The Chance For Love

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I'm a twenty eight year old white female, five foot seven inches tall, a thirty four C twenty three thirty five figure, brunette CPA for a big company and am still single, although I've had my share of fucked up relationships. I just can't seem to get what I need out of a relationship from any of the men I've dated, so I am the last of my girlfriends that is still single. We had our usual bachelorette party for the latest to get married, at our usual favorite haunt and I met a girl who I had seen there other times I had been there and we struck up a conversation. She was a very pretty Italian lady, about my size and shape and we hit it right off, so I invited her to join us. She was in the same boat as me, unattached, no prospects and no unmarried friends, so we made plans for the future. My friends loved her and encouraged our friendship, what I didn't know, was that they had told her about my little problem. When I smoke some weed and drink, I get, lets say, very amorous and they found this out when we were sixteen in one of our basements and I was stoned, trying to make out with all of them. When I was eighteen, we had a birthday party for all of us in a motel room and they have pictures of me, naked on the bed, letting them finger fuck me and according to them, they all made me cum. They all still think this is very funny and every once in a while they pull out the pictures, I still think I was passed out and they just staged it, as I had no memory of the event, but I never smoke a joint or have more then one drink when I am on a date.

Well my new friend, Joni and I were going out on Fridays and Saturdays and we would always meet at the club, as it was situated between our two places of residence. We had been doing this for six or seven weeks when she called me to ask if I could pick her up, as her car was in the shop. I got to her apartment about nine and walked right in as she had told me to do. She was in the bedroom still in her bra and thong, and I have to say, she looked hot like that, she also was smoking a bone and had a glass of champaign on the dresser. She offered me the joint and I didn't want to seem like a prude, so I took it, she lit another one up, poured me a glass of the champaign and said she was having a hell of a time trying to decide what to wear. She lifted her glass in a toast, said here's to us baby and we drank it all right down. She refilled our glasses, we smoked the bones and she produced two more, plus refilled our glasses, again. I woke up, naked, in Joni's bed, laying next to her and I noticed I had a hickey on both my tits and had no clue as to where my clothes were. She had her arm over me, with her hand on my pussy hair and her pussy pressing into my ass., but I have to say, she had a lot of cunt hair and it did feel nice, pressing into my bare ass. I tried to move her off me very slowly, but she woke up, smiled at me and asked how I was doing. I looked at her and asked the obvious question, “What the hell happened last night and how did I get naked”. She asked, still with a smile, you don't remember anything, to which I replied, not a thing, not a thing. 

She asked me if I remember wanting to dance with her in the bedroom and after we slow danced for a couple of minutes, that I wanted to dance in the nude with her. I seemed to remember a kiss and I asked her about it, she said that while we were dancing, I wanted to kiss her, so we kissed. She told me that I had told her she was the best kisser I ever kissed and that she made my pussy get wet. She said that we stood there kissing, she started to rub my pussy and when she told me to open my legs, I asked her if she wanted me to be her bitch. She said she asked me if I would like to be her bitch, I said yes, so she told me to kiss her pussy to show her I was serious. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I had to ask her if I did what she wanted me to and she said I got right down on my knees and started licking her cunt, she said I was such a good cunt lapper that I made her cum inside of two minutes. I was laying there thinking, there is no fucking way I did that, what the hell is she trying to pull, so I asked her just that. She didn't say a word, just got the remote off the end table, turned it on and to my horror, there we were, naked as the day we were born, in a very steamy embrace, with her fingers in my pussy I heard myself ask if she wanted me to be her bitch, her saying yes and me getting on my knees to eat her pussy. I couldn't take my eyes off of what was happening on that little screen, it was like I was in a trance. I watched as I made her cum and I really seemed to be enjoying her pussy as I didn't let a drop of her cum get past my lips. She collapsed onto the floor and I never took my mouth away from her pussy, she was moaning and thrashing around as I ate her pussy with what seemed to be a lot of gusto. I made her cum a couple of more times and I licked up every drop of her cum before she closed her legs around my head to stop me from eating her cunt.

She got up, pulled me up, while telling me to lets use the bed so that I can give her a proper fucking, to which I replied, “I'm your little bitch honey, I'll do anything you want, anything”. We got in bed, she took me in her arms, was kissing me, while finger fucking me and it didn't take a minute before I was squirting cum like a fire hose, I always squirt, which was why all of my friends made me cum when they finger fucked me, just to see it. Joni then got down between my legs and put her tongue to work on my flaming pussy, she was teasing the shit out of me and I was begging like a little whore for her to make me cum. She made me promise that I was going to be her hot fucking bitch forever and that I would always spread my legs for her. As freaked out as I was watching this video of us, seeing her between my legs, going to town on my pussy, made me get wet, which wasn't lost on Joni. She had taken me in her arms, was kissing my neck, while stroking my tits and it felt so good, I let her, She was now rolling my nipples around in her fingers, as I was riveted to the video, watching myself shooting cum into the air and begging Joni for more. The next thing I knew, Joni had turned my face towards her, kissed me with what was the hottest kiss I had ever received in my life and slid two fingers into my pussy. I turned so I could wrap my arms around her and kissed her back, my brain was so on fire and my pussy so fucking hot, Joni could do anything she wanted to me. She made me feel like no man ever had, I was so fucking turned on, the bottom of my feet were on fire.

