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The three of us then went into the bathroom. The same one where I had
fucked Joey in the tub. Without any water, Sarah climbed in and had me
sit on the edge. She spread me legs and took a quick lick at my crack.
Doug then sprayed some shaving cream on his hand and moved the puff to my
muff (ugh, no poem intended). He worked the later into my hair and down my
crack to my butt. I liked the sexy look of my white pussy. Sarah
carefully pulled the blade across my patch. It tickled, and I liked the
feeling. Slowly, she shaved between my legs. I was scared that she would
cut my lower lips or something, but she was a real pro. Once done, she
pulled down the shower head and sprayed a little water on my pussy. With
the towel, she dried me off.

I got off the edge of the tub and looked at myself in the mirror. Sure
enough, my pubic hair was gone. I rubbed at it. Smooth, it was. I felt
beteen my legs. No hair. In fact, the sensation of the raw skin was
great. I though I would come just from touching my bare puusy.

Meanwhile Doug was stroking his cock as he watched his wife shave my pubic
hair. I walked over to him and started to lick at his erect cock. Sarah
took the hint and joined me. Our tongues touched serveral times as we both
gave Mr. Smith a toungue bath over his penis. He then quickly pulled his
cock away from us, and aimed it towards my now bare pussy. A glob of come
shot from it and landed on the smooth spot. He sure was a good shot. He
allowed the rest of the cream to end up in his hand. Once he was done, he
bent over and rubbed the goo over my raw patch and into my pussy folds.
The slick seman made the rawness feel better. And yet, all that more sexy
at the same time.

I wasn't too surprised (I'd learned not to be with these people) when Mrs.
Smith took it upon herself to clean my off and out with her mouth. Her
toungue licked up the white mess from my crotch.

The three of us, naked, went back into the room with the video camera. I
was a bit surprised to see a new person sitting in the room. He was young,
my age I would guess. A quite good looking. I'd never seen his before and
quickly tried to cover myself as he started to eye me.

"This is William. He's another one of our special friends." Sarah's use
of the word "another" made me realize that I was not the only one. Sure,
there was Snow White and all. But this seemed different. My jelously
overcame my embarassment and I let down my hands. Afterall, Doug and Sarah
were standing around nude, too.

And then, I had a thought. Sarah was certainly bi-sexual. Or, at least
she never seemed to mind doing it to me or Snow. But, was Doug? Would he
make it with this guy?

William was quite speedy in removing his clothes. His chest was good and
his butt was great. His cock wasn't as big as Doug's, but it stood out
stiff and strong, all the same.

Mrs. Smith, usually the first to make a move, moved over to William and
started to fondle his prick. Mr. Smith quickly got the camera ready and
started to film the handjob. She quickly moved onto sucking on him. And
Mr. Smith didn't mind. This was his wife, for crying out loud. Then
again, she encouraged him to fuck me, so this seemed fair.

"Go and help her!" Doug suggested from behind the camera. I moved close to
Sarah and, as we had done earlier to Doug, performed double felatio on this
young guy. Our lips and tongues collided as we moved over the length of
his penis. And, then, as he came, Sarah moved his cock back and forth so
that both of us would get some of his juice. His cream was quite thick.
It's taste was no better and no worse than Doug's, just different.

During this action, I got a peek at the TV, where the live video was
being played. It was strange to see the two of getting splashed across the
face like that. And then, we cleaned each other's faces off.

"Mind taking the camera for a bit?" Doug asked. My pussy needed a cock in
it, but I consented. As I looked through the view finder, I could see a
Sarah sitting on the coach, her legs spread. She was giving her husband a
blow job (and she does them so well) as William was eating at her pussy.
The thought of having two men service me seemed so wonderful. I tried to
capture the sexiness of the situation on film the best I could. But, it
became too much. I arranged the camera so that it would continue to
capture the coach area. William's deflated cock hung between his legs and
I took that oppertunity to suck it into my mouth as I lay on the floor.
His penis inflated in my mouth as I nursed him. The four of us were in a
incredible sexual chain.

William's ejaculation was fairly empty, as he had just come. A small thin
stream ran over my tongue. Not much, but still welcome. I continued to
keep his penis in my mouth as it shrank down to its flaccid state.

