Party Women Need Love Too (Part 6)

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Note : This story is completely fictional!


Laura pulled the bottle away and said, "That excites you doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does," Kathleen allowed as her hand rubbed up in down in her crotch. Fluids formed over her knuckles as she masturbated. "Uuuhh! Uuuuhhh! Fuck your own brother! Uuuuhh! Uuuuuhh! Aaahhh! Aaahh!"

Nellie noticed the outpour imediately, "Hey Laura, thish gal is wet! I MEAN WET!"

"Well, aren't we all? Aren't we all? When I throw a party, I throw a party," she said as she turned to reach for the women's empty glasses but drunkenly knocking one to the floor with her hanging breast. She fell to her knees to pick it up, presenting Kathleen and Laura with a wonderful view of her especially full ass and engorged, cum covered pudendum.

Nellie didn't miss the view either, "Wouldn't you like to suck that?"

"Uhhhggghh!" Kathleen said in revulsion, but continued to masturbate.

"Well, to each her own then," Nellie said magnanimously. "I'd suck her in a heartbeat. Speshuly the way her cunt is now." 

Chapter 22. Ladies' Crotchtail Party

Because of being so drunk, Laura was having trouble picking up the glass and, still bent over, bumped her head into the table. Another string of cum detached from the ribbon and fell to the carpet. Nellie's hand was drawn automatically to it, and her face approached Laura's ass as she spoke, "Thish lady hasn't fucked anybody like we have, Laura, and her cunt'sh like a fountain." Nellie slid her fingers between Laura's swollen, scalloped cunt flaps and a creamy, translucent whiteness spread out as far as her wrist. As soon as she pulled her fingers out, new flow had formed.

"Here! Open your mouth!" When Kathleen did, Nellie stuck the dripping tips of her cum soaked fingers in. "Now lick!"

When she did, Nellie continued, "Thass a present to you. thass right out of Laura, an thass from all the men to you. We're one big happy family when we party."

Nellie slid her fingers back in and, pulling them out dripping, opened her own mouth to catch the drops. Licking her fingers, she turned to Kathleen, offering her a rivulet that was about to run off the side of her thumb and down her wrist. Kathleen leaned over to intercept it! Already a new ribbon was forming, and Nellie remarked, "She'sh had all the guys at least once and some twice. Ya want more, Baby?"


Laura had stopped moving so Nellie could slide fingers in and out of her cunt scooping dollops of cum out. "OK Hon, here's some more. Open up now." This time, Kathleen reached with both hands in order to twist Nellie's hand to also get what was between Nellie's fingers. She had never been more turned on in her life.

"My turn now, Nellie gasped, sliding her fingers back into Laura's cunt opening.

As Laura rose, Nellie pulled her cum covered hand out of Laura's cunt and licked it, saying, "An you should feel this lady's breasts. Come on over an feel. Is that alright honey? You don mine if Laura has a feel?"

"Hers look nice too," Kathleen said as Laura's wet balloons shook in Kathleen's face and Laura's hand slid over Kathleen's nipples for a feel. Knowing she had just tasted what was inside this woman, Kathleen felt a rush.

"Your breasts are wonderful. They're so wide and tight, and they're so round! And the way the nipples stick out! Oh to be young again!"

"Can I?" Kathleen asked, reaching towards Laura's milky white, slime covered thatch of pubic hair.

"Go ahead, honey. Do it! Let yourself go! We'll take care of ya!" With that, Nellie guided Kathleen's hand so first it cupped Laura's obscenely swollen boob then glided around her waist and onto her bulging buns. "The bitch has a nice ass, too, doesn't she?"

"Yes," Kathleen agreed. "A wonnerful ass." The lovely irish girl deliberately felt around under Laura's ass until her hand encountered Laura's burgeoning cunt mound. "Ooohhh!" The feel of all the semen leaking out sent a rush through Kathleen and convinced her to get her cunt like that too. 

Kathleen made a drunken admission, "When Stosh put my hand on your ass, I didn't wanna move it away. Now ish soo full of cum, I wanna get myself full of cum like you are."

"You will, Honey. You will. We'll make sure your cunt gesh plenty of cum." 

While Kathleen stroked her slippery wet ass, Laura, still feeling up Kathleen in the front, said, "You're right, Nellie. This gal has the stiffest nipple I've ever felt. I wonner if her clit is up?" and without asking, Laura dropped to her knees to reach in under Kathleen's party dress. Instead of objecting, Kathleen spread her legs and grabbed her own stiff nippled breasts.

Now very drunk, Kathleen blurted, "Oh your breasts are wonnerful toooo, an so'sh your pussy.". 

"Ya mean that?" Laura gasped, enfolding Kathleen in her arms, about to seriously kiss her. "Are we all gonna get it on tonight!"

"Yes! I mean that. I love your ass. Ish sooo round!"

