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The Night at The Bar.

(Part 1 from 1)

Karla waited anxiously for Michael to arrive at the bar. Michael had asked her out on a date a few days earlier and HAD to say yes.

As she lifted and pushed her huge tits around, and fixed her hair, the bar door opened and closed. "Michael!" karla said happily.

Michael plopped himself down at the table. " 'Sup babe?! Im gonna go buy us some drinks." I nodded my head in positive agreement.

Michael walked over to the counter. He slightly bent over and whispered in the bar tenders ear. The bar tender chuckled, then handed Michael the 2 beers he ordered.

Michael carefully sat down next to Karla with the beers. Beer, after beer, after beer, Michael would yell the same thing: "Keep 'them comin'!"

Within a matter of minutes the were drunk as could be. We stumbled over to his van. "Why- why d-dont we rest fo-for a while?" Michael said drunkenly.

"Sure." Karla replied already half asleep. But just then, out of the blue, she felt a hot sensation on her left cheek.

Karla looked over only to see Michael kissing her firmly o the cheek. But what she also noticed was he was going down and down and down further.

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Karla decided to play along, and started kissing back. Michael's hands darted for her breasts. He began to caress them.

Karla flipped on leg over Michael's thin hips. "i've wanted you so bad for so long Karla! You're killing me!" he groaned

"mmm! Well the feelings mutual!" Karla said while making grinding motions against his now hard cock.

Michael nuged her to the side pulling her soaked panties down. She was now on all fours on the car seat.

Michale started humping HARD! Karla made her body bull backward to get her cock starved pussy stabbed.

"uhhh! mm! ohhh!" Michael groaned. Our bodies slapped together with every hump Michael made.

"Oh Fuck! FUCK ME MICHAEL!" Karla screamed. His Cock stabbed inside her pussy.

"Im gonna come!" yelled Michael. His huge load squirted everywhere. "AHHHHH!" he moaned.

"Now its your turn!"

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