We slid down flat on the bed with Joni on top, she was still finger fucking me, but in between kisses, she was talking to me, making me even hotter. She told me that I had the sweetest cunt she ever tasted, that no woman ever made her as hot as I did and made her cum so easily, how beautiful she thought I was and she wanted to spend the rest of her life making me and my cunt happy. I guess you have to be a woman to appreciate how I felt, I was a love starved cunt, badly in need of a good fuck and here this hot cunt was, telling me every thing I wanted to hear, plus putting my hot little pussy in orbit, so I just gave my body to her. She then sucked on my tits, telling me my tits were so fucking beautiful, it should be a crime to keep them covered and I came like I had never came before in my life. Joni maneuvered us into a sixty nine position, with her on top and when she put her tongue in my cunt hole and pushed her pussy into my mouth, I did what she wanted, I tasted my first pussy that I was aware of. When I tasted her sweet cunt, the memory came back of that taste and her cunt was just fucking delicious and when I made her cum in my mouth, it was even better. We stayed in that position for quite a while, I made Joni cum more then six times and she me, my face, hair and tits were covered in her cum, she came a lot, every time she came. When we finished satisfying each other, Joni turned around, took me in her arms, told me how sexy and wonderful I was, how good my pussy tasted and put me to sleep foundling my tits, while kissing me. When I woke up, I lay there with my eyes closed at first, thinking, did we really do what I thought, did I really eat her pussy and swallow her cum and I realized that I sure did, it was not a dream. Joni wasn't in bed with me, I sat up and started to cry thinking about what we had done and was I a lesbian now. Joni came running in, climbed in bed, wrapped her arms around me and asked what was wrong. 

In between sobs, I told her what I was thinking, she kissed the tears away and told me that what we did was a very beautiful thing to happen between two woman and she was overjoyed that she had done it with me. She also told me that she knew it was bothering me, the fact that I had made love to a woman, but she told me to think how she made me feel when we made love, all the time caressing and kissing me. I started to calm down, Joni kissed me with more passion with her kiss, then I had ever experienced before, worked a finger into my pussy and the next thing I knew, I had my mouth wrapped around Joni's sweet cunt, eating her pussy like it was going to be taken away from me. I spent the rest of the weekend naked, in Joni's bed, usually with my mouth full of her pussy and never felt so loved in my life. She seemed to know somehow when I was feeling a little bad about what I was doing and always had the right words to make me want to be her hot little bitch. By Sunday afternoon, I had no more regrets about us, was resigned to the fact that I was a lesbo, although Joni kept telling me I was a Bi, but to tell the truth, I had no interest in being with a man after being with this kind, loving, thoughtful creature, who had such nice tits to suck on. I did kind of miss having a nice hard cock in my pussy every now and then, but on the other hand, a man never made me feel what Joni did. She was the masculine side of our relationship, she always made me feel good, she was very loving, even when not in bed, she remembered all the little things that make women happy, she was there when I was happy, she was there when I was sad, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with her.

I own a house, Joni lived in an apartment, so after a few weeks of us being lovers and my realization that she wasn't going to ever leave me, she moved in with me and did she ever have a moving in surprise for me. Our first night together, I made dinner, Joni had purchased a bottle of Dom and flowers, I made her sit while I served her and fussed over her, then she took me to bed. She undressed me, kissing every inch of my body and giving me a hickey on my left tit, her signature so to speak, lay me on the bed and blindfolded me, telling me not to ask a question, just lay with my legs spread for her. She got off the bed, went into a drawer and a minute later got back on the bed, between my legs. She kissed my pussy, asked if I would like more, then started eating my hot little cunt with a vengeance. I was so fucking hot, my ass was bouncing up and down, then she stopped , grabbed my legs, pushed them back to my shoulders and the next thing I felt was my cunt being filled with a big hard cock. I have to tell you, that thing felt so good plunging into my cunt, I came. I wrapped my arms and legs around Joni, moaning, oh yea, fuck me baby, fuck me. She drove that fake cock into me like a pile driver, I was screaming, it felt so fucking good and I kept asking her to fuck me harder. She held my legs against my shoulders and pounded my pussy for twenty minutes, non stop. Cum was pouring out of me like a water fall, I never remember getting fucked like how she was fucking me, I was truly in fuck heaven. Then she stopped, making me moan and beg, told me to get on all fours and show her what a good little whore I was. This was the first time she ever called me anything dirty and if I was hot before, I was now like a blast furnace gone berserk. I got on all fours, she buried her “cock” in my pussy to the hilt, saying, fuck me you little whore, fuck me, while spanking my ass. I was out of my fucking mind now with lust, I was in heat so bad, I was fucking her “cock” like a crazy lady, something I had never done before, with a man I never moved, just let him do all the work. Joni had me fucking crazy with lust, I couldn't move my ass fast enough to fuck her 'cock” like I wanted to, so I just fucked like mad, until I had come so many times and was so tired, I collapsed onto the bed.

Joni pulled her “cock' out of my pussy, turned me over and made me lick it clean while she told me what a hot little slut I was, that I was the best whore she ever fucked, that I was made for her fucking pleasure, that I was the best cunt lapper in the world, Christ, she made me so hot talking to me, I played with my pussy and came again while sucking her “cock”. I was so fucked out that when she took the cock out of my mouth, I went to sleep and slept until the next morning. God, what a fucking my lover gave me, when I woke up, I knew that I had the best fuck of my life, not sex mind you, fucking, because that's what Joni did, fucked my cunt into heaven. Sex was making love to each other and eating pussy, fucking is having a hard cock in your cunt, turning your cunt into a furnace.
I got up, made breakfast for Joni in bed, she ate breakfast, ate me, made me beg to eat her pussy, she makes me beg a lot, she loves to hear me beg, she says it the sexiest thing she has ever heard, then she told me if I was a real good girl, gave her a nice hot bubble bath, shaved her and ate her pussy in the tub, she would put the strap-on back on and fuck me until I passed out. I ran to the bathroom to fill the tub and left a trail of my pussy juice behind me for Joni to follow, I really love that lady.

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