The Crossing - Recompense

(Part 2 from 7)

Chapter 2

Pouring a handful of aspirin in my hand I turned on the shower, and let the water run until it was nice and hot, which produced a fine mist of steam that engulfed the bathroom. My bathroom didn’t contain a tub; instead, my parents had opted for a larger than average shower constructed of stone on three sides, the forth side consisting of large clear glass panels and a glass door that swiveled outward. Completing the enclosure were multiple steam heads, water jets, and ample bench seating. The walk in shower occupied three quarters of the bathroom, and was designed to double as a shower and wet sauna, and was spacious enough to comfortably accommodate four adults. Although, to my knowledge I was the only person to ever us it.

Stepping through the large glass door into the center of the stone enclosure, I stood motionless, allowing the warm steam to billow around me, its feathery tendrils besetting, and then clinging tenaciously to the surface of my skin. After a few minutes I felt appreciably better, pulling the bottle of liquid soap from the stone recess and squeezing a portion on a washrag, lathering vigorously, with my back to the spray. Every muscle slowly relaxed under the steady pressure of the steam jets, combined with water lavishing my stiff, aching extremities. The wet warmth infused my aching tissues with deliciously sultry heat. The once debilitating palpitation in my head has eased substantially, either due to the medicinal properties of the sweltering heat and humidity, or the handful of aspirin I’d taken earlier. Either way, I didn’t care, I just knew I felt a great deal better standing under the hot clear liquid, as it purged the aches and pains from my body.

With the cessation of my physical distress, my thoughts drifted back to the previous evening with Billy. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that he had planned on seducing me from the first time we’d met. Something about the cunningness of it pissed me off, although I admittedly enjoyed every second of the sex. If someone had told me that I would let another guy fuck me in the ass, and that I would ultimately love it, I’d have said they were delusional. But, the truth was, I did love it; especially when he came inside me, over and over. Considering the experience, feeling him come inside me was my second best thing about the sex we’d had; the first was the feeling of his stiff dick moving inside me. “Oh man, I had to have him in me again, and soon!” I thought, wrapping my arms around my trembling body.

That gnawing, churning feeling between my thighs had returned, and I reflexively squeezed my legs together trying to lessen the self-inflicted reaction. My mental voyeurism also raised another issue, no pun intended; I was having some difficulty ignoring my rock hard cock. I felt its distress, as it throbbed and ached for attention; glancing down, the soft pink skin jutted out proudly, the extended shaft, thick and hard as granite, crowned by an immense bulbous purple bonnet. At least I didn’t feel horrible any longer, and despite feeling less than spectacular, to my amazement, I was exceptionally horny.

Rinsing the soap off and fixing on images from last night, I closed my eyes, reached down, and slowly began to stroke my long smooth shaft, encircling the head tightly with my thumb and forefinger, once I reached its tip. With a long slow motion, I worked my hand back toward the base, grasping my scrotum with my free hand, and pulling gently downward. I loved the sensation of my balls being pulled away from my body like that, and subsequently stroked the full length of my highly sensitive shaft, which I thought was most likely the result of Billy giving it a good going over last night. My introduction to another variety of sex had been wonderful, I mused, reaching for the bottle of lotion I kept for more personal moments. I flinched at the touch of a warm hard object sliding between my parted legs, and coming to rest along the base of my scrotum. “Where the hell had this person come from? I questioned, panicked. “I hadn’t heard anyone come in.”

Startled by the unexpected intervention, I lunged forward, but a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist, holding me in place. I froze, my mind racing, as a hand reached around and firmly grasped my distended, aching shaft, gently stroking the soft flesh in a soothing and deliberate manner. The delicate caress caused me to immediately stiffen in the embrace, confused, and ashamed that my body was desperate to respond to the wonderful manipulation. The steady and measured movement along my incredibly swollen shaft was sending a delectable and alarmingly satisfying tingle throughout my lower abdomen. With the multitude of wonderful things happening below my waist my knees finally gave way and I slumped, sagging into the embrace of my as yet unidentified benefactor. An arm tightened around my midsection propping me up, while the free hand tightened its grip and increased the length of the strokes.