"Here then, touch that ash of mine, baby. Do anything you want to me. Ish your birthday. You can do anything to any part of any of us. You're flowing! Kathleen, I'm gonna suck Laura out. Do you wann any firsh?"

"Yesh! Oh pleash yes!" Kathleen held out her hand.

Nellie pulled her hand out of Laura's cunt, cupping some of the runoff and lifted the contents of her palm towards Kathleen's drink corrupted face, "Open up, Hon." As she poured Laura's cunt leakage into Kathleen's eager mouth, she said, "Like it, Hon?"

"Yesh, sluurrp, slurrp."

"Wann more?"


Now, Nellie squatted and fell on her ass from drunkenness, but managed to get back on her knees, reaching for Laura's crotch. She inverted her hand, so that when she slid her fingers inside the bulging broad, the outpour innundated her hand. Staggering to her feet, she lost most of what had pooled in her hand, and reached in her own cunt and, flexing her stomach, refilled her palm, then, supporting herself by Laura's shoulder she reached over to Kathleen, who was avidly waiting. 

"Thash from everybodee. Thash for your birffday. Ish from all the cocksh an cuntsh! Do ya wann more?"

"Yesh! More!"

"Here!" Nellie had already filled her palm, but this time with her own cunt outpouring. But while Kathleen was swallowing, Laura, bending over so her breasts could dangle like a pig, was filling up both her palms, and holding them together slurred, "Ya haff ta gee down an drink. I can't lift my hansh high enough."

Kathleen fell as she drunkenly tried to squat, but rising to her elbows, opened her mouth idioticly in time to swallow the cunt juice pooled in Laura's hands.

With that, Laura kisssed Kathleen with a sloppy, open mouth. They both embraced desperately, their tongues questing. "Ohh God! Ooh God!" Kathleen slid her hands down over Laura's ass, and they froze in a deep kiss. Thanks to her having fucked all four males downstairs at least once, Laura's inner thighs were awash in cum, and it had flowed to her pudgy ankles.

"Ooohh God! Ooohh God! Oohh God!"

As Nellie bent over to masturbate, she gasped, "Go for it guysh!"

"Mmmmmppph! Mmmmmmpppfff!" accompanied the panting sounds that filled the room. The two women tried to screw their faces together in their avidness.

Nellie, who had staggered over to embrace the embrace, put one hand on Kathleen's breast and the other in Laura's cunt. 
Suddenly, Nellie looked desperate and slurred into Laura's ear, "I godda suck your mutherfuckin cunt!"

"Oh God, I've got to do something! I'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING EVIL! I CAN'T STAND THIS ANYMORE!!!!" Kathleen desperately shouted when they pulled apart for air.

Chapter 22. Crotch Juice, Anyone?

"She's ready to go downstairs and fuck."

"Good! But how about we get her off first? Get her really ready."

"Do you wanna suck her cunt or can I?" Nellie asked the hostess.

"Ohhh God! Oooohhh God!" The dark haired lass moaned as Laura's hand entered her.

"HOLY SHIT!" Laura bellowed. "THISH GAL IS SOAKED!"

Nellie knew Laura's propensity for wet pussys was almost as depraved as her own, and so decided to warn Kathleen. "Get ready honey. She's gonna send ya to the moon. Lesh get her further up on the bed." 

"Careful, my hair'sh caught!" Kathleen complained as they tried to slide her on her expansive ass. Nellie was overwhelmed with the soft, smooth succulent spheres of buttocks flesh bracketing the Irish girl's black, hairy cunt hump.

"Loog how big her ass is! She'sh made for FUCKIN!”

“An fuckin around," Nellie added prophetically.

Kathleen's Black, shimmering hair was so luxuriant it was difficult to slide backwards without it getting caught under the beauty abundantly large and fleshy ass.

The three of them had now positioned themselves up on the bed, Kathleen at the head with knees spread to admit Laura's drink flushed face as she crawled on her own hands and knees into Kathleen's crotch. "Open yourself now Hon! Open yourself an give her your insides!" the lovely Nellie urged.

"Laura! You're filthy with cum!" gasped Nellie at the view of Laura's fleshy, cum slicked ass as she knelt over into Kathleen's sex works. "We're gonna get this gal's cunt like yoursh. 

Then, I'm gonna suck it out like I'm gonn suck yoursh now!" Laura's slimed ass globes met in a darkened crevice that overshadowed her engorged, hairy, wet pudendum. 

The glow of hallway light into the darkened bedroom enhanced the beauty of the wetness on the hostesses fulsome globe like buttocks. 

Nellie slid on her back so her up turned face worked its way in between Laura's pudgy knees and wet fleshy, rounded, massive thighs. "Ssslllluuuuuuuuurrrrp!" Laura's ass was rhythmically jouncing with her own swallowing of Kathleen's piquant cunt secretions. This was pure cunt juice the fortunate Laura was siphoning out of Kathleen's crotch! Pure cunt juice! Later, Kathleen would be able to offer other mouths more cunt juice, but it would be mixed with ejaculates from many, many different men. "Oooohhh you bitch!" the pudgy Laura gasped between swallows!"

