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  • An Adriatic Tale
    An all girl cast take over this fable of the Three Bears!
    Rate this story, Author : Blondeinheat, Main category : Lesbian Stories.
    Posted at : 01-Nov-2013.

  • My First Black Cock
    My official tour to Nigeria culminated in a lifetime experience of my first black cock...
    Rate this story, Author : shakeher69, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 23-Aug-2013.

  • My girlfriend and my friend Danny
    My fantasy of seeing my girlfriend with my buddy Danny...
    Rate this story, Author : Justy85, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 27-Apr-2013.

  • One more time
    Beach holiday gets really exciting for wife...
    Rate this story, Author : hardrock, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 02-Apr-2013.

  • Mature Stud
    My best friends took good care of me...
    Rate this story, Author : Cindy, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 28-Mar-2013.

  • Horatio"s
    A Paradise Vacation Resort for Slut Wives and their Husbands...
    Rate this story, Author : talon, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 26-Mar-2013.

  • Colie
    A loving wife, scared, insecure and lonely has an affair - an indiscreation that might cost her the marriage she desperately wants ti maintain!
    Rate this story, Author : bobjj1234, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 24-Mar-2013.

  • Sally"s Hedonistic Adventures in Room 2222
    Sally and husband visit Hedonism II resort. Sally has sex with strangers in their room #2222...
    Rate this story, Author : stan, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 03-Mar-2013.

  • My best summer experience
    Me and my stepsister home alone while our parents are away...
    Rate this story, Author : Andrew, Main category : First Time Stories.
    Posted at : 13-Jan-2013.

  • The Beach with you
    Two people who crave each other despite their commitment to their existing partners...
    Rate this story, Author : Smudge Jaymon, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 10-Jan-2013.

  • Kim"s Training Day : Part 1
    Kim learns to be a good girl...
    Rate this story, Author : Lyn, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 01-Jan-2013.

  • A Surprising Day Indeed
    Sam and Andrea have been dating for a while without having sex. Thir sexual experiences are just getting started, though, when Sam tries to surprise Andrea one day, and it"s Sam who gets the biggest surprise of all!
    Rate this story, Author : Mr. Torpedo, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 25-Nov-2012.

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