and pauses with his body hovering over hers. She can feel his fingers playing about her opening and then the touch of what she knows is the head of his penis. He enters her slowly and surely. Her curiosity about the swollen lump in his shorts that she has peeked at so many times is satisfied. He is massive. He fills her up as he presses deep into her wet and swollen pussy.

My cum splatters the motel bed sheets as I bring myself to climax with the vision of my sweet wife, her legs spread, taking in the big cock of my best friend.

I cannot tell her of my fantasies. They have gotten out of control. She would be angry with me for debasing the wonderful relationship we have with Frank and Maddy. Now when the four of us are together or when Lindsey and I are at a social gathering I am extra sensitive about where Lindsey is and what she is doing. If she disappears from the room I go looking for her. I am suspect of the guy who seems to be coming from the back of the house where I know she is. Were they doing something back there? Did he come on to her? Is she smiling because she has just let a guy touch her or kiss her behind a closed door? I have an erection and a new fantasy.

It is late. The party is winding down. I have had too much to drink and am sleeping on the sofa. I awaken to a darkened room. I am confused at first and then I remember that I am at a friend’s house. I have obviously slept thru the end of the party. Where is everyone? Where is Lindsey? Where are our friends Frank and Maddy? Who did someone not wake me up? Then I hear the noise. It is a muffled sound coming from down the hall. It’s voices and other noises that I cannot make out. Someone is up and around so I will join them. I push myself up from the sofa and feel my way across the semi-darkness of the room. I peer down the hall and see only darkness except for the dim light coming from the end bedroom. I make my way down the hall and arrive at the open bedroom door. I don’t want to barge in on anyone so I carefully peek around the door frame. The glow from two night lights illuminates the pieces of furniture leaving a shadowy cover over everything. I hear the voices more clearly. It is Lindsey. She is whimpering. I know that sound. My eyes become adjusted to the dark and I realize that there is a person standing by the bed on the other side. There is someone in the bed also.

The whimpering is coming from the bed. Lindsey must be there. Then who is that person by the bed and what are they doing in the room where my wife is trying to sleep? The form on the bed is moving. My eyes adjust more and I realize that there more than one person in the bed. The person standing by the bed moves slowly over to the bathroom door and enters. He flicks on the bathroom light and just before he closes the door the flood of light reveals my wife’s face, the head of the man laying on her, the pile of bedding at the foot of the bed, their entwined legs and the motion of his hips as he moves into her. I am watching a man fuck my wife. I am frozen in place. I listen to the sloshing sounds of fucking as he pleasures himself in my wife’s body. I listen to her whimpering and know that she is enjoying it. I feel myself hardening and press my hand against my erection. I am both angry and excited at the same time. Their motions quicken and he begins to grunt as she breaths more and more deeply until he reaches a pace of rapidly pounding into her and she is gasping for breath with each thrust. I massage myself.

Earlier in the evening I had met this man. He was single and a friend of our hosts. He was there with a friend of his, another guy. They were both big guys tanned and rugged looking. I found out that they were bunkmates on an oil rig. I remember Lindsey being infatuated with them, their brawny looks and their devil may care attitude. They liked Lindsey. The scene of the three of them sitting on the sofa came back. Lindsey is sitting engaged in conversation with her usual habit of placing her hand on the person’s thigh as she talked. He responded. He placed his hand on her thigh, patted her leg at the point where her bare flesh disappeared under her short skirt and grinned at her. She smiled He knew he was going to fuck this female before the evening was over. He looked over at me even as he moved his hand a bit on her thigh and grinned. He didn’t care if I knew his intentions or not. He was telling me with his eyes. “I am going to fuck your wife.”

The sound of their bodies thrashing about in mutual climax brought me back. I pressed my hand against my engorged cock and waited. The bathroom door opened again and the friend returned to the room. There was movement on the bed and the guy lying between Lindsey’s legs lifted himself up and by moving one leg to the floor, stood up by the bed. She pulled the covers to her chin and tilted her head upward to look at the one who had just returned from the bathroom. He pulled at the covers. She resisted. He pulled a little more firmly and the covers gave way. He stood there by the bed caressing the white melons of bare breasts glowing in the soft light. He must have pinched her nipple because she squeaked and covered her breasts with her hands. He took her hands in his and moved himself over her. He held her hands above her head and lowered his face to the curve of her neck and shoulder. She moaned.

He gently eased himself over her and used one hand to push her legs apart. She grabbed him with both arms wrapped around his head. He sank into her as she lifted her hips to meet him. There was a long sigh from her lips as she succumbed to his manipulation of her body. The other one had silently left thru the bathroom door. I was intent on taking in the dim outline of my wife’s beautiful body before once again she was covered by the massive frame of the male. He enveloped her in his arms, holding her steady with his hands over the top of her shoulders. He covered her mouth with his own and drove into her wet center with measured strokes delivered by a massive cock. I heard the sound of their wet bodies slapping in unison as he slid rapidly in and out of her swollen,cum lubricated pussy. He methodically drove her to another climax at the very moment I felt my own release spreading against the bare skin of my thigh.

It was summer again and a weekend at the cabin was planned. I was already anticipating more material for my world of fantasy. I knew now that I wanted more. I wanted it to happen and I wanted to be a part of it.

To be continued either here or in your own fantasies.

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