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Helen had just turned 18, the world was her oyster so to speak. It was a Friday night in a small Californian town. The beach was looking inviting on a hot summer night. Helen knew there was probably some of the college kids doing their usual bonfire out on the beach that night. Every Friday there was something happening somewhere where she could find trouble to get into. With the summer heat she decided the beach would be her best bet. She got into her Jeep and headed to the beach towel in hand.

When she got there, she stripped off the shirt she had been wearing so that she didn’t stick to the seat of the Jeep. Underneath she wore a tiny string bikini with the american flag on it. It was just before dusk and so the heat was still lingering on. Helen decided to take a quick dip in the ocean and then look around for the signs of an up coming bonfire. She was a strong swimmer, she had been on the girl’s water polo team since freshman year after all. But being a good swimmer means nothing when others aren’t paying attention.

Helen was swimming about twenty yards out from the beach when a surfer must not have noticed her and rammed his board right into her head. She went down fast and before she knew it she was being pulled onto the board and toward the beach. When she awoke she realized that someone must have been doing mouth to mouth on her cause she could feel his lips pressed to hers. She was feeling mischievous and so instead of opening her eyes she just started kissing him. He shockingly stopped breathing into her mouth and kissed back for about five seconds, then broke away and laughed out loud at the sudden kiss. Helen opened her eyes to see a tall, lanky boy with dark curly hair standing above her. Was this her kisser, she certainly hoped so.

“Well I guess you must be okay then, you’re a pretty good kisser for someone with a head injury,” the boy giggled as he spoke to her. Her head must have been hit pretty hard because she was still a little dizzy. She tried to sit up and stumbled on her arms weight. “You alright? Sorry about that I wasn’t paying attention and must have run you over. Thankfully I grabbed you before you got taken by the undertow” Her rescuer helped her to her feet and she suddenly felt like puking. She held in the contents of her stomach, but still felt queasy.

“Thanks for saving me. My name is Helen what’s yours?” Her rescuer held out his hand to shake hers, “My name is David nice to meet you. You know you might have a concussion I should probably stay with you for awhile and make sure your okay. My buddy’s are currently gathering wood for the bonfire later on you want to help us and hang out tonight?”

Helen had planned on looking for a bonfire to crash and hadn’t suspected it would be this easy to find one. “Yeah that sounds great, let me get my shirt from the car and cover up.” She walked to the jeep in the parking lot with her new rescuer in tow.

By night fall they had gathered enough wood to build a huge fire in the sand. The fire was roaring by the time sun went down and Helen and David were snuggling next to each other chatting well into the night. By about midnight David asked her to join him on a walk down the beach. By then she was feeling pretty good about things with him and the little bit of pot and booze in her system didn’t help the horny feelings she was starting to have. They walked hand in hand down the beach till they found a few rocks to sit on and look out over the ocean. David seemed like he was starting to get aroused, feeling his manhood was pressed against her back as she leaned into his arms Helen was starting to get very wet.

He held her in his arms and nibbled on the side of her neck just under her ear. Suddenly Helen couldn’t take it anymore and turned around suddenly and lay a big kiss on his lips and grabbed his member through his pants. She was already soaked in her bikini and not from swimming earlier. David took his cue and grabbed a hold of her ass and pressed her close to his manhood.

Soon they were stripping off their clothes and fucking like rabbits on the rock face. David pressed his cock deep into her throbbing hole as he quickly worked his way in and out. Rocking her back and forth careful to keep a hand on her head so that she would not hit it against the rocks. She was close to coming hard when suddenly they heard a whirling of a helicopter. David didn’t stop he didn’t care anymore he was going to finish no matter what. The loud speaker came on over the sound of the waves of the crashing ocean and announced that it was the police and they were all trespassing on a closed beach.

David finished coming and Helen finished as well, and they quickly grabbed their clothes and threw them on. They ran toward Helen’s jeep and jumped in. Helen gave him a ride to wear he said he lived in the dorms of the University. She dropped him off but left her phone number with him for a later day.

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