Bewildered at the turn of events, I stood there trying to decide what to do, and afraid to look at the man behind me, when soft, warm lips made the decision for me. Light kisses caressed the curvature of my neck, just above the shoulder, tracing their way up the smooth expanse, stopping in the small crook behind my earlobe. The delicate caresses loitered over my sensitive span of flesh in an expertly choreographed ballet of sensual reprise, causing me to quiver with intense desire. My groin was aflame and I tilted my head to one side, exposing more of the tender patch for him to nibble on. It was impossible to think or focus my thoughts, while expert hands frolicked along the length of my rock hard manhood, gently kneading my balls as he pressed his granite cock between my legs. Releasing his hold on my waist, he stroked the outside cheek of my ass, running a finger around the inside curvature, upward and to the edge of the “V” where my cheeks converged.

His cock undulated between my moist thighs; reflexively, I pulled my spread legs tightly together cocooning his long thick shaft. Apparently encouraged by the gesture, my mystery man slowly stroked his hard member between the “Y” formed by my closed legs. Pressing my ass into him, and grinding, his gentle kisses grew hungrier and more urgent, turning from light, dainty pecks to impassioned sucking and nibbling. Extremely aroused, I moved my arms behind me and grabbed a hand full of each ass cheek, pulling his body into mine, and assisting his thrusts. Grasping his cheeks he squeezed my balls roughly, gripping them tightly for long seconds before relaxing his grip. His rough handling was producing pain that was surprisingly enjoyable, as he stroked, squeezed, and pulled on my cock and balls.
“Harder!” I distantly heard myself saying. He obliged, gripping me tighter. Wanting more, I pleaded with him, begging for his touch, “Harder! Please!?

Grasping my aching testicles he squeezed long and hard, forcing a scream out of me. As I cried out he pulled my scrotum sharply downward, applying an increasing amount of pressure. I yelped for a second time as excruciating pain coursed through my balls and abdomen; it took all my strength to keep from dropping to my knees. The excruciating pain brought tears to my eyes, but oddly, it transfigured into something quite unexpected; exquisite pleasure. The quick succession of polar opposite sensations rocked me; sharp jolts of electricity bolted through my abdomen, subsiding to a dull pain before melding with a gut wrenching sense of pleasure. Blood deluged my already engorged cock, expanding its length and girth; my body became a conduit for the pain as it turned to pleasure, and I grew to enormous proportions. The feeling was both agony and ecstasy, rolled into one indistinguishable mélange of arousal. My cock distended until the skin was taut and pale, and it felt as if it would rip apart. In the throes of pleasure framed in perfection, I was conscious of the approach of my impending climax, and the intense rush of contradictory sensations racking my body.

Although, barely able to form a cohesive sentence, my eyes went wide in a momentary flash of cognition and I was suddenly aware of who my current benefactor was. “Damn!” I blurted, as my question spilled out in gasps and pants, “Alex, what are you doing??”
“Isn’t it obvious!?” he answered hoarsely, rhythmically working his cock between my legs with increasing intensity, “I’m getting you off!”

“Okay.” was all I could manage to squeak out, frantically panting and fighting to keep my wobbly knees from buckling, as he smoothly stroked my cock. Completely surrendering to him, my thoughts turned confused and disjointed, and I concentrated on the pleasure, instead of what I was doing with another guy. Admittedly, the feeling was incredible and I all I wanted to do at the moment was succumb to it.

