The Crossing - Recompense

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The Crossing – Recompense

Chapter 1

The next morning started with a bang; a frick’in bang on my door, that is! The repeated loud pounding woke me from an otherwise deep sleep. Why was someone banging on my door this early in the morning, and why was it so damned loud!! I wondered, grimacing.
“WHAT, Damn it!?” I yelled, groggily rolling onto my back, and clutching my head, realizing only then the stupidity of my action.
“It’s Alex, let me in man!” he shouted, impatiently.
“God almighty!” I blurted, the intensity of the sunlight streaming through the thin curtains adorning the double windows of my bedroom, stabbing painfully through my closed eyelids.
“GO AWAY!” I irritably screamed at Alex. The sound of my own voice provoking sharp burning pain, between my temples, that radiated to the tips of my toes.
“Come on Josh, let me in man!” Alex whined, his voice pleading.
“Jesus Christ!” I said under my breath, gingerly kicking the sheet back to rise.

Alex pounded on the door once more to which I responded, “Hold on damn it, I’m coming!” Thoroughly peeved, my feet touched the floor and I cautiously sat up, bracing myself to get out of bed. Standing proved to be a really, really, bad idea; okay, it was a horrible idea! My head pounded like someone had used it for a pinball, and the room spun involuntarily as nausea gripped me; I fell backward onto the bed.

“Oh God.” I stammered weakly, the taste of bile rising from my very queasy stomach. The thoughts of the drinking I’d done last night came roaring back to me, and I futilely tried to remember how many of those big cups I’d downed. “What the hell is so great about alcohol if you feel like this the next day!?” I pondered dully, fierce racking pain hammering away at my temples.

My tongue, signaling it was three times its normal size, was welded to the roof of my extremely dry mouth and throat. “I’m never drinking again!” I swore to myself, making my way to the door. After two steps, every nerve in my body was screaming desperately for me to stop, but I trudged steadily toward the door, in what I deemed to be a herculean effort. Shakily cracking the door, the full force of the mid-morning sunlight exploded behind my eyes with the force of a fifty megaton blast. “Ouch, ouch, ouch!!” I muttered. Temporarily blinded by the intensely brilliant pinpricks of light erupting into rivulets of pain that flooded my optic nerve, I stumbled backward, a few steps from the door, stunned.

“Man, you look like shit!” Alex remarked, irritatingly cheerful.
“Thanks! I needed that!” I quipped, clumsily plodding toward the bed.
“No really! You’re a dead ringer for a pile of shit, buddy! In fact, most of the shit I’ve seen looked better!” he imparted, laughingly. Without waiting for a response he said, “Man have I got something to tell you!”
“Yeah!? It had better be really good to wake me up as bad as I feel!” I snapped at him, a perturbed frown on my face.
“Oh it is Ol’ buddy! You know Ms. Paganelli!?” he said, lowering his voice and looking around like he might be overheard.
“Yeah, she was one of the facility members that helped us setup the bitches of Eastwick!” I said, my remark apparently lost on Alex, as his blank stare seemed to indicate.
“What!?” He said, more than asked, with a look of bewilderment.
“Come on Alex, you know; the bitches dirty tricks club.” I explained, throwing my hands up in disgust.
“Oh, yeah, right!” he affirmed, the faintest trace of a smirk on his face as I looked up. “Yeah, good one! Sort of!” he mumbled to himself.
“Okay, are you going to stand here and criticize my puns, or are you going to get to the damn point!?” I grumpily snapped, gingerly falling backward onto the bed.

I’m not sure lying down helped very much though; between my head and my increasingly churning stomach, plus a raging case of desert mouth, I was on the verge of puking my guts out. “I’m never, ever, going to drink again”, I vowed to myself.
Alex had stopped talking and was now staring in silent appraisal, a strange expression on his face. “Josh, you smell like a distillery Dude!” he jeered, a look of sudden comprehension crossing his face. “Oh man! You have a hangover!” He laughed. “What did you do last night, or should I say, who did you do!?” he teased, with more than a little interest in his voice. “Okay, give it up! Who was she!? He asked, questioningly.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I answered, somewhat sheepishly. It was actually the truth, as far as it went. He probably wouldn’t believe me! And, I damn sure wasn’t going to tell him!

My omission immediately brought me full circle, and my mind flashed back to the events of last night. I don’t know if it was the hangover masking the pain, or the alcohol had relaxed me that much, but my ass was only slightly sore, which was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Lying on the bed, mentally recounting my adventure last night gave me an instant “hard on”. Unfortunately, in my distracted state it had escaped me that my dick was standing at full attention, which wasn’t normally a problem, except that I became painfully aware I wasn’t wearing any clothes. Duh! I’d been talking to Alex completely nude and he hadn’t said a damn word about it! Either he was too embarrassed to mention it, or it didn’t bother him! It would have bothered me! So, there I was lying on my bed, sporting a huge erection, and my best friend just stood there staring at me, dumbfounded! Now it was my turn to be embarrassed!

“I guess you did have a good time last night…” Alex implied, his voice trailing off as he fixated on my very hard, throbbing member, standing at attention, and quivering ever so slightly.
My face flushed red with embarrassment, and I stammered, “Uh, uh, sorry Alex! I honestly didn’t realize I wasn’t wearing any clothes, man. I’m going to take some aspirin and a shower, and see if that makes me feel any better.” I explained. “Just wait here and I’ll be out in a few minutes.” I told him, hastily lunging for bathroom door.

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