I returned to my post at the camera to catch the finish of this act. Sarah
seemed happy with William's licking and Doug was furiously fucking his
wife's face. Soon after, Sarah came.

"Wait," Doug said as he pointed to me, "you haven't been pleasured yet."
He was quick to get my down on the coach and to begin eating my pussy. As
he did this, I watched William finger Sarah. His he did this, his young
penis was starting to grow again. Not as hard as before, but it did have
some life to it. That's when Doug stood up and slid his penis into me. I
hadn't expected it, but it felt nice to feel his meat once again. William
took that cue and slid his semi-erection into Sarah. In sync, the two of
them pumped back and forth. Doug, having just had an incomplete blow job,
quickly released his warm come into me. The feeling released me and I came
in way that was terribly powerful. My bare raw pussy ached as he continued
to plunge into me, even after his squirting had ended. He was getting
deep, deep into me. I thought my orgasm wouldn't end.

Chapter 6

I received a call a few weeks later from the Smith's asking me to sit for
the kids. When I arrived, the kids were watching TV. Doug took me into
another room.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but we won't be having any fun, if you know what
I mean, tonight."

I told him that it was OK, I could use the rest. Mr. and Mrs. Smith then
left for the evening.

I sat and watch some sit-coms with the kids for a bit and then encouraged
them to go to bed. I crept down to the basement and looked in that old
box. There was a gift-wrapped present with my name on it! I looked at the
card: "Something for you to watch when you get lonely -- love the Smiths."
I tore off the wrapping to find a video tape inside. I knew in an instant
what it was. I had forgotten about the video we made that night. I rushed
upstairs and popped it into the machine.

It started off with some general fucking between the Smiths. And then, me
pumping that banana in and out of my crack. In was so unusual to see
myself do that. I liked it. I continued to watch my sexual exploits,
hoping that there were no copies of the tape. I watched as I fucked and
sucked with Sarah, Doug, and the young hunk named William. My days of being
a nice young virgin were over. Here was photographic evidence!

I had fun with the pause button, freezing certain frames. I had fun
playing it backwards and forwards. But when I heard the footsteps coming
towards me, I lost control of the remote.

"Man, look at that!" shouted Joey as he walked into the room and saw a
the scene of me playing with the banana. I scrambled for the button and
clicked off the tape.

"Um, what did you guys see?"

"Oh nothing..." claimed Joey. The twins seemed more embarassed than I was.
But then I remembered, I had caught Joey fucking a doll and masterbating in
the tub. And, what's more, I had sex with these two.

In my embarassment, I hadn't clicked the stop button at all. I noticed
that there was, on the TV, a picture of my licking William's cock. Another
tongue continued to enter the screen, but it wasn't obvious who it was. I
really didn't think it would be a good idea for these kids to see their Mom
giving face to anyone, especially someone who wasn't their Dad. This
rattled me even more, and I again hit the forward button. This time, it
was William eating an unknown pussy. Better the kids think it was me
getting eaten than know the truth. But then, when I entered the scene and
started to suck the limp cock, it was evident that the vagina wasn't mine.
Finally, I got the tape off.

"How 'bout we just forget we say anything, huh?" I knew they would both
keep quite because I had my little secrets about them. "Just gone on back
to bed." I was really nervous. Not as nervous as when Mr. and Mrs. Smith
caught me that first time, but still I was afraid.

"I won't tell, if you won't..." Joey looked at his twin. She looked at me
as if to say "he doesn't know, does he?" and replied "No, that's OK. I

The two of them went back to bed. I popped the tape out and put it back in
the gift box. I sat down quietly to return to my composure.

When I felt better, I decided to talk to the kids, one at a time, to make
sure that we understood one another. I would simply explain that we both
had secrets and I would keep mine if they kept theirs.

I headed towards Laura's room, as hers was the first. Her light was on and
I could hear soft whispering inside. I tried to hear what they were
saying, but I couldn't.

Deciding to take the bull by the horns, I pushed open the door. There was
Laura standing in the middle of the room in her cute bra and cotton
panties. Nearby was her twin brother, wearing only his underpants. And,
at that, they weren't really fully on. He had his back to her and had the
back lowered just enough so that the top of his crack was visible.

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