“Suck me Josh, I want to feel you lips around Me.”, Alex whispered softly in my ear, kissing and sucking the lobe tenderly as he tightened his grip on my shaft. “You’ll love it! Suck me! Suck me!” he implored, in a husky voice, half joking, but I could tell he really wanted it!
Abruptly, Alex released my swollen member, and spun me around, guiding me to the floor. Without looking at him, I went to my knees, head down, subservient and obliging, ready to do whatever he asked of me. Raising my head, I found myself eye to eye with his extremely large manhood. While Alex wasn’t as thick as Billy, he made up for it in shear length! I fixed my gaze on that massive hunk of flesh, and wondered how I was going to get that in my mouth. His very large member appeared to be about two inches in diameter, twelve inches in length, and straight and smooth. A large bulbous head, purple and engorged, topped the vein laden shaft, and a small bead of precum glistened on its tip.

Alex grasped the back of my head with both hands guiding my parting lips onto his large cock. The large head pushed past my lips and gums sliding to the back of my throat, gagging me as he held my head firmly in his grasp. Recovering from the shock of the unexpected move, I tilted my head back, taking him down my throat more easily as he pushed more of his length into my mouth. I was trying to adjust to the rough thrusting and find a way to take him further in, still gagging occasionally, although I was beginning to get the hang of sucking that monster rod. The very loud sucking sounds I was making as I gasped for air, between thrusts, seemed to arouse him. After fifteen minutes or so of trial and error, I was able to take most of him in, and handle his length relatively easily by timing my breathing with his thrusts. The expression on his face while I swallowed his engorged tool was priceless, and oddly exciting, which really turned me on. It dawned on me that I was enjoying the feeling of giving that much pleasure to someone. It made me feel wonderful and alive.

Alex moaned with increasing intensity, his body shaking violently, locked in the throes of passion. “Man, he was really getting into it!” I thought. But, just as I was expecting him to shoot a load down my throat, he abruptly pulled out.
“I don’t want to come yet Josh, I want to enjoy this.” he confided, “So, I’m going to make you feel good for awhile.” he explained, with a sly smile.
“Oh! Well, I’m all about that!” I joked, looking up at him as I knelt.

Truthfully, at that moment I desperately wanted to wrap my lips around his hard flesh and bring him to a sweaty screaming orgasm. I had this sudden desire to taste his cum in my mouth. The yearning was so strong I would have done almost anything to swallow his load, but it appeared that he had other plans.

Reaching over my shoulder to the shelf, Alex picked up the bottle of hand lotion, and squirted a large amount into his hand. Putting the bottle on the floor, he applied a liberal amount to my incredibly rock hard shaft. Spreading his legs, Alex rubbed the remaining lotion between his cheeks, concentrating on his small opening. Walking over to the bench, he set on the edge of the bench with his back against the wall, and pulled his legs to his chest, cupping his hands around the back of his raised knees.
“Josh, come here.” He directed, “I want you to fuck me! I want your big fat cock up my tight ass!” he insisted, his breath coming in short excited pants.

It was apparent, from his lustful gaze, that he really wanted me to fuck him, but I was somewhat hesitant. This was all very new to me and it must have shown in my face, as he grimaced briefly, before his expression went blank.

“I’m not sure this is good idea Alex.” I remarked, hesitantly.
“Josh, you will love it, trust me! Please? I want you in me, right now! Okay!?” Alex pleaded, lifting his legs higher and parting them, exposing his little brown puckered button.

My thoughts racing and cock throbbing, hard, and aching, I was unsure of myself now that I was presented with the prospect of ass fucking another guy. My decision was based upon a mental moray versus physical compulsion, and I felt really good. So, all things considered, naturally my cock won the argument.

His expression shifted to one of relief as I strolled over to him, my stiff member leading the way. The bench was at an awkward height to try and stand, so I knelt with both knees on the bench and place the head of my cock against his puckered orifice. Applying steady pressure, I watched in fascination as the head of my cock disappeared, effortlessly drawn in, popping nicely inside the little hole. His sphincter muscle clamped tightly around my engorged crown and tenaciously held it there. Alex tensed, and then moaned with delight as I pushed past his opening pressing more of myself into him. Rotating his slim hips, he attempted to push himself onto my cock, humping excitedly, making guttural sounds and moaning loudly. Without warning, his hands shot up, grasping my shoulders, pulling my mouth down to his. Alex’s hot, wet, mouth enveloped me, his tongue darted between my lips and teeth, lightning fast, and seemingly filling my mouth; my groin tingling fiercely as his tongue hungrily devoured my own. Quickly recovering, I responded by hungrily sucking his probing muscle deeper into my own.

