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When they heard me enter, Joey yanked up his underpants and Laura froze.

"Looks like I don't need to worry about you guys keeping my secret, huh?"
I knew what they were doing was wrong, but with all that had recently
happened to me, it really didn't seem to matter.

"We were just, uh..." Joey was searching for a good story.

"Fuck?" I asked. I couldn't believe I said it. But it was pretty obvious.

"NO!" cried Laura. Even though I had lesbian sex with her and given her my
rubber penis, she thought she could lie to me.

"Look, it's OK. Cats out of the bag. You saw me do some wicked stuff on
the tape. I've done with both of you..." They exchanged confused glances.
"Why don't well all just relax since we have nothing to hide from each

I guess with the fact that we were all in the same boat made us all relax.
In fact, I felt so much better that my mind started to wander back to the
two half naked kids. I remembered how mature their bodies were, especially
for their ages. I remembered what I had seen and done with them. And the
fact that they saw me do these things with the unknown strangers on the TV
made me feel sexy again. My fear was gone.

"Why don't you two continue with what you were doing. I won't tell." I
sat down in a chair next to Laura's desk.

They looked at each other. I guess the fact that there seemed like no way
out made them continue. And I felt bad. "If you don't want to, you can
stop. But don't let me get in the way on what you were going to do. And,
if you want, I could help."

I really wasn't surprised when Joey turned around and started to lower his
underpants again. His cute little butt slowly appeared from the white
fabric. Laura unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. Before she
covered her breasts with her hands, I got a nice look at them. As I
remembered, small but rather firm and definitely still growing. I
suspected she'd end up like her mother.

By this point, Joey had gotten his underpants down and started to turn
around. His nice sized penis (especially for his age) penis was
semi-erect, pointing downward from his patch of pubic hair.

The site of her brother's penis let Laura lose her inhibitions and she
removed her hands from her chest and started to pull down her panties. Her
light bush appeared as she slid down them down.

There I was, looking at two nude twins. Funny, even though their nudity
should have emphasized their differences (one a boy, one a girl), they
looked more like twins than ever before. And, I could see traces of their
parents wonderful bodies in the children.

They started to feel each other. Joey lighten stroked at the firm tits of
his sister. Laura gave a rather nice hand job to her brother. He was
stiff and strong in no time.

I was getting hot, but did not move. I continued to watch and they
performed at though I wasn't there.

Laura bent down and lightly licked at the head of Joey's penis. I twitched
and she caught it on the downswing with her cute bottom lip. Slowly she
slid her mouth down along the shaft, taking more and more of him into her.
She couldn't quite get his length, but she did a very good job of getting
close. Once she had her nose lightly touching his patch of hair, she
closed her lips around him and started to suck as she moved her head back
to allow him to slid out of her. And then back, this time her nose
actually going into the hair. As she slid back and forth, her pretty lips
wrapped around him, she would take more and more each time. I was rather
impressed by the job she was doing and started to wonder how much they had
actually done this before.

"I'm about to come..." he told her. She quickly slipped off, letting his
wet penis flap back and forth a few times. She went over to the bed and
spread her legs, revealing that pretty pussy of hers. Joey used this as an
oppertunity for him to relax his penis and keep himself from coming. He
placed his face between her smooth legs and started to lick at her. From
my viewpoint, I really couldn't seem much, but the site of small tits
shifting around her as she moved her body in sync with Joey's work really
turned me on. Her facial expression soon turned to pleasure, and I could
tell that her brother had brough her off. Her squeels of pleasure and her
grasping of Joey's head made this spectacle all the more obvious. When
Joey lifted his face from Laura's cunt, his mouth was wet. He wiped it off
with his bare arm.

I took a quick look at his penis. It was back to the semi-erect state.
The next thing that I saw was the biggest shocker of all. It was something
throughout all I had exerienced I didn't give too much thought to. Laura
pulled out that supermarket bag I gave her with the rubber penis. She
pulled out a foil package. It was a condom.

Quietly, she ripped it open and pulled out the ring of latex from inside.
As she did this, Joey was slowly fingering his cock to a full erection.
Laura expertly placed it on the head of his cock. Joey took over my
rolling it down over his penis.

Joey than got into the bed and leaned back, his covered penis pointing to
the ceiling. Laura climbed a top him and slowly lowered herself onto him.
I had the perfect position for this, as the rubber covered rod slipped into

Laura started to rock back and forth, allowing Joey to slip about halfway
out of her and then back. I moved a bit closer and noticed that he had his
penis fully in her. Quite impressive considering that Joey really was
large for their age.

Rather quickly the pace quickened as Laura started to bounce up and down.
He breasts trying to bounce, but resisting too much movement. Finally,
Joey reached up and pulled his sister down by the hips. He held her there
as he emptied his cock into the thin bag that seperated them.

Joey reached down and placed his hand on the base of his penis as Laura
climbed off. He stood up and slowly started to unroll the condom from his
shrinking penis. As he got it off, a thin line of goo clung to his prick
and Laura was quick to use her finger to cut it. She was also rather quick
to lower herself to the messy penis and clean it with her tongue, which she
did quite well. All the while, Joey held the condom.

"You guys look tired. You did a great show for me, why don't I do one for
you." I was the first time I had spoken in a while.

I stood up and pulled off my clothes. I really emphasized my breasts and
my pussy as I removed my bra and panties. I was so horny that I was quite
rough with myself. I squeezed my breasts and shook them up and down as if
to say to Laura "hey, mine are bigger."

I liberated Joey of his condom and dipped a finger into the warm white
juice inside. I put it to my lips and tasted it. Yes, it was quite good.
As I've said before, not quite comparable to either William's or Doug's.
Good in a different way.

I dipped in another finger and spread some across my chest and my nipples.
It was dirty, but so was everything else about the whole thing.

I then emptied the contents into my hand and started to run my crack with
it. The goo permeated my crack. I was glad that I had kept my pussy
shaved, for this would have been very messy otherwise. Strange, the kids
didn't notice.

I was quick to bring myself to climax. Once I came back to Earth, I looked
at the naked kids. I looked at myself.

"Bath time!" I said in a rather cheery way.

We spent about 20 minutes, the three of us, cleaning each other off in the
bathroom. No real sex stuff, but lots of touching and lots of soap.

As I settled back downstairs with the kids finally asleep in their own
beds, tired from all the activity, I thought back on everything. My first
sexual encounter. My being made fun of my friends as school. My catching
Joey fucking the doll and masterbating in the tub. My getting caught by
Doug and Sarah and having them break me in. William, Snow White, and all
the other things. It was all so strange. I fell asleep thinking about it

When I awoke, I decided to look in on the kids. Sure enough, they were
fast asleep. There was still some time before I was supposed to leave and
I really didn't feel like watching some Hair Club 30 minute comercial. So,
I went back to the home tape library. I selected a tape and took a look.
I really wasn't too interested in getting horny or masterbating. I
realized that I could no longer work for the Smiths, that the sex was
great, but too much. That my involvement with them and the kids and who
knows who else was going too fast. I wanted to take that one last look.

I pushed play and watched as Sarah lying naked on a sheet on the floor
started to stroke herself. All over. And then the camera showed a large
group of men. I recognized Doug and William. And the others, the 6 or 7
of them, were strangers. All great looking with nice erections. Then
started to jack off. "Three... Two... One..." came an announcement from
Sarah. At the "one" all the men there, they climaxed. Nine streams of
white goo shot from their penises splashing over her body.

I click off the tape. Yes, I had enjoyed it and was glad to have had the
experience. And now, it was time to move on to other adventures (watch for

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