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(Part 2 from 6)

"Stand up and unhook this for me," I told him as I put my back to the tub.
He slowly stood and put a wet hand on my back and nervously unhooked my bra
clasp. I dropped it off and threw it in the pile with the rest of my
clothes. Without turning around, I pulled down my panties, which were a
bit wet in the crotch from that show Joey had given. I bent over to pick
them up, giving Joey a full view of my ass and pussy. I tossed my undies
with the rest.

"Don't bother getting out," I told him as I stepped into the tub. I was
taller than him, his eyes just above my breasts.

"Down," I instructed and he lowered himself into the shallow water. I
lowered my body and leaned over him. My pussy was inches away from his
penis, limp from the fright. I reached into the water and gently grabbed
his flaccid member.

"Come on, I saw you hard before... Do it again..." I said as I felt his
slowly thickening penis. "Lift your butt out of the water so I can,
well... you'll see..." I released my grip and he put his legs under him
and knelt on his knees so that his groin was out of the water. I lowered
my face to it and took his penis into my mouth. That one guy I was with
made me suck his cock. Even though there was no real physical stimulation
for me, the idea of having a cock in my mouth was a real turn on. And, as
I sucked, the penis got harder.

When Joey was stiff again, I pulled off. His penis was big for an 11 year
old. "I saw you fuck that doll. Well, now you get to fuck a real woman."

I had him recline into the tub with his penis sticking out from the soapy
water. I carefully moved over him; there was just enough room on each side
of him for my knees. I took his penis into my hand and lowered myself onto
it. As it slid into me, the memories of my first fuck came back. Even
though I've come hard with bananas and my pillow-cock, there was no
substitute for the real thing. Even though Joey was big for such a young
guy, he wasn't exactly a 12 incher. But, he was good enough for me.

I guided his hands to my breasts and let his play with them as I slid up
and down on him. I knew I was his first, except for the life sized doll.
And, of course, his hand. He was sure to come quick. In fact, I could
tell he was about to squirt and I pulled off. He continued to rub my tits
as I stroked his cock until he came. A spray of white goo shot from his
penis, landing on my lower chest. I aimed his cock a little upward, and
the second squirt hit my chin and landed in the water. He stopped
squeezing my tits as I finished milking him. Each drop landed into the

"Better than your hand, huh?" I asked.

"You said it!" I said. He was happy. I lowered my body into the tub with
him and we played around a little in the water, as puddles of cum floated

We got out after a bit. We dried off, but didn't get dressed. I pushed my
clothes to the middle of the room so we could open the door. The two of
use entered the hall, nude. I sat down on the couch and spread my legs.

"Wanna eat me?" I asked him. He was more than eager, albeit nervous. He
walked over to me, his penis limp. He lowered his head to my clean crotch
and carefully touched his tongue to the lips. The guy who popped my cherry
wouldn't eat me. I have heard stories that it's not always fun for the
guy. But, since I had just bathed, I didn't suspect it would be so bad.

His tongue ran up and down my crack. He was trying not to enter me, but
when I slowly pushed his hand into my inner thighs, his tongue parted my
pussy lips. He was getting into it. He put his hands to my crack and
rubbed and opened it while he licked. A twinge hit me when he reached my
clitoris. "There, that's the spot," I told him and he flicked my bud with
his tongue. It didn't take long for my to start my orgasm with all his
tongue action. For an inexperienced 11 year old, he was something. My
orgasm must have scared him, because he pulled his face away. I quickly
shoved my hands into my crotch and fondled myself until I was exhausted.

"You were wondeful!" I told him. "But, sadly, it's time for bed." We went
back to the bathroom. I put my clothes back on. He said that he
wanted to try sleeping in the nude.

"OK," I told him, "but don't cum in your sleep. You wouldn't want to wake
up with cream all over your bed." With that, he slipped into his room and
went to sleep. I, too, was exhausted. I fell asleep on the couch.

Chapter 3

I woke up only a hour later horny as hell. I peeking in on Joey, but he
was asleep. I went back downstairs and flipped on the TV. Then I
remembered seeing a few VHS tapes down near the porno mags. So I crept
down to the basement and picked one up and slid back upstairs. All that it
said on it was "Sex 7/23" but I figured it had to be good. Once in the
VCR, I was treated to a woman's crack. She had a vibrator in her hand and
she slid it into the slit between her legs and started to pump it.
"Faster, honey" came a familliar voice. As the camera zommed it, I could
tell it was Mrs. Smith who was fucking herself with that plastic cock.
Her body was nice. Tits were a nice size. Her pussy hair was obviously
trimmed. The camera went off and then back on again. Mr. Smith was
standing near his naked wife. His limp cock hanging from his thick black
bush. His wife then started to suck him. As he pulled out, it was evident
he had come in her, since white goo followed his long prick as it slid out
of that beautiful mouth. I slid my hand down to the crotch of my jeans and
rubbed at them. I took a pillow from the couch and pressed it between my
clothed legs and started to fuck it. As I watched my employers fuck, I was
lost. So lost, that I didn't even hear them come in. A heard a cough and
quickly threw the pillow across the room.

There they were, Mr. and Mrs. Smith watching me fuck a pillow as I watch
them fuck each other on video. I was upset at being caught. This was odd
behavior, of course. And if my parents found out about any of this, I'd
never be allowed to be alone again.

"Don't tell!" I whaled, but not too loudly as to wake the kids.

"And I hope you won't say anything of that tape," said Mrs. Smith.

"Of course, there is something you can do for me..." added Mr. Smith. I
wasn't thinking. I should have known. But when he started to unzip his
pants, I knew what was coming. As he slipped his penis from his slacks, I
was shocked. Was he going to rape me? In front of his wife? With his
kids upstairs?

"Do you know how to give head?" he asked. As his penis started to stiff
up, it was no longer an issue of me doing what he said to avoid trouble. I
wanted him. I carefully leaned forward and opened my mouth. I kept it
open wide as his shaft entered my mouth. Slowly, I closed me lips around
it and started to suck. His prick was yummy. As I nursed it, his penis
hardened and grew. I pretended not to enjoy it. After all, his wife was

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