I was more surprised that I eagerly sucked and caressed his tongue, as if it were a small invading cock. Gradually, I became aware of a very hard, throbbing erection, bobbing uncomfortably between my legs, and aching dully. I was also aware that I had not fully entered him; only the head rested inside his tight recess. Our “make out” session had been so fraught with intensity that I had lost touch with everything else.

Raising an eyebrow, I smirked sardonically, as I met his gaze, which held an expression of dawning realization. Smiling, I roughly pushed into him, his eyes growing wide as I buried the length of my manhood in his tight hole. In an instant, the entirety of my hard flesh disappeared into his small opening, and with surprisingly little difficulty. Alex, involuntarily arched his back, and screamed in ecstasy, pulling me roughly to him when I entered him. Words cannot do justice to the feeling of his body caressing my erect flesh as I sank inch, by wonderful inch, into his amenable crevice. The moment my quivering manhood entered his steamy recess, it was bathed in warm, silky, pulsating flesh that grappled avariciously with its bulk. Sheathed in my friend, I didn’t know how long I would be able to keep from climaxing. The extraordinary feel of his muscles contracting around my swollen sensitive pole overwhelmed me and I prayed for a distraction. Although, it wasn’t quite the distraction I had in mind.

“Oh My God Baby!!! Fuck Me! fuck me hard with you big stiff dick!” he screamed, writhing franticly beneath me. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, OH GODD!!!” he whimpered, his voice trailing off to inaudibility.

Alex’s screams were exciting me, not distracting me, which was going to be a problem if he kept it up. Aroused by his excitement, I repeatedly pulled out, almost completely, and slammed back into him, hard! After pounding him for some time, he tensed, pulling me tightly to him, and completely impaling himself on my stiff member. His problem was as apparent as the results were wonderful and immediate; he grunted loudly, spewing thick cum over our abdomens where our stomachs were pressed against each other. The hot sticky fluid felt wonderful as our entwined bodies rubbed against one another and spread the silky substance, as Alex continued to hold me in a passionate embrace.

I attempted to pull out since my friend had come, but as I began to ease out of him, arms wrapped around my neck pulling me down.
“Don’t stop Josh, I want to come again!” he entreated.
“Are you sure?” I ask him, taken aback.
“Oh yes! I’m sure! I want you to fuck me until I can’t stand! Fill my ass with your cum! I love it! I love it!!” he loudly proclaimed, grinding his ass on my very hard cock.

Well it wasn’t like I was going to argue with him! Alex was on fire, and his hot, tight ass felt as good as any pussy I’d ever had. Plus, I was honestly enjoying the immensely erotic fuck! It was time to jump in with both feet, I thought, so placing his nipples between my thumb and forefingers, I rolled them until they were hard and erect; I rimmed the pert, taut flesh with my tongue, alternately sucking them into my mouth, until he moaned shamelessly. Alex was going crazy by the time I roughly thrust into him, giving both nipples a hard tweak and burying my stiff member to its base. At that, he reached around and inserted, first one, and then two, fingers in my ass. They slipped easily into my little hole, and frankly, felt wonderful with my cock buried in his receptive asshole.

“Okay Alex I’ll fuck you all you want, but you have to promise me something.” I prompted.
“Whatever you want Josh! Name it!” he eagerly responded.
“You have to fuck me with that very large tool you’re packing!” I informed him, beginning to moving inside of him again.

