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(Part 3 from 6)

"Ah, deary, you lack style. Lick his first to get his excited." Mrs. Smith
explained to me as she bent down close to he husband's cock as it slipped
out of my mouth. And, to demonstrate, she stuck out her tongue and stroked
the head with her tongue. It twitched.

"Now, you try. Lick the underside along that vein..." she said as she
lifted his prick and ran her finger down the vein on the underside.

Again, I lowered my head. She continued to hold that beautiful cock as I
gingerly stoked up and down the shaft with my tongue. A few times I
flicked his balls. Suprisingly, Mrs. Smith rewarded that with a "atta

As if sucking off my boss while his wife helped wasn't odd enough, Mrs.
Smith started to pull up my sweater. She pulled it over my head, causing
me to stop my tongue action. Then, as I sat in shock, she unbuttoned my
shirt. When she put her cold hands on my bra clasp, I gasped. Mr. Smith
took that oppertunity to plunge his rod into my mouth. A bit too fast,
because I gagged on him. SNAP! The clasp opened and it fell down. My
breasts were exposed. For the first time since this whole thing had
started, I was afraid.

"Uh, Mrs. Smith..." I began.

"Sarah. And call him Doug."

"Mrs. Smi... Sarah... The kids..."

"Don't worry... they won't wake... if you are quiet." She slowly started
to stroke my bare chest. Why? Certainly not lesbian, I shouldn't think.
Bi? No time to think, this was going so fast.

In fact, so fast that I didn't notice that Doug had slipped his penis back
into my mouth and was bucking his hips back and forth.

"You know what I'd love to see? You come in her mouth. That pretty
mouth.." she began. "Listen, swallow his cum. Trust me, you'll like it.
See if you can suck him dry." Neither that guy I was with nor Joey had
come in my mouth. But, before I could pull away, a warm blast hit the back
of my mouth. I sucked hard, to please them both. But his bucking hips and
thrusting penis made swallowing impossible. Cream fall from my mouth as he
quickly pulled out. The last squirt hit my cheek. Sarah was quick. She
quickly pushed her lips to mine and forced my lips open with her tongue.
She began to french kiss me, cleaning out my mouth. Although I was now
Frenching another woman, I was happy. The come tasted pretty good. Her
tongue felt comfortable in my mouth. And I was sure that was no way they
would tell. Especially since they had "forced" me into this.

"Jeez, I'm wet!" Sarah cried as she wiped her mouth. And she was not
talking about the goo she was wiping away. She stood up and yanked down
her skirt. Sure enough, a wet patch was in the crotch of her panties.
Faster than I could blink, down they came. There, at eye level was a
shaven pussy. No hair. But, from my floor view, her crack was in clear
view. She sat on the couch and spread her legs.

"Bring her to orgasm, too. You did a great job on me..." Doug rewarded.

"Suck my clit! I want that tongue of your's inside me!" she said as she
fingered herself. Was I ready to eat another woman's pussy? Sucking face
was one thing. And yet, I was more turned on by the sight of her frigging
herself than anything else I had ever seen. I leaned towards her as she
pulled out her fingers. Slowly my tongue reached the folds and, because it
was loose from the masterbation, inside. Quickly, she pushed my forward,
so I was lying on the floor. She lowered herself onto my face and rubbed
her hairless cunt into my mouth. "Eat me!" she moaned as I did my best. I
was alternating between being scared that I might be bisexual and enjoying
her. I had Joey eat me, and if I was anything like this, he must have
enjoyed it! She was quick to come, as her vaginal mussles contracted
aroung my tongue. Her clear lubrication ran down my face. And she
stopped, and stood up. I was lying there, bare chested and dazed.

"Get her out of those pants, so we can see what's in there," the lady of
the house said as she completed her nudity by pulling off her top and bra.

I was too dazed to do anything as Mr. Smith removed my pants. In fact, I
even lifted my butt for him. My panties, too, were a bit wet. They got me
out of them, and there I was. Naked to the world. Doug spread my legs and
slowly rubbed my patch of hair and then the outside of my cunt. And he
started to eat me. I loved it. He was obviously more experienced than his
son. "I want to CUM!" I told him. I couldn't believe I said that. But he
took the hint and started to suck at me, flicking my clitoris. Just as I
was about to come, he stopped.

