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Caught in the Act

(Part 1 from 1)

The first time I was discovered masturbating was when I was eighteen. I was having a bath and had started a “soapy-hands” job. I liked this to last, so I used masturbate to the edge of orgasm, then stop for a few seconds before continuing. The longest I had kept this up was about fifteen minutes but this evening I knew there was no hope of breaking any records. 

After about five minutes and four near orgasms I let myself go, and a fountain of sperm flew up into the air and landed on my chest. I heard a faint gasp from the next room, and immediately realised to my horror what had happened. There was only an old wooden partition between the bathroom and my sister’s bedroom and there were plenty of cracks through which one could spy on people in the bathroom.

 I had done my share of spying: recently I had discovered that my father frequently masturbated in the bath and some time ago I had seen my cousin Barbara pissing high into the air in the bath and playing with herself long before I realised that girls masturbated. Now I had been caught. What was I going to do? Would Angela tell Mummy? I decided I had to confront her and somehow explain. I didn’t have to. After a minute or so had passed she came into the bathroom, smiling.

“What were you doing? It looked like you were peeing but it was all white! And why was your cock so huge and stiff?”
Should I tell her? Why not?
“Well, if you really want to know I was doing what is called masturbating, or more commonly wanking. All boys do it, and, if you really want to know, so do girls, but they don’t spurt out sperm of course.”
Angela started laughing.

“You silly boy, do you think I don’t know what wanking is? I only asked you to see what you would say. You aren’t the first boy I’ve seen wanking – and if you really want to know, I masturbate too! Barbara taught me last summer.”
“She taught you? Gosh. Nobody taught me. I discovered it by myself – at least, my mates talked about it so much I had to try it.”
“I must admit, I like watching it. Will you do it again?”
“Well, I can’t now, but I suppose I will another day – if you promise not to say anything to Mummy.”
“I’m not mad, you know. Look, would you like to see how I do it?”

“Gosh, yes. I watched Barbara through the crack a couple of years ago, but I’d love to see it again.”
So Angela lifted up her nightie, spat on her fingers and started to caress her clitoris. Soon a finger slipped gently into the slit, though not far enough to break the hymen. She was obviously a veteran masturbator – the fingers moved faster and faster and eventually she shook and stifled a scream as she reached orgasm. My prick, although sore from five minutes of rubbing, leapt to attention again and I was able to please my sister by returning the compliment, though with only a tiny trickle of sperm. It was rather good being watched! 

After this I masturbated quite a few times in front of my sister and she in front of me, but this openess did not prepare me for the next time I was unexpectedly caught masturbating because the person who caught me was my mother. I frequently masturbated in bed soon after I woke up, as I often had an erection caused by a full bladder and it did not take much to get myself excited. The fuller the bladder the more intensive the orgasm. One morning, waking up with a delightfully full bladder, I had flung the bedclothes back, dropped my pyjamas and started rubbing my prick. I could soon feel the orgasm coming, so I slowed up the rubbing to make it last as long as possible. Soon I had reached the point of no return and just as I could feel the sperm welling up at the base of my prick the door opened suddenly and there was my mother, standing in the doorway. I made a frantic attempt to pull the bedcovers over me, but they were too far away and by the time I had reached them, sperm was spraying in all directions. It seemed pointless to say anything, so I just glanced helplessly at my mother. She had an enigmatic Mona Lisa-type smile on her face and just said:

“It’s time to get up..” – and left the room. I went down to breakfast with a very sheepish look on my face, but my mother behaved as though nothing had happened.

By the time I was seventeen I had been caught several times by classmates and once by a teacher masturbating through my trousers in the classroom. I think the teacher was excited by it; all he said was: “There’s a time and place for everything, Blake!” – and crossed his legs. I was seen by a girl in the park when I was masturbating in the park after peeing behind a tree. She also seemed to be rather enjoying the sight. I once masturbated in the shower booth at the swimming pool. It was an individual shower but with no door and those passing me could see clearly what I was doing. 

It was interesting watching different reactions. Some pretended they hadn’t seen anything, some paused briefly to take in what they were seeing, and some obviously relished the sight. Nobody ever said anything. By this time I was enjoying being caught in the act and started openly masturbating in public urinals, usually finding others who followed suit. Later I discovered that the back row of the porno cinema was the place for open wanking and soon experienced my first mutual wank. But I hankered for the unusual and the dangerous and started masturbating openly in ordinary cinemas, and semi-surreptitiously through my trousers on buses and in trains, although if the train was nearly empty I would do it openly. 

It was incredible how no one ever said anything – the general reaction seemed to be fascination. Once, when wearing thin trousers and no underpants during the summer I arranged my prick so that my erection would be obvious and sat reading a book. Simply using slight movements of my legs I managed to reach orgasm and the sperm seeped through the thin material of the trousers, leaving an obvious stain. I did not dare look at anyone’s reaction, though I did hear a bit of rather horrified muttering. I simply left at the next station and went to the gent’s to clean up the stain as well as I could!

I suppose I run the risk of being one day caught by the wrong person and getting myself arrested, but the thrill of masturbating in front of the least suspecting is such a turn on that I am obliged to accept that I am an incurable addict!

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