Without answering, he nodded acceptingly, and fell into a controlled rhythm. With the less urgent pace, and his passion in check, I was able to concentrate on pleasing myself, and focused on the extraordinary sensations of our slow, unhurried screw. I marveled at the pleasure I felt, gliding effortlessly within his hot, snug, little tunnel. Of course, the fact that he was full of my cum and I was frantically reaming his tight opening helped. I felt every clinch and contraction of his abdominal muscles in this position, and eventually he rested his legs on my shoulders as fatigue set in. With his ankles on my shoulders it afforded me better entry and greater penetration, which I immediately took advantage of. Pinning his knees against his chest, I drove straight down into him, burying the length of my cock, pushing the base deeper into his opening. Alex softly moaned with each stroke, eventually reaching around and cupping my cheeks in his hands to assist my down thrusts. It was fairly obvious that he loved it, at least from the precum oozing in large quantities from his erect cock.

The shower water had gone cold sometime during our little tryst, so I pulled out of him to turn it off. Taking the opportunity, Alex threw a towel on the shower floor, grabbed the lotion bottle and rubbed the liquid over his body. I offered to do his back for him and while applying a thin coat of lotion, slid my rigid flesh into him as he leaned against the wall. Pumping his orifice vigorously, Alex once more grew fully erect. I pummeled him with short fast strokes, while fondling the soft flesh of his rigid tool. Since I hadn’t given up on my desire to suck him to orgasm, when he moved to assume his position on the floor, I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, clamping my lips tightly around his distended member, and sucking enthusiastically until eliciting loud, knee wobbling moans before he reluctantly pulled away.

Once he was on his back again, I entered him immediately, and teasingly inched in and out of his exceedingly greedy hole, until he begged me to pump him harder. Alex really loved being fucked like this, and to tell the truth, I was really getting into fucking him. The truth is that he felt incredible, and it was as good, if not better than any chick I’d fucked. No really! My cock became so damn hard in him, and I was so turned on by the whole thing it was ridiculous. I was surprised at how much I was getting into doing another guy. Last night I’d been under the influence of alcohol and could rationalize everything, but today I was sober, more than willing, getting off being up his ass. It was easy for me to see that I let Billy fuck me because I sort of wanted it, but now I knew that I loved it! Sometimes you have to go with the obvious, I decided!

Settling in for a nice long fuck, an idea came to me, and pulling out of Alex, I asked him to roll on his stomach. He quickly complied, and once prone, I moved his legs together, straddling his hips on my knees. Using one hand I held my cock down, and leaning forward placed it between his ass cheeks easily slipping inside him; a low moan escaped his lips. Placing my chest on his back, I slid my body forward, using my hips and legs, and thrust into him. When his breathing became labored I slipped my arms under his shoulders, grasping the top of them, palms up. I quickly discovered that this was incredible position to get deeply in him and I could leverage my body with my lets. Shifting my knees slightly further apart, Alex was able to slightly elevate his ass, allowing me to sheath my flesh pole deeper inside him than before. Which judging by Alex’s guttural, incoherent responses, was giving him a great deal of pleasure.

In the middle of pleasantly reaming his wonderful ass, I had the most amazing emotional experience. It was a given by now that his ass felt incredible, but there was an intimacy we were sharing as I rocked in him, and it touched me somehow. He showed complete trust in me, I thought, by revealing he was bisexual. And although it’s difficult to explain, I was extremely close to Alex at that moment. It was more than sexual, I cared for him, and somehow I knew he felt the same. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t going to move together, or anything like that, we like women too much, but it was much more than just a quick fuck, we had established some kind of affinity for each other. Of course the benefits of having a friend you could hang with, and fuck, were pretty awesome.

Slowly drifting out of my mental internalization, I realized that Alex’s muscles were contracting and massaging my immensely hard shaft. Apparently, it was too much for him and he was in the early stages of what appeared to be a massive orgasm. For maximum effect, I reached around and cupped his balls, pinching off the sack just below the base of his cock, pulling it down and away from his stomach, in an attempt to delay his ejaculation.