"Stop that, you tease..." Sarah began. "Just fuck her. I think she needs
to be deflowered." Little did she know who had already entered me. I
looked at her as she made slow circular motions on her tits. And then back
at the long hard cock that danced in front of me.

"Put it in, already! I want to feel your cock inside of me!" I said again,
for I really needed to let off my orgasm. Mrs. Smith took the hint and
leaned over and sucked one of my tits into her mouth. And he slipped in.
The Mrs. was nursing my breasts and the Mr. was pumping his meat in and out
of me. I was wet, and he slid easily. It wasn't long before he shot his
second load of the night into me. This was the first time anyone had ever
orgasmed inside me. And the warm sticking goo along with his penis filling
up my inside made me come. And hard. He pulled out and his wife finished
off the job as she cleaned out her husband's sperm.

"We think you've had enough for tonight. Are you free next week? We'll be
out until 12. But after that, who knows what can happen..." Mr. Smith
proposed. I smiled and said yes.

Chapter 4

I arrived the next week at 6. Doug and Sarah Smith said that they would be
later than expected. "Most likely 2 or 3 AM. But we hope you can stay..."
said Sarah and gave me a wink. I was excited about having another
encounter with them, although a bit nervous. I had worn exactly the same
clothes as the previous week.

The twins were their rooms at 10. I thought about what was to come, and
that made me horny. I slowly wandered upstairs and peeked in on Joey.
Maybe he would be jacking off. No deal, he was asleep. On my way back
down, I noticed a light from Laura's room. I slowly opened the door and
there she was, back to me, taking off her clothes. She was wearing only
her panties, cute ones that read "Weekend" on them. But her ass was good
and mature. She also was wearing a bra. She unhooked it and tossed it
over into the hamper in her room. She slid down the panties and tossed
them over. Yes, her ass was nice. I sneezed. Laura quicky turned around,
forgetting her nudity. Her breasts weren't big. Still, like her brother,
she was mature. The mounds on her chest were not done growing, but were
still definite. Her pussy hair was dark, but not terribly thick.

She then realized her body, and tried to cover up with her hands.

"Ain't got nothing I've never seen," I told her as I slipped inside. I
hadn't planned it, but the idea of the woman-to-woman sex I had with Sarah
flashed through my mind. I had liked it. And fuck anyone who says that
sex with both sexed is wrong. I was turned on in fact, to this young body.
Only 11, but still enough to make me want to... well, you'll see.

"See," I said as I began to remove my clothes. She stood there, with a
hand across her chest and a hand over her pussy, stunned. I was rapid,
getting totally nude in a matter of seconds. I stood there, unashamed of
my body. It seemed to make pretty Laura feel better, because she dropped
her pose.

"Do you ever, uh, masterbate?" I asked her. She blushed but did not
answer. "It's OK. I do." That seemed to make her happy, because she

"Sometimes. Why?" she asked.

"Just wondering. Next question, you ever fuck a guy?" She was very quick
to answer "No way!" And my last question, "What about other girls, have
you ever felt one down here?" I spread my legs a bit and stroked the crack
between my legs.

"No," she replied quietly. I moved closer to her, a placed a hand on her
right breast. Like I said, it wasn't full. But the firmness of it was
nice. I suspected she'd have beautiful tits like Sarah in another year or
so. I traced the nipple and then switched to the other. She did nothing,
just standing there.

"Go ahead, you can touch mine." It was almost like she wanted to, because
a trembling hand quickly came to rest on the valley between my boobs. She
shifted her hand under one and lifted it up.

After a bit of tit play, I slid her hand off me. "Lie down" I told her and
she did. I climbed onto her bed and straddled her legs between my knees as
I knelt over her. I started to stroke her chest, continuing down to her
light patch of hair. I slipped my hands through it. I took both hands and
pushed her legs apart, so that I could see her crack. She said she was a
virgin. But she finger pops herself. I slipped one finger inside and she
lifted her head.

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