"Suuuck iiiiitt!" the trembling beauty gasped down at the booze flushed face embedded in her crotch. She had so much to give! Sooo much to give!

Now, Nellie's face slid up under Laura's pudendum, she felt the wetness from two sources. First of all, a puddle of ejaculates had formed on the sheet under the back of Nellie's head due to the run off fron Laura's down turned cunt. Secondly, there was still plenty more down flow for Nellie to capture in her mouth.

The once innocent Kathleen, her own face contorted beyond recognition and her coarse nippled, heavy duty breasts negligently drooping akimbo, was now rhythmically thrusting her hairy black crotch into Laura's face.

"YES! YES! YES!" The Irish beauty shouted as she clinched her buttocks with each spurt of juice from her cunt.

Expertly rubbing Kathleen's clitoris with a finger, Laura slurped at her flowing fountain.

Ten minutes later, Nellie, her hair soaked in the back of her head and around the outline of her, sleek, foxy face, which glistened from a coating of Laura's sexual emmisions, careened down the stairs with two empty glasses, the stems intertwined in her fingers. "Any time now guysh. She'sh ready, but we can't stop right now! God, thish is makin me horny. She says she wansh to fuck you aawwll. I hope you guysh are ready to do somthin about that. I think we're gonna need a couple more guysh. Big brother, would you call Leo and Jamal, pleash?" With her erect nippled, pear shaped breasts dominating the view, she poured three drinks, downed hers, and the balls of her ass pivoting around a wet pussey, sashayed upstairs with a drink in each hand.

Stosh wasn't sure, but he thought he heard his innocent companion's voice drift downstairs with, "Rub it! Rub it! Ooohhh God yes, suck it too! Rub it harder! Thass right!"

Nellie's brother had dialed Leo, and was in the midst of inviting him over when a wail echoed down the stairs. "That's her!" he told Leo. "Then, don't just sit there! Get over here. She'll be ready." With that, Earnie dialed the next number. Once again, Kathleen's ecstatic yowl echoed through the house, loud enough for Sal to hear. When being invited to a party, one scream equals a thousand words, and Jamal was half way out of his driveway before Kathleen finished her orgasm.

Chapter 23. Kathleen goes Pubic

"Easy, Hon. The nesh step starsh down." It was fifteen minutes later, and a tipsy Kathleen, her own willowy body slithering with each step, held an empty glass in each hand and was escorted halfway downstairs by two naked, wet faced women. This was Kathleen's official coming out, and everyone else's getting in.

"QUIET EVERBODEEEE!" shouted the plump, cum spattered hostess. "THISH IS THE BIRTHDAY GIRL. ISIN'T SHE WONNERFUL!"

Swaying precariously, the drunken trio of females stopped part way down. "LOOK GUYSH!" Nellie called as she hoisted Kathleen's dress so her crotch showed. Kathleen's pudendum was larger and more swollen than one might expect from such an innocent. Black hair gleamed with the results of her escapades upstairs and the insides of their legs also glistened. "SEE, EVERBODEEE! LOOK WHAT WE FOUND! SHE HASH A CUNT!" 

Then, she tenderly kissed Kathleen on the cheek and asked lovingly, "Honeee, you got a cunt, honey, a beautiful, beutiful cunt. Yeeuur not gonna let a cunt like that go to waste on your birthday, are ya? You're gonna use your cunt, riiight?"

"Yes, I'm gonna use my cunt." Kathleen said in a more quiet voice, but every one in the room heard.

"Then, tell 'em Hon! Tell the men whassha wanna do!"

"OK. I'll tell em."

"LISHEN UP EVERYBODY," slurred the plump hostess, her own rounded out breasts jiggling with the announcement. "OUR BIRTHDAY LADY HASS AN ANNOUNCEMENT!" This was turning into a wonderful party!

Kathleen looked drunkenly down the stairs at Stosh. "Are ya sure thish ish whaa ya wann me to do, honey?" she asked her man with a dirty, leering smile. The suggestiveness of the lip curled smile alerted everyone that this was only a teasing question. She was about to do it no matter what.

"Do it, baby! Do it!" came the answer.

"Ya wann me to do it, everbodee?" came the question again with even a more corrupt smirk, accompanied by her lifting her dress to display her crotch again, but this time with a suggestive wiggle that made her cylindrical thigh flesh jiggle.

Taking their cue from that, the whole naked gathering chorused in unison as the swayed drunkenly, arms entwined for support, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!"

With that, a smile widened on the girl's negligent, lopsided face. Her lips pursed out in a lewd smirk, and she said, "If I'm gonna do it, guysh, I wanna do it with everybody. Doesh everybody wanna do it with me?"

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