“What are doing Josh?” he shrilled, need and frustration in his question, “I was about to blow a huge load.”
“Yeah, I know!” I said wryly, “But, I have other plans for that load, okay!?” I joked, continuing to hold his balls.

Although I couldn’t see his face, the silent nod of his head told me what I needed to know. Once I was confident he had sufficient control, I released my grip, pulled out and moved to face him. Lying on my back as he watched, I motioned for him to sit on my chest. Squatting atop me I told him to lean forward on all fours and face fuck me. As he moved to comply I realized my mistake, “Alex would you get a towel off the rack.” I asked.

Rolling it up, I make a pillow to elevate my head enough to allow him to easily enter my mouth. Positioning his gorgeous “fleshcicle” above me, light glistened off the drop of precum oozing from the tip, which was a brief, but pleasant distraction from its perfect proportions. When he shifted within reach, I greedily sucked him into my mouth and milked the rigid member of the first drops of the silky fluid, which were thick and sweet on my tongue. His enormous shaft undulated violently at the touch of my hot, moist lips and tongue, lovingly caressing its length and the bulbous head. I nibbled and sucked its tip and soft sensitive underside that formed the ubiquitous phallic “V” of the tubular protrusion. As I passionately sucked his cock, Alex stoked my mouth more deliberately. The sensual pleasure of my lips and tongue lovingly manipulate his throbbing hardness, kindled a deep, raw, smoldering urgency within me.

Caged passion ignited; burning with the fury of a flash fire as it surged forward, cocooning my entirety in searing torridity. Burning desire imbued me with renewed purpose, and I clasped Alex’s feverish, sweat flecked cheeks, pulling him tightly onto my face, forcing the entirety of his enormous length down my throat. Sucking furiously as he ardently propelled himself down my throat, I reached between parted thighs with my free hand, and drove three fingers into his tight little asshole, burying them up to the knuckles, and sending him over the apex of whatever pleasure high he was riding. Before he could recover, I withdrew my hand and promptly pressed four fingers into the gapping cavity. My friend moaned loudly, frantically grinding his body onto my hand with increasing ferocity. Removing my fingers, I grasped the lotion lying on the floor next to us, and squeezed a generous amount of the silky substance over my wrist and the outside of my hand. Tossing the bottle aside, I cupped his large balls in my free hand and, resting my thumb in my palm, inserted the tips of my fingers in his quivering chasm. Alex immediately pushed himself onto my probing fingers, burying them, until the resistance offered by my knuckles halted his progress. A husky grunt, followed by a moan of satisfaction, preceded a rather appreciable discharge of warm thick fluid, which I dutifully gulped down.

My initial thought was that he was coming, but to my surprise Alex managed to hold off, maintaining his impetus, and regaining some amount of composure. Directing my attention back to the long hard mass bobbing leisurely between my lips, I closed tightly around its soft smooth flesh, cupping my tongue around the sensitive underbelly of the shaft, sucking softly to the rhythmic motion. Alex moaned approvingly, arching his back, and pressing himself onto my fingers with increasing frenetic urgency. Frenziedly, he slammed himself against my protruding limb, until his orifice abruptly widened, and enveloped my hand to the wrist. In disbelief, he slipped past my wrist several inches further onto my forearm, before coming to rest.
“Fuck Me Josh! Fuck Me Hard!!” he gushed lustfully.

Curling my fingers into a fist, I eagerly complied; vigorously fisting his compliant recess until he yielded to baser urges, inducing licentious, soft gurgling noises. Fisting Alex’s wriggling ass while I deep throated him, was an incredible “turn on” for me. I had become painfully hard, erect, and anticipatory. After several minutes of fisting his bouncing ass as he moaned incoherently, he climaxed furiously, coming again and again; the cascade of increasing pleasure from his sustained orgasms eventually ebbed, supplanted by a placid backwater of dazed contentment. The prodigious energy and titillation of his endorphin driven surfeit receded as quickly as it had ascended, leaving in its wake a bittersweet melancholy of deprivation.

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